8 Beauty Products for a Homemade Spa

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You’ve been working hard and you know more than anyone else that you deserve a little spa day. These are a few products that I would use on myself to make me feel a little spoiled ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maybelline Fuchsia Fever 140 lipstick $7.50: Lipstick is not an everyday thing for me so on days when I do apply this creamy shade, I feel like I got a makeover. To tone down that vibrancy, I apply the Mary Kay pink parfait lip gloss which also adds some luster too.
  • Mary Kay Pink Parfait lip gloss $5: My go-to if I don’t want to go overboard with a lipstick. This adds moisture, shine and some obviously much needed color to my lips. I even keep one of these in my purse and I can’t count how many times this lip gloss has been a lifesaver [literally].
  • Sally Hansen Shock Wave miracle gel $10: This nail polish is a dream come true! While it may not last as long as salon-done nails, miracle gel nail polish is the next best thing. I use the top coat to get longer wear with the nail polish. You can give yourself a treat at your own convenience and without having to wait in line [despite making an appointment]. 
  • Scentbird Perfume Subscription service $14.95/month: I love perfumes but hate spending too much money on a bottle of perfume. With Scentbird, I can try different perfumes every month before deciding on the one I want to splurge on.  A great treat to myself without the buyer’s remorse.
  • Paula Dorf Perfect Color ecstasy $32: I like to think of myself as a multi-tasker and when I find a product that serves more than one purpose, I pounce on it. This product does just that – can be used on the eyes, lips & cheeks. Lightweight and cost-effective saving me $$$ and time. 
  • One Direction glow glass set $28.50: This makeup kit is all you need: lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow palette, volumizing mascara, nail varnish, and eye crayon all for $28.50. Of course my favorite piece from the kit is the lip gloss. The icing on top? It glows neon red-orange under UV light.
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer $29: Use this concealer to mask those annoying dark areas around the eyes and instantly give your face a lift. While I love it for my stressed or fatigued face aka spa days, it’s also one of my ‘must have’ for concealing imperfections.
  • BDB Brow Duo Pencil $18: This Billion Dollar Brows brow duo pencil helps me create an almost perfect (I’m still perfecting the art) arches. I have a hard time manipulating liquid foundation around my eyebrow so this pencil is a manmade gift that I’m happy to have. 

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