8 Must-Have Seamless Gymshark Dupes [Splurge vs Save]

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But clearly, whoever said that has never had a good pair of leggings! And when it comes to stretching your wallet dollar for dollar, Gymshark dupes give you the best bang for your money.

A roundup of the best Gymshark dupes on Amazon that give Gymshark leggings a run for the money. These Gymshark inspired leggings cost a fraction of the price and hold up throw the squat test and high-impact use. Discover look alikes for Gymshark Flex, Fit, Camo, Legacy, Vital and more. Even dupes for Lululemon leggings and Alphalete! #dupes #gymshark

Regardless of whether you use leggings as part of your quintessential everyday wardrobe for a relaxed day at home, or you mix both work(out) and play with your leggings, you’d love Gymshark leggings and its dupes.

There are so many Gymshark leggings collection to choose from. These styles range from high waisted to hip dips, all the way to crops and ankle length. And of course, there are many different ways to wear these that stopping at one pair just doesn’t seem fair.

But lets face it, over time you will rake up some serious dough on brand name leggings! Those leggings with intricate designs, texture or or proprietary material tend to be more expensive. For all the Gymshark originals you love, check out these top-rated Gymshark dupes for a fraction of the price:

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If this $60 leggings is still out of your price point, I’ve rounded up for less expensive Gymshark dupes for you below. Psst! Students can save addtional 10% here.

Splurge vs. Save: 8 High-Impact Gymshark Dupes

Now let’s go a little deeper! Leggings are great and feel like a second skin. But not all leggings are the perfect pair. Whether you like yours fun and flirty with a little mesh up the thigh. Or serious and bold with one solid color, you have numerous options to choose from.

1. Gymshark Laser Cut Tights (Brand vs. Dupe)

These yoga pants are the perfect pair to dress up your workout look! Both the dupe and the name brand come in a beautiful pinkish-blush color with impressive stain resistant technology to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.

While the pattern on the side differs a little bit, both are cute and breathable even during high-impact exercises. No matter which option you choose, you can do no wrong with a nice pair of laser-cut tights!

After much research (and shopping), these are the ultimate leggings dupes for Gymshark Flex, Vital, Camo, Fit and Vital leggings on Amazon and many more. #fitnesswear #workoutclothes

2. Gymshark Vital Seamless Leggings (Brand vs. Dupe)

Back to black! Take it all the way back to the OG yoga pants and go for the color that goes with everything! These leggings are a great look for both working out and lounging around, as well as a versatile piece that can go underneath any clothes come winter time.

And both pairs are incredibly well stitched and comfortable! The big difference here is the price, and what a difference it is. Save some money, and check out this top this top-rated Gymshark dupe (also available in more colors). With over 6,000 raving fans, it’s no wonder this look-alike is an Amazon Choice!

After much research (and shopping), these are the best of the best Gymshark dupes ever including dupes for the Flex leggings, Camo yoga pants, Fit and many more. #fitnesswear #workoutclothes

3. Gymshark Flex High Waisted Leggings (Brand vs. Dupe)

Pants that stretch without boundaries! These Gymshark Flex High Waisted Leggings are the perfect yoga pants that make a statement in and out of the gym. Not only are they high waisted and provide that comfortable tummy tuck effect, but they also dip all the way down to the ankles for a full leg coverage.

But not to fear! A lot of long leggings can start to feel stuffy after too much use— but not these! Both the brand name and the dupe offer up incredible breathable textures that allow you to feel refreshed all day. The dupe has a bit more color contrast 🙂

Can't say no to a great designer dupe. Read this post FIRST for the best selection of Gymshark dupes on Amazon. These are so good, they look like the real deal. #gymshark #dupes

4. Gymshark Flawless Knit Tights (Brand vs. Dupe)

Both this Gymshark tights and its luxury inspired dupe come feature a cute patch of perforated detail that add pizazz and comfort to your look. Although slightly different in color, the dark blue color of the dupe legging is easier to pair with your gym and and everyday athleisure outfit.

After much research (and shopping), these are the best of the best Gymshark dupes ever including dupes for the Flex leggings, Camo yoga pants, Fit and many more. #fitnesswear #workoutclothes

5. Gymshark Fleur Texture Leggings (Brand vs. Dupe)

Check out these textured leggings for a new and inventive way to rock your sporty look. They have just enough pattern to draw the eye without being overbearing or flashy. And the dupe even has a V slope on the waistline that enhance your curves.

Although both of these tights will get you looking your workout best, this Gymshark dupe will do it at a fraction of the cost! Go from pastel pink to pretty in purple, all the way to classic black and never miss a step in style.

Splurge vs Save on the Best Gymshark Dupes on Amazon

6. Gymshark Camo Seamless Leggings (Brand vs. Dupe)

Show your wild side and opt for that chic pair of camo leggings! This Gymshark camo leggings features a beautiful mix of deep greens, browns, blacks, and grays colors.

This Gymshark look-alike takes it up a notch with a deep green hue that really sets the color in motion. This dupe is the perfect pair for athleisure lovers that are looking to spice up their closet.

90 Degree Leggings from Amazon

7. Gymshark Turbo Cropped Leggings (Brand vs. Dupe)

Not only is it crop top season, but it’s cropped legging season! Go for the cute and cropped look and check out these Gymshark Turbo Cropped Leggings or this Gymshark look-alike!

Need the dupe in a different color? You have 45 different colors and patterns to choose from. That’s enough leggings for more than a month! And at less than half the price, these Gymshark inspired dupes are simply irresistible!

8 amazing high-impact leggings Dupes | These Gymshark Dupes Area Must-Have!

8. Gymshark Mesh Layer Leggings (Brand vs. Dupe)

Let your mesh mash! These Gymshark mesh leggings are fashion forward and incredibly comfortable. Both the dupe and the original have mesh panels on the legs that allow for this breathable fabric to make its debut.

The dupe goes further with sleek ridges that climb up the side of your calves. These tights are form fitting and body hugging so it stays in place with movement. And for pocket change, you’d add this dupe to your closet.

90 Degree Leggings from Amazon

Have you ever wondered why Gymshark is so popular on Instagram? (source). If this question crossed your mind it’s because Gymshark is the epitome of a millennial-approved fitness brand: affordable, breathable, and emm… super flattering.

Gymshark | The Flex Effect

Gymshark is a great alternative to more premium yoga leggings and offer futuristic cuts and styles. But for the millennial looking for a less expensive option, Gymshark dupes offer a great opportunity to explore the world of athleisure (workout + casual) everyday fashion without breaking the bank. From classy black to flirty fuchsia, leggings really do it all!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gymshark Dupes

Are dupes knock offs?

No. Not only are knock offs illegal, but they are not the same thing as dupes. Dupes get their inspiration from the original rather than make the same product with cheaper materials. Dupes often vary from the name brand items, but many are still quality pieces!

Are leggings and tights the same thing?

No, but very similar and often used interchangeably like I’ve done in this post. For the sake of ease: leggings are thicker and are often found to be an alternative to pants. Tights in comparison are thinner, and often more breathable although that really varies by the product.

Gymshark vs Lululemon which is better?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Lululemon leggings are significantly more expensive but their Nulu fabric feel buttery soft on the skin, which other less expensive brands and dupes haven’t quite mastered yet.

What about Gymshark vs Alphalete?

Talk about comparing apples to apples! Both of these brands offer modern, millennial approved leggings at similar price points. Alphalete appears to be geared more towards athleisure lifestyle while Gymshark more towards fitness lovers.

Where can I find Gymshark discount code?

You can unlock your 10% Student Discount at Gymshark with Student Beans iD here.

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A roundup of the best Gymshark dupes on Amazon that give Gymshark leggings a run for the money. These Gymshark inspired leggings cost a fraction of the price and hold up throw the squat test and high-impact use. Discover look alikes for Gymshark Flex, Fit, Camo, Legacy, Vital and more. Even dupes for Lululemon leggings and Alphalete! #dupes #gymshark
Splurge vs Save on the Best Gymshark Dupes on Amazon. After much research (and shopping), these are the best of the best Gymshark dupes ever including dupes for the Flex leggings, Camo yoga pants, Fit and many more. #gymsharkwomen #lululemon


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