15 Fabulous Victoria Emerson Jewelry You Need Right Now

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Who says you need a whole wardrobe makeover to make a statement with your fashion? A little bit here and there with say, Victoria Emerson jewelry, and voila, you are good to go looking as fabulous and chic as always.

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Accessories play an essential role in transforming your outfit. And jewelry is an understated piece that many people often overlooked. Although not all accent pieces are created equal, the right accessories have the power to revamp style all.

As a big fan of Victoria Emerson jewelry, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorites and best sellers currently available from this on-trend retailer. Find their best-selling collection here.

Best Victoria Emerson Freshwater Pearl

Victoria Emerson has garnered a large cult following over the last eight years due to the company’s innovative and fashion-forward interpretation of boho hand-made jewelry, particularly bracelets and cuffs.

Victoria Emerson’s “arm candy” pieces can be described as down to earth with a luxury feel using the best of materials and leather to conceptualize its amazing collections.

From Boho Cuffs, Classic Wraps, Freshwater Pearls, Single Wraps, Double Wraps, Multi-Wraps, Zodiac Collection, State Collection, BFF Collection, to watches, Victoria Emerson’s collections are simply exquisite.

The best Victoria Emerson jewelry is:

At the moment, Victoria Emerson ranks high on my list of affordable and on-trend jewelry brands next to the ranks of Amrita Singh. I also own some of these best-sellers so I’ve included photos of me rocking these pieces below.

Top Picks and Best Sellers from Victoria Emerson Jewelry 

Victoria Emerson continues to put out the most beautifully designed bracelets and jewelry that we can’t help but love. VE pieces pack a lot of punch and are sure to get you compliments styled with casual or dressier wardrobe pieces.

In no particular order, these are the best Victoria Emerson jewelry worth getting.

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1. Attica Boho Cuff

The Attica Boho Cuff was one of the very first VE jewelry I added to my collection. With an impressive 2,000+ near-perfect customer rating, it’s no surprise that this bracelet keeps selling out every time it is restocked on the website.

If it’s sold out by the time you visit the website, bookmark the page and come back later as this is a best-seller that always gets restocked. And now you can get the Attica Apple Watch Strap.

What is especially attractive about this boho cuff is that you only need one bracelet to complete your look. Previously, I had to find the perfect combination of individual bracelets to create a layered look but with this arm candy, you’re set.

Wrap bracelets are hot this season. Sharing the top 15 Victoria Emerson jewelry worth getting right now. From the most-wanted boho cuffs and wraps to their zodiac necklaces, Emerson watches, and Apple wraps.

The stack-up combination of metallic chains, pale crystals Shamballa, silvery coins, and beads, with the white-gold plated magnetic clasp with engraved logo, gives this boho cuff that luxury look at an affordable price.

2. Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Another recent discovery over the past few years is the pendant necklaces. You can now wear your zodiac sign glamorously with this simple, genuine Swarovski crystals and 24k gold-plated or stainless steel pendant necklace.

The Cancer Pendant Necklace is from Victoria Emerson’s Zodiac collection. It not only allows you to wear your star sign effortlessly no matter the outfit or occasion, but it also allows people the opportunity to understand you and the value and character that comes with your zodiac sign. Who wouldn’t love to look good in this classic zodiac pendant necklace? 

3. The Emerson Watch

Another favorite from VE is the Emerson watch. The classic mesh strap is a style that pairs beautifully with everyday looks and career styles. As seen here, I’m wearing the now sold out Emerson watch in green sunburst on gold color. The watch features interchangeable, quick-release bands.

The petite nature of the watch makes it very feminine and comfortable to wear. You can also get this beautiful watch in Rose Gold, Gold, and Black detailing. Either way, you’ll infuse a modern touch to a classic design with this watch accessory.

Victoria Emerson watch - Green Sunburst on Gold styled with adjustable two-tone bangles

4. Radiant Orchid & Mixed Black Crystals Wrap

A wrap accessory with a wow factor, the Radiant Orchid & Mixed Black Crystals Wrap, is everything and then some. You’ll agree with me that his layered wrap will make your style fun and dazzling. This wrap reminds of the VE Crystal on Ice wrap (on my left hand) that was super popular last year.

I’m intrigued by the way the purple agate stones are mixed with the hematite and black crystals on pure black leather. A bestseller with a five-star rating, the Radiant Orchid & Mixed Black Crystals Wrap, will kick off your summer style with a bang!

5. Freshwater Pearl Wrap

If there’s only one VE wrap you can get right now, it should be this genuine freshwater wrap. Besides that this affordable bracelet is handmade from uniquely selected pearls, I’m convinced that many of us are drawn to this wrap cuff because it’s uncommon to see boho design mixed with pearls.

I scooped this up last year and I’m crossing my fingers this perfectly imperfect wrap gets restocked again. Ah! The beauty in imperfection. Here’s a closeup showcasing some of my Victoria Emerson jewelry. That pearl wrap though!

I have to give Victoria Emerson a round of applause for this exquisitely classy Freshwater Pearls on Brown bracelet. Gifting a woman a pearl necklace is considered a gesture of love and elegance. But having it as a stylish, trendy, and affordable bracelet, now that’s taking luxury to a new level.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, this Freshwater Pearl wrap would make an insanely affordable and thoughtful gift during this tough time. And for $2, it’ll be delivered in a gift box. All Victoria Emerson jewelry comes in a cute little pouch for storage and convenience.

A roundup of the best leather wrap bracelets, wrap bracelets, and vegan wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson.
I’m wearing a combination of the VE Sochi cuff, Freshwater pearl wrap and Emerson watch on my left hand

Five layers of perfectly strung up ivory pearls on brown leather will surely radiate and elevate your dressed up or dressed down style. You can also get other colors and designs of the Freshwater pearls in its collections.

6. Double Wrap On Safari Textured Leather

I thought my obsession with animal print pieces started this spring when, as expected, animal print “everything” became front and center of fashion. But from looking at this wrap, which I [ahem!] also have, it’s evident that leopard print has been a favorite of mine for way over a year.

And if you’re like me or just interested in spicing up your jewelry collection, you’re going to love this Safari Textured Leather Wrap. Leopard print, snake print, and even tiger print are the “it” patterns this season. So this double wrap is sure to add some finesse to your look.

Victoria Emerson Double Wrap On Safari Textured Leather
I’m wearing VE Double Wrap on Safari bracelet with a VE boho cuff

The print is attractive, and the leather is 100% genuine, the accents are available in silver and gold, a very lightweight accessory and so easy to put on. It doesn’t get any better than that. Here’s how I styled this leopard print double wrap from Victoria Emerson.

7. BFF Bracelet

When I came across this BFF Bracelet by Victoria Emerson, I imagined getting this bracelet for my best friend, who happens to be my twin sister and my humble self. It’s the perfect friendship bracelet you can imagine gifting to my BFF. A bracelet that’s not only stylish but can create a stronger bond between friends and family.

The BFF Bracelet is fun, feminine, and super cute. The perfect gift to give to your best friend just to show how much you love and appreciate their friendship. And a great accessory for a girl’s night out, summer vacations, casual cocktail events, and beach fun.

8. Luxor Boho Cuff

Every single detailing on this Luxor Boho Cuff screams elegance! A showstopper, you can say this piece is undoubtedly adding more fab to your style. I love black, black is the most versatile color to have in anything fashion, and it blends effortlessly with any color combined.

It is made with white gold engraved logo magnetic clasp and genuine leather, coins, seed beads, crystal beads, and grey agate beads. The Luxor Boho Cuff reminds me so much of the Sochi boho cuff that is one of my favorite Victoria Emerson jewelry in my accessory collection.

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9. Alicia Necklace With Lime Swarovski Crystals

For the ladies that love clean and understated necklaces, this one’s for you. How can something so petite be so beautiful? The first thing to love about this necklace is the Swarovski crystals, which are super subtle and classy, and they have been a fashion favorite in jewelry making and even in fashion clothing designs.

This 14 karats gold-plated necklace is handmade through and through. The detailing is impeccable, it looks almost unnoticeable when worn, but its beauty is one that shines bright (like a diamond) in any outfit. A fantastic gift to give to someone special and also an excellent accessory for date nights.

10. Green Hint Emerald Cut Crystals with Stone

I might be a little biased but this cute single strap VE wrap has a fun detail that is missing from many other Victoria Emerson wraps. The slight wavy, almost-scallop detail is an elegant touch. Last summer, I added the Pinktricity multi-wrap without hesitation to my shopping cart for this reason.

I can see why this crystal and stone combination wrap is a Victoria Emerson best seller. The brown leather edges and single wrap style appeals to the boho queens and those that appreciate a modern take on a classic design.

This wrap would pair nicely with your summer looks and work fashion. It is also an easy way to infuse some personality into your workwear. 
This crystal with stone wrap layers well with other accessories I have. Beautiful, simple, and just the right touch to make an everyday outfit look special. The quality is superb! You won’t be disappointed.

11. Midnight Mist Apple Watch Strap

Staying true to their on-trend, versatile pieces, VE now carries a limited line of Apple watch straps. And this my friend, is a genius! I had to come up with creative ways to pair my wraps with my Apple watch. But my boho cuffs? That was a different story. Now you can combine function and style with this Midnight Mist Apple Watch Strap.

This top-selling VE Apple Watch Strap has that different cool and fresh spunk that’s hard to ignore. This smartwatch strap features hand-tied black crystals and beads on genuine leather that is rustic and chic.

The monochromatic design makes this strap a no-brainer for any style. Look like a boss lady everywhere you go in this desirable Midnight Mist Apple Watch Strap. 

12. Girona Boho Cuff

Unlike the Attica cuff, the Girona Boho Cuff is less in-your-face while retaining that luxury appeal. This is beauty and style redefined for the modern woman. This shade of gray goes with everything from blue to black to purple and all the taupe colors in between.

A Boho Cuff with the power to make an introduction for you with its impressive features.

The shimmering violet beads, crystal beads, braided leather, metallic pendant, a chain with quartz beads, soft texture and smooth leather with white gold plated magnetic clasp create a perfectly stacked look. No wonder it is regarded as a Victoria Emerson classic piece with a five-star rating.

13. Pink Leather Lock Charm Double Wrap

Pink adds a more feminine touch to almost anything including your style. And this pink The Pink Leather Lock Charm Double Wrap is no exception. I added a Victoria Emerson Mystery Item to my shopping cart and this bad boy in black color was the wrap I received. Victoria Emerson does not disappoint with their Mystery Item (and 450+ people agree).

100% handmade with genuine leather, the double wrap is simple and easy to wear, and the pink leather adds a pop of color to any outfit you wear. The interlocking chain detail is available in either gold or silver accent to suit your needs.

Wore my Leather Lock Charm Double Wrap as a choker necklace
I wore my VE Leather Lock Charm Double Wrap as a choker here!

Personally, I think the gold makes this double wrap even more eye-catching for a simple accessory. If you are not a pink lady but love this double wrap design, it also comes in several fantastic colors and patterns including champagne glitter, and animal print.

14. Turquoise and Gold Multi Wrap On Natural

A fresh addition to the Victoria Emerson Multi Wrap Collection that is sure to get you tons of compliments is the Turquoise and Gold Multi Wrap on Natural Leather.

One unique thing about this handmade wrap bracelet is the exotic-looking turquoise stones merged with 14k gold hardware. Now that’s on a whole other level for a statement wrap piece.

The brown natural leather complements the turquoise stones with the gold accents. The wrap also features adjustable straps to fit your wrist with ease.

15. Cairo Boho Cuff

This Cairo Boho Cuff is speaking my language! I love African culture and style, from African prints to African dresses, and now I see an accessory that represents Africa’s oldest civilization is a definite must-have to my African design collection for the perfect African ensemble style. 

Bring a touch of African culture to your style with this Cairo Boho Cuff made with sandy beads, a bit of ancient cowrie, crystals and marble stones, and red-brown textured leather perfectly layered to create a work of art.

Frequently Asked Questions about Victoria Emerson Jewelry

Where to buy Victoria Emerson bracelets?

The exquisite Victoria Emerson bracelets and jewelry can be purchased on the Victoria Emerson website. Other fun bracelets and boho cuffs can be found on Amazon, and preowned Victoria Emerson styles at eBay

Does Victoria Emerson have sales?

Victoria Emerson occasionally has sales. From the BOGO Sale, and 40% off Sale, to End of Season Sales, LiketoKnow.It Exclusive sales, and Clearance sales. Check back frequently and if nothing piques your interest, add their Mystery Item to your shopping cart. VE’s Mystery Item is a fantastic way to get products up to $50 for under $10. This is how I scooped up the top-selling Lock Charm Double Wrap for less than $10 bucks!

Where are Victoria Emerson bracelets made?

Victoria Emerson bracelets are handmade in North America and can be shipped internationally to anywhere in the world. All their US orders are shipped from their warehouse in the US.

How long does Victoria Emerson take to ship?

When you purchase Victoria Emerson, the order is usually processed within one working day. But when it comes to shipping the already processed order, it could take approximately 5 – 7 days for most of Victoria Emerson’s pieces of jewelry to be delivered. My orders on average took about a week from order confirmation to delivery.

A roundup of the best Victoria Emerson jewelry right now. Also sharing photos on how I styled these Victoria Emerson pieces from the Attica boho cuff and Safari double wrap to the Emerson watch and more.
I love me some Victoria Emerson Mystery Items!


There you have it! My top picks and Victoria Emerson jewelry best-sellers worth getting right now. And if you’re reading this post as at the time of publishing of this post, VE is doing a $15 sale right now (no code needed). Everything on sale can be found right here.

Victoria Emerson prides itself on being at the forefront of creating high-quality, affordable fashion accessories that have the power to uplevel your look.


A roundup of the best Victoria Emerson jewelry right now. Also sharing photos on how I styled these Victoria Emerson pieces from the Attica boho cuff and Safari double wrap to the Emerson watch and more.
Wrap bracelets are hot this season. Sharing the top 15 Victoria Emerson jewelry worth getting right now. From the most-wanted boho cuffs and wraps to their zodiac necklaces, Emerson watches, and Apple wraps.

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