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Happy new week!!

Several posts ago, I talked about how a co-worker had challenged me to a friendly ‘no repeat’ shoe competition. Co-workers had poundered which one of us had the most pair of shoes and that’s how the two-week competition came about. Although neither one of us won, I’m sure she has more shoes than I do, she even admitted to having a pair of shoes from way back 1976 — many many years before I was born!! A little obsessed with ‘shoefie’, I continued taking pictures of my shoes and posting them on Instagram and Facebook even after the competition had ended. Unfortunately, some of the shoes are already sold out but I will link below and in the shopping widget above, similar items to the shoes in the picture. Want more? Check out the SHOP tab for shopping ideas and my LOOKBOOK for previous outfit posts. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll be in touch with you soon.

Shoes from Left -> Right
Purple abstract pumps $43 | Red spiked pumps $24 | Silver mesh pumps $24 (similar) | Leopard flats $30 |
Black spiked pumps $ (similar) | Black slip-on flats $23 | Nude stiletto pumps $59 (similar) | Olive bow pumps $67 |
Pink neon pumps $27 | Brown leather pumps $23 (similar) | White platform wedge $30 | Blue stripe pumps $52 (similar) |
White stripe pumps $30 | Orange abstract pumps $46 (similar) | Multicolor snack pumps $80 (similar) | Black tie-up sandals $30 |
{ 25% off: TEACHME | 20% code: FALL20}

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