Spotlight: Ankara Fitted Dress + Box Purse

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Happy new month of December my friends!

For this new/final month of the year, I decided to switch things a bit and showcase someone other than myself on the blog. I guess someone was too excited to wear the ASOS purse I gifted to her for her birthday :) I was more than ecstatic when my sister/look-alike agreed to be featured on my blog. If you read my introductory post (HERE) you probably already know a lot about me. Did you know that I’m from a family of 10 children, yes ten children!! Let your mind run wild a little bit because it’s allowed. However, it’s not what you think!
Untitled photo [527B2FF6-73BF-4499-B038-F3CE28D02BAA]Untitled photo [B73D5AB8-92A8-4086-B08E-7223E0F56856]

Untitled photo [9E68A6B3-37C6-44CC-AE70-822B2181314E]
Have you seen my twin sister (HERE at her graduation ceremony)? We look nothing remotely alike and I swear we are twins. My family is divided into three groups: look-alike group 1 (the dark ones), look-alike group 2 (the light ones), and the miscellaneous (those that cannot be categorized). This my darling sister and I happen to be among the light ones and we have few things in common.
Untitled photo [4ADF8B2E-A284-4F70-BFC8-D876716D138D]

Untitled photo [BAD09425-2046-4135-A169-712593C76652]

Untitled photo [B55CC943-C377-424A-985D-7CD390C269F9]
Want to be featured on my blog? Contact me on Thank you so much for stopping by and let’s end this year/month with a bang, mwah!

Shoes || Platform pumps (old) alternative from DSW HERE $40 and HERE $70 |
Watch || Diesel leather watch alternative from Macy’s HERE |
Jewelry || Traditional beaded necklace alternative HERE $11 |
Traditional Dress || Custom-made by House of Karis |
Purse || ASOS structured purse $47 (now on sale) |

{ASOS 30% off everything code: GIMMEMORE; DSW $15/$30/$50 off code: CYBERSHOES; Macy’s 10% off & free shipping code: CYBER}

{Hint: Using Ebates HERE for all your online purchases will get you additional savings, cashback and coupons on everything you buy.}

24 thoughts on “Spotlight: Ankara Fitted Dress + Box Purse”

  1. Charee (BC, Canada)

    Hahaha, "the miscellaneous (those that cannot be categorized)"…you just made my day! But if they 'catch u'? hehehe

  2. Loving the dress totally!!! Love the sleeve which kinda gives it a retro look; the colour combo, divine. House of Karis nice job yo! The look, on point! Kudos!

  3. A Great look alike…you sure have many of the same traits and she looks Great in this outfit. Only a Great Sis would gift such a nice purse. Enjoy your Holidays!!

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