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Happy Saturday everyone!!

Tuxedo earrings | Green earrings | Checked skirt | Buttoned skirt | Neutral checked skirt | Green skirt | White purse | Suit 1 | Suit 2 | Black skirt | Bangle setPlaid pants | Silver heels | Boater hat | Split skirt | Chain beltWhite socks | Black socks | Flared skirts | Court heels | Funnel snood

Vintage clothing haul

You may have seen the pink skirt in one of my OOTD posts (HERE) a month ago. I’ll try to create an After Christmas sale haul video if time permits. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

Tuxedo earrings | Green earrings | Checked skirt | Buttoned skirt | Neutral checked skirt | Green skirt | White purse | Suit 1 | Suit 2 | Black skirt | Bangle set | Plaid pants | Silver heels | Boater hat | Split skirt | Chain belt | White socks | Black socks | Flared skirts | Court heels | Funnel snood

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