Dream Dreams

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Welcome to the end of the first month of march. I believe a fashion post is long overdue but sorry I have been really occupied with schoolwork.  

 photo IMG_1661ee_zps7c525d12.jpg

Disclaimer: I am not a dreamer. 
But in the past few weeks, my apartment door had been acting up. Since I leave alone, it was imperative that I got it fixed. But, I procrastinated for a while because I was too lazy to fill the maintenance request form.

 photo f9e07d65-2443-456d-86e7-416a3f40fced_zps63417ff5.jpg
On this faithful day, I got nagged at that my door had still not been fixed. Shortly afterwards, I went to bed and I had a really weird dream that another resident kept entering into my apartment everyday to steal my garbage to feed his puppy.

 photo 3b2b6dfd-aaf2-406f-97ae-1eae1117c2ce_zps951e4d68.jpg
 photo photo12_zps76e13205.jpg

IMG 1683
IMG 1686
Shoes: Similar | Pant: F21 | Purse: F21 | Blouse: Hawes and Curtis | Ring: Diane Gilman  | Belt: Similar
(Get This Look)

Well, that was one weird dream and I’m glad that I don’t dream frequently. I thought to myself, “pets are not allowed in this complex, why would someone enter your apartment to steal only your garbage when you have other valuable possessions?”

I just had to share this one with you. Have a wonderful weekend!!
Thank You!
Louis Lip 6


  1. love your outfit! the shoes and the clutch are amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ would you like to follow eachotheron GFC and bloglovin? ๐Ÿ™‚ let me know!

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