Everybody loves a good deal. Getting what you want for (wayyyy) less is easily one of the best moments in all of shopping, especially when it’s trendy. Designer dupes are a great way to get luxury-inspired styles without paying the hefty price tags.

A dupe is an item (shoe, purse, jewelry, clothing…) that gained its inspiration from a name brand product. This dupe often bears close resemblance to its designer inspiration without proprietary brand detail (like the logo, and trinkets). The designer look-alike often times includes a few adjustments or modifications.

That being said, dupes are a wonderful alternative to the name brand products because of their attractively affordable price. And give you the opportunity to try out a product before splurging $$$$ on the brand name item. Ready to add some dupes to your wardrobe?

Click on a post below to discover luxury-inspired items that are trending right now. These look-alikes give brand name products a run for their money.

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