Chicwish 2023 Review: Is Chicwish Legit? Do I Recommend It? $795 Later with Photos!

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If you’re looking for a new online clothing store, Chicwish is one to consider. They have a great selection of trendy clothes that are perfect for everyday wear. But is Chicwish legit? Do I recommend shopping there?๐Ÿ˜ฌ


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Is Chicwish safe to order from

In this blog post, I’ll share my thoughts and experiences about the store so you can make your own decision on whether or not to shop there.

Background Story…

If you’ve read my blog posts before, chances are that you’ve come across my brutally honest SheIn review

After writing that post, I got many requests for reviews on other non-American-based retailers like Romwe, Chicwish, Rosegal…

Although I wanted to continue the series, adult-ing is hard, and spending $$$ online per store just did not seem practical. Blame my twin sister – she’s a financial advisor!

So naturally, I put this idea on the backburner. Fast-forward to a few months ago, Chicwish reached out to me for an honest review. 

is chicwish reputable

They’ll provide the clothes and pay my rates just like any other brand I’ve worked with (like Nordstrom, Walmart, Amazon…).

I gave them my spiel… and then I got cold feet! Why? I always like having a brand partnership network manage the partnership because that extra layer of buffer gives me peace of mind.

So when Mediavine sent out a casting call, I knew trying and reviewing Chicwish would be perfect. So I jumped right in!

About Chicwish

Chicwish is an online fashion store that offers trendy clothing for women. Chicwish clothing store has a huge selection of feminine pieces that are sure to fit any style, and the best part is that most of the pieces are affordable.

is chicwish a legit site

As the brand puts it, “every item at Chicwish is hand-selected to ensure quality and uniqueness” (More here).

Is Chicwish Legit?

The quick answer is, yes, Chicwish is legit. Now before you run off to check out, read the rest of what I have to say.

As I said in my review post about Shein, when I order pieces from retailers outside the US, I almost always use PayPal or credit card (never my debit card) for safety reasons.

So, if you’re unsure about Chicwish, use PayPal or a credit card.

Also, when shopping at non-US retailers, I do so with the intention of not returning the items.

is chicwish legitimate

Return shipping can be expensive, take forever to get to their destination, and can be nerve-racking.

If you’re accustomed to the free returns that we have in the US, you’d be shocked and quite possibly disappointed if you have to return an item you bought internationally.

Why? You often have to foot the bill for international returns and they can be expensive.

Where Does Chicwish Ship From?

From their about us section, Chicwish has both a U.S and U.K address.

One of my packages came from the Chicwish address in Tustin, California via USPS and another came from China via DHL.

My guess is with a company this big, it makes sense to have a warehouse in the US to get products to shoppers fast.

is chicwish a scam

I placed my order on March 22nd it was delivered by April 4th. So a total of 10 days via DHL and USPS.

I got a replacement for an item that was sold out and another package for an item that they forgot to send. So both of these packages arrived on a different date.

I chose the USPS First-Class option which costs a few dollars more than the free shipping option.

Are Chicwish Items Returnable?

If you’re not happy with your purchase, Chicwish offers returns within 30 days of receiving your order.

Note that Chicwish will only cover the first-time cost of return shipping for US and UK customers.

chicwish reviews 2022

And we can’t blame them, international shipping costs a pretty penny (both ways), and sometimes it’s just not worth it to spend $20 to return an item that cost you say $30. Instead of returning internationally, I gift or donate the item.

How Long Does Chicwish Take To Ship?

I placed my order on March 22nd, and it arrived on April 4th. You get FREE shipping on orders over $50.

what to buy from chicwish online
The first half of my order

Since I wanted my package to arrive faster, I upgraded the free shipping (10-12 days) to USPS First-Class (6-8 days) for $4.90 and I added $1.99 for shipping insurance.

chicwish haul
My order from Chicwish

Those are the two USPS and DHL packages I got from Chicwish!

You’ll also notice that Chicwish accepts major credit cards and PayPal. I paid with PayPal as I always do for stores located outside the US.

If you’re very particular about where you share your credit cards but don’t have/use PayPal, many credit card companies offer virtual disposable credits too (I haven’t tried this though).

What I Wanted From Chicwish vs. What I Got From Chicwish

So on to the meat and potatoes of this Chicwish review: a deep dive into the items I wanted vs. what I got.

For reference, I wear an S (32โ€, 27โ€, 38โ€). It is a good idea to have a general idea of your measurement to facilitate your shopping decision.

is chicwish legit - chicwish review
The second half of my order

Youโ€™ll notice from my order above that the sizes of clothes I ordered range from Chicwish were S to S-M. I chose these options based on the size chart on each product page.

I’m impressed that Chicwish appears consistent with their sizing. This is a rare occurrence for Asian stores serving American markets.

Paisley Print Cut Out Maxi Dress (S)

I ordered this cut-out maxi dress because I liked how unique the cut was. And I couldn’t help noticing how elegant it looked on so many influencers listed on the product page.

The dress only had a 3.5-star rating from two reviewers so I took a chance. Oh, it has a hidden side slit too. And the drawstring cuff is fire!!

chicwish maxi dress

My photos do not do it justice. Talk about how beautiful it’d look on your next vacation.

If I had to be nitpicky, I’d say I wished the dress was truly maxi (as the name described it). It looks more like a midi-length dress on me and I’m only 5’5′ tall.

what is chicwish

Gradient Pleated Splicing Belted Knit Dress (S)

Ok, this was another Chicwish dress I was SUPER excited to get. I mean, how often do you see a little black dress with a multi-colored pleated flair?

If this gradient pleated design does not scream modern cocktail dress, I don’t know what does. My twin sister and I ordered a simple knit dress for my friend’s bridal cocktail party.

is chicwish real

And as luck would have it, our dress did not arrive on time. So, I wore this dress to the event. It feels soft, comfortable, and perfect for the event.

Although it’s not lined, the dress is thick enough to be worn without a slip. And it comes with a belt too.

is chicwish legit

If you look a little closer, you’ll notice that the pleats on the model’s dress seem to be a little tighter packed than mine but I’m not mad. It is still a pretty dress and one of my favorite pieces from Chicwish.

Ruched Red Floral V-Neck Ruffle Maxi Dress (S)

I picked this dress because I liked the vibrant floral details and the ruffles. I was a little hesitant to get this dress because it had no reviews.

But when I scrolled down, I saw a plethora of influencers and Instagrammers rocking the dress in different sizes.

is chicwish safe

Getting this dress was a leap of faith because there was no guarantee that a size small would be my perfect fit. But hey, my decision paid off.

is chicwish reliable

The dress also comes in mini-length if this maxi-length is not your style. Summer, I’m ready for you!

Flowy Chiffon Wrap Pleated Maxi Dress (S)

When I first spotted the Flowy Chiffon Wrap Pleated Maxi Dress on Chicwish, I knew I had to have it.

I loved the way the fabric was draped on the model. And the wrap design looked extremely flattering.

The buckle belt balances the classic pleated style and creates a slimmer effect.

is chicwish a good brand

This is a dress I can easily dress up for events or wear to church. And if you’re not up for this radiant yellow color, black, burgundy, lilac, or green are great alternatives.

And it looks like I made a good choice (my twin sister agrees).

Rainbow Candies Stripes Maxi Dress (S)

I decided to buy the Rainbow Candies Stripes Maxi Dress because it is such a unique and stylish piece that is perfect for summer.

The bold stripes pattern is eye-catching and fun, while the self-tied straps and tassels trimming add a splash of whimsy to the dress.

Plus, the fact that the back is partially closed with a concealed zipper makes it easy to take on and off, which is essential when you want to stay cool on hot summer days.

is chicwish a real website

I only wished the dress was a little more maxi – touching the ground. Argh! Imagine how cool that would look with those cute tassels on the bottom.

Overall, this is a must-have dress for anyone who wants to look chic and modern this season.

is chicwish legit

Don’t believe me? Check out the breathtaking photos uploaded on the product page. I’m ready for a vacation!

I almost forgot to mention that the dress is also available in a mommy and me style. If you’re not ready to have a baby, DO NOT look at this mommy & me dress #babyfever!

how long does chicwish take to ship

Whether at a summer BBQ or out with friends for ice cream, I know I’ll be turning heads in my candy-inspired rainbow maxi dress from Chicwish!

If I continued writing, this post will never end. I still have a few more pieces I’d love to share with you. But you get the gist that Chicwish is legit.

So I’ll stop here and bring you part two of this review in a few weeks.

Not only will I share the remaining Chicwish pieces, but I’ll also give you an investigative look into whether Chicwish is consistent with the quality of their products when they partner with fashion bloggers and influencers vs. when “regular people” order from Chicwish.

Yup, you read that right!

I placed a new order on a different browser, with a different name, account details, payment info, and shipping details of a popular Chicwish dress to give you a heads-on comparison on if the quality of what I received from this partnership matches what a “regular customer” would receive.

is chicwish safe

And in case you’re wondering, I’ve already received the package๐Ÿ˜. It’d be too late for Chicwish to do anything if at all. So, bookmark this page and join my email list so you’ll get notified when that post is live!

It’s going to be a good one! <- And that’s why I love having a middleman (thanks Mediavine) manage partnerships like these.

Shopping Tips: Is Chicwish Legit?

So youโ€™ve read the many reviews about Chicwish, but you canโ€™t resist ordering that item youโ€™ve had your eyes on.

The same tips hold true across most of the foreign retailers I shop at, including

  • Only get pieces with reviews, so you have a good idea of what other customers like/dislike about it. Deciding on a product fit for your body type is a lot easier when you see the same piece on an actual customer.
  • Always, always, always double-check the sizing measurement of each item. Just because an article is listed in standard XS-XL does not mean you should get your regular size. Some items may run large or small due to the style.
  • Whether it’s your first, second, or umpteenth time shopping at Chicwish, always look for a discount code. There was a 10% off discount code available when I ordered these pieces.
  • I love a good Nordstrom dress but I know that not all my readers have the financial means or want to pay Nordstrom prices. Chicwish is a great starting place to try cute and feminine styles.
  • Looking for a forever piece? Chicwish wouldn’t be my first pick, seriously. This retailer is best known for its stylish and on-trend styles.
  • Keeping it 100% real with you, Chicwish is not the creme-de-la-creme for the best quality fabric. But I found a few keepers. Even my minimalist, hard-to-please twin sister, begged me to give her this Chicwish dress after initially saying “no thanks.”
is chicwish from china

Is Chicwish A Scam?

Take it from me, Chicwish is NOT a scam. I ordered twice from Chicwish, once using PayPal and a second time using my credit card and I received both orders.

In the first, super-large order, they forgot a dress. After reaching out to them, Chicwish sent the dress with expedited shipping free of charge to me.

Chicwish Ratings on BBB

We gotta address the elephant in the room! One quick look at Chicwish ratings on BBB and you’ll want to hit X faster than Barry Allen from The Flash.

And rightfully so! 

Those were the same reviews that gave me cold feet when Chicwish initially reached out to me.

Has Chicwish changed? It’s not my place to say since I’ve only shopped twice from this retailer.

Should you give Chicwish a chance? Yes, but approach with caution (as with most things in life). Start small to see if they’re worth your time and money.

where is chicwish based

Is Chicwish Safe?

When it comes to online shopping, safety is something we have to keep in mind.

Heck, I’m always watching and protecting my mom like a hawk, as much as I can. Nobody wants to get ripped off!

I’m no cybersecurity expert, but I will say that I felt relatively safe shopping at Chicwish. My orders came on time and my credit card was not compromised.

Is Chicwish Good Quality?

The actual quality of Chicwish is pretty good. Simply put, if you want Neiman Marcus quality, you shop at Neiman Marcus.

That said, I have a love-hate relationship with hidden zippers. They make your clothes look more flattering. But when they get caught on a loose thread, you’ll get pretty upset.

I noticed a few loose threads on a couple of my Chicwish items. But so far, so good (knock on wood).

As far as quality goes, Chicwish dresses give me deja vu Anthropologie styles but are more affordable.

Chicwish’s reputation on social media is good, but their reviews with BBB are not. Quality complaints on Instagram and other social media platforms are very common.

is chicwish a legitimate site

Does Chicwish Have Plus Sizes?

I would have sworn that I saw a few plus-size options mixed in when I was perusing the site.

As I write this post, I do not see a plus-size section for my curvy ladies. I hope this is something Chicwish can work on as we strive as a society to be more inclusive.

If you, yes you reading, see a curvy section please leave a comment below so I can update this post for accuracy ๐Ÿ˜˜.

Final Thoughts: Is Chicwish A Good Website?

Speaking personally from experience, it’s my opinion that Chicwish is a good website.

If you really must shop at Chicwish but don’t feel like shopping on, you can get a selection of Chicwish clothes on

You’ll even find this dress I wore to my friend’s cocktail party on the Chicwish’s dedicated Amazon Store page with free + fast Amazon Prime shipping๐Ÿ’ƒ.

Disclaimer, please don’t come for me if you don’t have the same mostly positive experience I had. I’ve not always been this lucky with other non-US retailers.

is chicwish real

TL;DR: As someone who is constantly on the lookout for new fashion trends and cute styles, I was hesitant to shop at Chicwish at first. However, after trying it out for myself, I can confidently say that this retailer is legit.

With a wide selection of vintage-inspired and handmade clothing, this online retailer is truly a mecca for those with an eye for fashion. 

Their selection is extensive and totally on point, and their prices are more than reasonable.

Whether you’re looking for everyday casual wear or trendy evening outfits, Chicwish is a go-to retailer.

So if you’re looking to rev up your wardrobe with some fresh styles, give Chicwish a shot if something catches your eyes!

what is the quality of chicwish clothing

I can’t guarantee the same experience as mine. But if you follow my shopping tips above, you’ll be in good hands.

P.S: For other retailers reading this post, if you’re not comfortable with me being brutally honest about your products, please don’t bother reaching out to me.

And for my audience reading this post, know you can always count on me to give you the tea on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Have you tried Chicwish? Based on your experience, is Chicwish legit? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Those outfits all look so wonderful on you! I haven’t heard of Chicwish before and it is nice to know about different places to shop.

  2. You look really great in any of these dresses! And you convinced me to check it out and give it a try!

    1. Q Catalina for the sweet words. Let me know if you end up trying Chicwish. I would love to know about your experience shopping at Chicwish.

  3. Oh my goodness – you look AMAZING in your chicwish picks!!!! I especially love you in the red floral dress. I sincerely appreciate the honesty in your reviews, too. You totally rock this brand!!!!!

    1. Hi, Suzan thanks so much for taking the time to read this honest Chicwish review. I’m excited to hear that you love that red dress. Keep in my reviews real with my readers is something I absolutely do not compromise on. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. It’s good to hear they have the sizing right. I’ve got to say that pleated dress looks cute. It does look much better on you though. I prefer the pleats loser rather than the tight ones shown on the model.

    1. I know right?! I feel like sometimes sizing is the main drawback to shopping online. And thank you for the sweet compliment on how the dress looks on me. As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks.” I actually prefer the tighter pleats but I still love how the loose pleats look on me.๐Ÿ™ˆ So no major complaints there.โœ…

  5. This is a great review! I have always been hesitant to order from sites like this. I love your side by side pics too – I actually love each of them more on you/in person than in the stock photos!

    1. Hi Kaie, thanks for stopping by. I thought it would be nice to see a side-by-side of what the pieces look like on me versus on the model. So I’m glad to see that you found it helpful. Let me know if you end up ordering from Chicwish.

  6. I love all of these looks. You look gorgeous in everything. I will tell my daughter about this site. She is much more into fashion than I am.

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