Ashoke: Die Trying

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Not too long ago, I had a post up titled, The African in Me, where I paired a jean and blouse with a matching African regalia. If you’re familiar with Nigerians, you would know that our headgear, called ashoke, gele, etc is something that rarely ever goes unnoticed.

Last year, all my efforts in trying to tie a gele was futile. I watched numerous videos and practiced countless times, all to end up having an ugly piece for the fashion show of the African cultural show that almost fell off my head. As my sister and founder of House of Karis summarized it in a message, “your dress looked beautiful, but your gele, lol no comment.”

This year, I decided to give it one more shot since I wanted to infuse both my Nigerian attire with a touch of western influence. I searched for videos and the video I found saved my nyash (ass), and it was made by my elementary school friend!!!

Not only was the video easy to follow, she had many different styles to show. My picture with my ‘small mummy’ above was tied by me after watching the video below. Thanks Puksies Wardrobe.

Scarf: Ashoke

8 thoughts on “Ashoke: Die Trying”

  1. Kimberly White

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It's such an inspiration to see a woman pursuing her goals. I really like how you include your culture in your blog. I'm African American and my husband is Nigerian and I love the way the "gele" or "ashoke" looks but I would never attempt it myself. Who knows, maybe one day :). Keep up the blogging, please…

  2. Wow such great pics ! love the third one sooooo much <3 ! …would You like to follow each other Dear ? just visit my blog and let me know :)

    have a nice day !

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