Top 3 Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen for YouTube [2019] ?

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Welcome to my channel! This introduction is more fitting for today’s mood. As a fashion blogger who has dabbled running a YouTube channel, I know a thing or two about the best vlogging cameras for YouTube and even social media as a whole.

The ultimate buying guide for the best vlogging cameras with flip screen. We reviewed 9 top cameras that YouTubers use and the #1 best rated vlogging camera is the... #camera #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging

Surely, famous YouTubers and social media mavens like Patricia Bright, Jackie Aina, PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, and Liza Koshy have mastered the art of uploading high-quality, perfectly edited videos for our viewing pleasure.

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But if you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel, it can be a little overwhelming narrowing down your camera options. Questions like:

What is the best vlogging camera with flip screen?

How much is a vlog camera?

Are two fundamental questions that come to mind. Also, factors like picture quality, sound/audio output, and editing add an extra layer of frustration.

Getting a camera for YouTube is a tough decision. So, I hope this epic buyer’s guide help make the decision about the best vlogging cameras with flip screen an easier one for you.

Right off the bat, the three most popular vlogging cameras for YouTube are:


Canon G7 X Mark II
The Canon G7 X is the best vlogging camera(Best camera – winner!)
Yes 20.1  megapixels


Panasonic Lumix G85

The ultimate buying guide for the best vlogging cameras with flip screen. We reviewed 9 top cameras that YouTubers use and the #1 best rated vlogging camera is the... #camera #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging(Best mirrorless)

Yes 16 megapixels 4K

Sony Alpha A6000

Curious to know the #3 best vlogging cameras in 2019 for making YouTube videos and blogging? It is the... #camera #photographytips #vlogging(Best bang for bucks)

Yes 24 megapixels


1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II: Best Vlogging Camera

YouTubers who use Canon G7 Mark II

Youtubers who use this camera: Patricia Bright, PewDiePie, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Jenna Marbles, KSI, LaurDIY, Fleur DeForce, Ryan Higa, Emma Chamberlain.

The Canon G7 X is the best vlogging camera

Hands down, when searching for premier vlogging technology the Canon PowerShot G7 is top of the list. If you’re an aspiring YouTube influencer, or an experienced vlogger looking for a lens change, this is the camera to get! You may not have known the name, but surely you’ve seen the result of this camera’s work as it is consistently used by some of the most subscribed to vloggers known today.

This is a camera that will last a long time even with today’s constantly evolving technological landscape.

The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is the poster child for high definition. This camera produces top quality videos and images with astounding speed and resolution. Regardless of whether you’ve found the right lighting or not, the G7 creates the perfect shot from the shadows, sun, or anywhere!

This camera is ideal for vlogging as it features the ability to crop on the subject of focus in a video or image. It also auto-stabilizes, reducing the chances of a fuzzy picture due to hand shakiness or blurring.

This bestselling camera also has a wide variety of built-in features to make every day vlogging much easier. It has a multi-angle capacitive touch panel, built-in WiFi and NFC capabilities, and a time-lapse feature that help capture images at set intervals.

However, as any technology does, this camera has a few setbacks. There might be some noise when using the autofocus function. The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II does not support 4K Video Capture, but overall this camera shows up time and time again on the radar ‘best vlogging tools’.

Pros, amateurs, and everyone in-between can handle Canon G7 with relative ease. Now, you’d expect a camera of this caliber to cost over $1,000. But you’d be wrong! The Canon G7 X Mark II will cost you just under $700.


Wifi Enabled
Fantastic Auto-stabilization
Touch panel
Numerous interactive features


Autofocus noise
Does not support 4K Video

Read more reviews of the Canon G7 Mark II or watch video review here.

2. Panasonic Lumix G85: Best Mirrorless Camera

Youtubers who use this camera: Cairoloves, Caleb Pike

The ultimate buying guide for the best vlogging cameras with flip screen. We reviewed 9 top cameras that YouTubers use and the #1 best rated vlogging camera is the... #camera #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging

Panasonic is a well-known brand for consistency in high-performing cameras. Specifically, the Lumix G85 is a flexible shot with quick performance and high storage options for those looking to vlog like the pros.

If you have a preference for the perfect shot rather than a prolonged video, this camera offers quick shooting with a speed of up to 10 frames per second (fps) with autofocus on single-shot and 6 frames per second for continuous autofocus.

Lighting problems are easily combated with a 5-axis sensor-shift stabilizer to eradicate image shakiness for the perfect shot. Also included is a pop-up flash that can make poorly lit shots a problem of the past.

And these features are just the basics!

The Panasonic Lumix G85 includes built-in WiFi, so transferring data from your camera to smartphone is fast and easy. The camera has an impressive eye-level OLED live viewfinder.

This camera is practically life-proof as it is weather protected to guard against the elements such as moisture while working in unconducive conditions.

With the UHD 4K Video Recording feature, the Panasonic Lumix G85 can go from photoshoot to new vlog in a heartbeat. The G85 is able to produce a 3840 x 2160 video at either 30p or 24p frames at 100 Mbps. Full HD is possible with the supported 28 Mbps in MP4 if that option is more your style.

The G85 also captures high-quality audio with a built-in stereo microphone that can be used in conjunction with video shooting. There are even more options to explore on the actual system, like 10 programmable function buttons that can change, alter, and enhance your performance.

One of the best, most intuitive features is the Post Focus mode. If you’re shooting a live video with many factors at play, you don’t always know what to focus on, so being able to decide that after the fact can be a real lifesaver.

For the best mirrorless camera when it comes to 4K Video’s, I recommend the Panasonic Lumix G85!


Lightning fast frames per second
Post Focus Mode accessibility
High-quality audio
Quiet shutter
Weather-sealed camera


Not the best battery life
No port for headphones
ISO range is limited

Read more reviews about the Panasonic Lumix G85 or watch video review here.

3. Sony Alpha A6000: Best Value for Money

YouTubers that use Sony a6000

Youtubers who use this camera: Gemini Connect, Technology Mafia, Kyle Taggart

Curious to know the #3 best vlogging cameras in 2019 for making YouTube videos and blogging? It is the... #camera #photographytips #vlogging

Compact, but capable! The Sony Alpha A6000 is great to shoot stills or for video capturing, creating a crystal clear image on a relatively small camera frame.

The A6000 includes state-of-the-art OLED viewfinder that other cameras just can’t compete with. The autofocus feature on this camera is incredible. Word on the street is that the Sony Alpha A6000 is an ideal camera for new vloggers because it is relatively easy to learn, transport and use.

Just like the Canon G7 and Panasonic Lumix, the Sony Alpha A6000 has lightning-fast autofocus, which in continuous shooting mode can capture at a rate of 11 frames per second.

This camera is also compatible with smartphones, including the ability to share files, or even control the camera from the PlayMemories app and built-in WiFi. This provides both convenience and ease when it comes to editing, filming, or simply viewing your work!

Looking to shoot in HD? No problem!

The A6000 can record at a quality of 1920 x 1080 in Cinematic 24p. This camera also produces quality recording in low light, with an ISO ranging from 100 to 25600! Sony’s are particularly good cameras for beauty gurus as the capture tends to blur the skin and smooth things over a bit (aka airbrush, butter-smooth skin and makeup).

The camera does exceptionally well focusing on minute details necessary to convey makeup techniques. This Sony Alpha is a breath of fresh air for makeup artists/vloggers and fashion bloggers.

The camera’s hand-held twilight mode works to sharpen the image using six following photos taken and fixes low lighting pictures as they’re shot. The multiple frame NR records shot after shot at a lower ISO sensitivity and then brings them all together into one, sharper, image with minimal image noise.

Want more? The Sony Alpha A6000 mirrorless camera offers a new way to edit pictures based on six different styles: Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, and Black and White.


Incredible electronic viewfinder
Amazing autofocus
Ideal for MUA and fashion bloggers
Lightweight (under 1 pound!)


Slow start-up
Not touchscreen
Standard mic port unavailable

Read more reviews about the Sony Alpha A6000 or watch video review here.

Now, all of these cameras have some similarity between them such as image quality and precision focus, but there’s always different flicks for different chicks!

Haven’t found your must-have camera yet? There are more vlogging cameras to explore below with some travel ideal options, autofocus technology, and most importantly, cost efficiency!

The honorable mentions among the best vlogging cameras that YouTubers use are:

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Vloggers who use Canon 5D Mark III

Youtubers who use this camera: Patricia Bright, MonicaStyle Muse, Casey Neistat, Shane Dawson, Tess Christine, Miranda Sings, Kian Lawley, MyLifeAsEva, Jennxpenn

Without a doubt, the best vlogging camera is the Canon G7 X Mark II. It is everything a new YouTuber and seasoned vlogger hopes for and then more! #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging #canon

The catchphrase for this camera is professional quality. With full frame, high-resolution image capturing the Canon 5D Mark III was created by the professional photography and vlogging gods.

This camera has expanded ISOs ranging from 100 to 25,600 to capture images at low and even terrible lighting conditions. Want more? By adjusting the sensor and noise reduction functions, you can drop to an ISO of 50 and go as high as 102,400!

If you’re in the market for a high-speed image capturing camera, you’ll be happy to know that the EOS 5D Mark III can capture up to 6 frames per second (fps).

The body of this camera is made from high-strength magnesium alloy with an impressive shutter durability and relative weather resistance. This in itself is worth its weight in gold. You also get instant sensor cleaning whenever you power down the camera that helps remove dirt to ensure the longevity of the Mark III.

Some of its lesser-known features are also what makes this camera stand out among professionals and YouTube vloggers. The camera’s detection system helps tone the color of the composition. Go from RAW to JPEG or use both in the system, thanks to the fantastic in-camera processing feature.

Control size, lighting, noise reduction, distortion, coloring, picture style, and brightness. The 5D Mark III also features comparative playback, trimming functions, and silent shootings for those blog-worthy shots. It’s an all-in-one camera!

One of the only things to note before taking the plunge is that the EOS is not the easiest to navigate (you’ll need to watch a few YouTube videos to master this gadget). The camera has a plethora of distinguishable features that set it apart from its competition.

If you’re looking for simplicity, the Canon 5D Mark III is not for you. However, if you’re familiar with Canon or feeling a little adventurous, then the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a leap in the right direction!


Incredible ISO range
Most popular full frame professional camera
All-in-one for bloggers and vloggers
Great resale value
Super durable
Low noise even with low light condition


Steep learning curve
Heavy compared to a mirrorless camera
No built-in WiFi
No flip screen (you can get this 360º tiltable flip screen)

Read more reviews about the Canon 5D Mark III or watch video review here.

Sony A5100

Vloggers who use Sony a5100 camera

Youtubers who use this camera: Manny MUA, Jaclyn Hill, Shameless Maya, Carly Bybel, KathleenLights, Tati

This is the ultimate guide to the best camera for vlogging and pictures in 2019! #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging

As the sister to the A6000, this Sony camera offers the same lightweight, high-speed technology that the Sony brand is known for.

Not to mention, this camera is one of the more affordable options aka it stands as one of the cheapest premiere vlogging cameras to date. This is one of the best vlogging cameras with flip screen typically regarded as a fantastic entry level vlogging gadget, but that is not to say it is for beginners only.

Simply put, that basically means it’s the easiest to navigate, and if you do already have some footing in the video blogging world, then you can adjust and alter the camera to your specifications for maximum benefit.

And if you are new to vlogging, then first off you’re in the right place! And secondly, the Sony A5100 is particularly applauded for including built-in tutorials for novices reducing the trial and error period of learning and loving this gadget.

Although it’s not a vlogging necessity, it features an in-camera flash which is a plus for low-lit adventure scenes. One big advantage to choosing the Sony A5100 camera is the ease and availability of changing the lens according to what you are shooting. The Sony E-mount feature utilizes the full potential of whatever lens or lens adapters you choose.

The Sony A5100 also comes with lightning-fast autofocus that rival cameras double the cost. This vlogging camera with flip screen has WiFi and NFC1 that make photo and data sharing super efficient.

Like its predecessor, the Sony A6000, the ability to capture moments in lowlight situations is no longer an issue with ISO ranges from 100 to 25600.

One of the best, unique benefits the A5100 offers is a selfie feature, with a flip up touch screen LCD. It even includes auto object framing, which automatically analyzes the frame, and determines the best layout of the composition. You also get features such close-ups, time lapse, motion shots and a plethora of other options!


Impressive speed
Ability to change lens
WiFi and NFC capable
Flip camera


No socket for microphones
Compact size can be difficult for those with large fingers

Read more reviews about the Sony A5100 or watch video review here.

Panasonic Lumix G7

Youtubers who use this camera: Zach Blickstein

This is the ultimate guide to the best camera for vlogging and pictures in 2019! #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging

You did not think that Panasonic was out of the camera market, did you? Well, the Panasonic Lumix G7 is one of the best quality and affordable cameras that produces 4K videos. Simply put, you get a bargainer’s deal with the Lumix G7 for a 4K camera.

With a mirrorless HD design, the bulk of the camera is significantly cut down without sacrificing on quality. Included is a fast focus timer and shutter speed to match, which mean getting the split second shot is no problem with the G7.

The Panasonic G7 is particularly useful in outdoor settings and is thus recommended for backpackers and travel vloggers. Midday is great for adventuring but utterly unflattering for vlogging (think harsh sunlight and shadows), so the built-in high visibility viewfinder reduces unwanted glares. The G7 is a portable and lightweight device to take on the go.

The Lumix G7 camera even offers four types of autofocus as well as six AF mode functions. The hardest part is choosing the adjustment suitable for your surroundings, but once you do the autofocus will exceed expectations.

The only note to include is that a good investment with this camera is the use of an external mic! The one in the camera is by no means horrible. However, it does not have the best range as you move away from the body of the camera.

However, the audio range doesn’t prove to be a deal breaker by any means as the price value more than makes up for an external mic.

Other notable features with the Panasonic Lumix G7 includes WiFi as well as accessibility on a smartphone app making handsfree use even more natural. The Lumix G7 is without a doubt one of the best vlogging cameras with flip screen that is user-friendly, has a mic port, affordable, and shoots in 4K.

The Lumix G7 is a great first buy for vloggers getting into the video game as the cost to feature ratio is nearly unmatched. For beauty gurus or other niche-specific vloggers, this may not be the end all be all of cameras. But the Lumix G7 lightweight properties and impressive storage space make it a great backup camera.

For travel bloggers or those always on the move, this camera is the perfect companion.


Silent shooting
Incredible 4K Video/4K Picture
Unbeatable electronic viewfinder
Custom button


max of 29-minute recording time
Low range audio
Previews can be low resolution for 4K photos
No headphone jack

Read more reviews about the Panasonic Lumix G7 or watch video review here.

Canon Digital SLR EOS 80D

YouTubers who use Canon EOS 80D

Youtubers who use this camera: Patricia Bright, David Dobrik, JC Caylen, iJustine, Lavendaire

Curious to know the #3 best vlogging cameras in 2019 for making YouTube videos and blogging? It is the... #camera #photographytips #vlogging

The Canon Digital SLR’s name to fame is precision. It was crafted to turn your creative dreams into realities with features to cater to the individual.

If you’re not in the market to spend a fortune on a vlogging camera with flip screen, the Canon 80D is fantastic option, and an affordable DSLR camera for vloggers. This camera is high-tech, high-quality and user-friendly.

The 80D features a stunning 45 point autofocus system in just about any lighting you find yourself in. For all intents and purposes, the 80D is arguably one of the best vlogging cameras with a flip screen with impeccable video output.

No description of the 80D is complete without mentioning the fact that it can shoot in full HDR for videos. This gadget is essentially a high-end studio camera producing clear and crisp images and videos void of blurriness. The 24.2 megapixel sensor is the secret behind such high resolution.

Although the camera sacrifices the ability to shoot in 4K, 1080p HD video production is still a great value for money. The Canon 80D has an impressive battery life, and an external mic port to get clear audio output.

The camera’s autofocus is what you make of it. It comes with several autofocus options already built in, or you can create your own! And of course, this cheap vlogging camera with flip screen includes the necessary WiFi and NFC connections for both Android and Apple devices making sharing and transferring data a breeze.


Weather-resistant body
Great low light performance
Impressive battery life
Fantastic in-camera continuous autofocus


No 4K video recording

Read more reviews about the Canon 80D or watch video review here.

GoPro Hero7

YouTubers that use GoPro Hero7

Youtubers that use this camera: Jake Paul, Casey Neistat, Tim Schmoyer, Louis Cole, Zoe Sugg, Jon Olsson, iJustine

The ultimate buying guide for the best vlogging cameras with flip screen. We reviewed 9 top cameras that YouTubers use and the #1 best rated vlogging camera is the... #camera #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging

Technically speaking, the GoPro is not known predominantly as a ‘vlogging’ camera, but some of the best action shots are filmed with a GoPro.

Of course, the first idea that comes to mind is travel vloggers or high-intensity video personalities who are known for jumping out of airplanes or traversing mountains, plains, and oceans. And that’s a good correlation!

In terms of adventure-proof technology, the GoPro is probably the best vlogging camera considering that it is waterproof and very durable. However, the GoPro can be used for a variety of different shots including, you guessed right, vlogging in your pj’s.

GoPros are unique because they are small, handheld cameras with impressive audio and 4K resolution videos. And you know what? Even bigger, more expensive cameras can’t match the audio power of the GoPro. The icing on the cake is that the GoPro is one of the cheapest vlogging cameras on the market.

As you would expect, GoPro is still susceptible to the same natural occurrences that can distort sound (like a windy day). Also, some properties may not be ideal for beginner vloggers. Without a mount or some way to stabilize the camera, shots can often turn out blurry, but that truly depends on your personal style. Shakiness or blurs can be the signs of a good adventure, but if you’re looking for a smooth video with all the sharp lines in place, then the GoPro Hero7 is right up here.

If a flip screen is a necessity, then the GoPro might not be the option for you because it does not have a flip screen which is a personal preference.

Now, I intentionally left the term GoPro ambiguous, because different vloggers use different GoPros (especially because GoPro is continuously upping its game with every new model). The GoPro Hero7 Black is the most advanced in the series, and but the GoPro Hero5 is probably the most used on the market today.

It comes with in-camera features such as a slow-motion option and includes fairly decent image stabilization. The GoPro Hero5 Session is notable for being extremely compact and efficient. It will seldom get in the way, as it is probably as small as you can get while still being able to hold enough data.

For the most basic, user-friendly, and cheapest option, the GoPro HERO is the way to go!


Weather resistant
Intuitive touchscreen
Full HD & 4K video (Hero7)


No zoom (on Hero5)

Read more reviews about the GoPro Hero7 or watch video review here.

Scrolled to the bottom? Here’s what you need to know:

The absolute best cameras for vlogging and blogging by price range

  1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (under $650)
  2. Panasonic Lumix G85 (under $700)
  3. Sony Alpha A6000 (under $600)
  4. Canon EOS 5D Mark III (under $2,500)
  5. Sony A5100 (under $550)
  6. Panasonic Lumix G7 (under $500)
  7. Canon DSLR EOS 80D (under $1,150)
  8. GoPro Hero7 (under $400)
This is the ultimate guide to the best camera for vlogging and pictures in 2019! #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging

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This is the ultimate guide to the best camera for vlogging and pictures in 2019! #cameragear #photoshoot #vlogging


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