Skin Remedy: How to Banish Ingrown Hair, Excessive Sweating and Dry Skin

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How to get rid of excessive sweating, ingrown hair, and take care of acne-prone skin

Healthy looking skin is a big deal. If you’ve suffered from dry skin, excessive perspiration, annoying ingrown hair, and frequent breakout with acne then you want to read this. This post is about my all-time favorite personal care products. I’ve been using some of these products for more than 5 years and now have a healthier skin.

[UPDATED 11/2016]


5 Hidden Gems to a Healthier Skin | Struggling with dry, ashy skin, ingrown hair and excessive perspiration? Look no further. Here's how to get rid of ingrown hairs and excessive sweating plus all the products you need to take care of it. Read the post to get the details.



  • Vaseline Intensive Care lotion $8: You may wonder why my skin looks mostly flawless in my lookbook. The reason is that I make sure to moisturize my skin at least once daily. The skin is the largest organ of the body and your first line of defense so it needs the perfect balance of moisture and nutrients. This product: 
    • Increases moisture level by up to 300%
    • Is non-greasy and hypoallergenic
    • Is even recommended for people with chronic dry skin or dermatitis
    • Duration of relationship: 3 years (infrequently during the past 10-ish years)


  • Johnson’s Baby Oil Aloe Vera and Vitamin E $5: I combine this with Vaseline to create a formidable duo. And because this baby oil contain aloe vera, it soothes the skin and acts as a conditioner. Babies love this oil and your body will too. Now you have my secret to a healthier skin. This product: 
    • Prevents excessive moisture loss
    • Is easy on the skin
    • Works best on damp skin (right after shower)
    • Duration of relationship: Less than 1 year


  • Certain Dri Roll-On Antiperspirant $9: I’ve tried everything under the sun except expensive botox for excessive perspiration (also called hyperhidrosis). If you follow the instructions and use it at bedtime, your day will be a walk in the park. I also noticed that using a regular solid roll-on during the day further reduces sweating. This product: 
    • Contains aluminum chloride which is more effective than aluminum zirconium
    • Should not be used on freshly shaved skin (it burns)
    • Long lasting (stuck up on it, stores frequently run out)
    • Is effective 
    • Duration of relationship: More than 5 years


  • Panasonic Wet/Dry Rechargeable Epilator & Shaver $80: Ingrown hair can be really annoying and shaving sticks make it worse (at least for me). Routine waxing helped a ton but I disliked forking out $40 every few weeks. My solution to this was to invest in a good epilator (like a fancy tweezer) which I’ve been using for years now. This product: 
    • Removes hair from the root 
    • Longer lasting hair removal than razor
    • Hair grows out finer
    • Duration of relationship: More than 5 years


  • Adovia Sulfur Soap with Dead Sea Salt $10: This is the newest addition to my arsenal. I’ve been plagued with oily face as far back as I can remember. I love how clean and refreshed my face feels whenever I use this soap (I use it nightly). You can read my initial review of this product here. This product: 
    • Contains sulfur marketed as having antiseptic properties
    • Is 100% natural and fragrance free
    • Should be introduced to your skin slowly
    • Duration of relationship: 2 year


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    1. I might give that a try and see if my face tolerates it well. I usually use an oily free makeup remover to take off my lipstick. I have very oily face so I try to stay clear of using oily products on my face.

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