Facial Shake Up: Slow Motion

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Facial Scrub

Every once in a while, routine gets boring and a little facial shake up makes things more exciting. If there was a particular time that I needed this shake up is without a doubt this past week. Suffering from minor jet-lag from my twin sister’s wedding in…
Nigeria coupled with a busy work week culminated into the perfect recipe for a facial tune-up. Sometimes you just have to hit the slow-motion button so you can catch your breath and enjoy life.

THE PURIFIER: Bioque Purifying Skin Cleanser* ($18): A 3-in-1 purifying, clarifying, and exfoliating cleanser. It smells like citrus yet has a silky feeling on contact with your face. Try this product if you are looking for a sulfate-free daily cleanser. It contains Yucca extract and is a good option for those with acne prone skin. Another great option for oily, acne-prone skin is Adovia facial soap (read my review here).
THE REFINISHER: Bioque Acid-Free Facial Skin Refinisher* ($22): This baby does the heavy-lifting in removing dead skin. Made from several extracts and oils, it has a herbal smell/feel. Ideally, you should use this product no less than once a week. Opt for the scrubber for more intense exfoliation. It comes in a 3.5 oz bottle – right on the money!
WRINKLE ZAPPER: Bioque Pronto Instant wrinkle visibility zapper* ($50): How many times have I ran my mouth about this product? Yes it still remains my favorite anti-wrinkle product to date and I only use it when I need it. Use True Skin Care Anti-aging Eye Serum before bed to prevent new wrinkle and this zapper before makeup to get rid of existing wrinkles for double the effect (read my True Skin Care review here).
THE SCRUBBER: True Skin Care microdermabrasion scrub* ($22): Significantly smaller in size than the refinisher but with the feel of a high-end product (makes for a nice travel companion). The Scrubber contains Jojoba Esters that gently exfoliates and essential oils that moisturizes the skin. It has a minty smell which I prefer over the herbal fragrance of the refinisher. Ideally used 2-3 times a week (read my previous review here).
THE CLEANSER: Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System ($30): As long time friends since 2013, I’ve been using this cleansing system off & on with several products. This system comes very handy when using exfoliating products. Because it has many bristles, it allows the product penetrate further into the skin, which accelerates the exfoliating process. You can even use it alone with a mid facial soap to massage your face.

Now that I have gotten my shake up, I am looking forward to my photoshoot today, which is a marathon of in-car outfit switches. Luckily, I now have this X-Shade car windshield sunshade* to keep prying eyes out! It easily pops open and quickly folds into a compact size for easy storage. I’m also taking this Abacus iPhone 6 flip cover case on a spin. It has several credit card slots, an ID pocket, and a bigger pocket for cash. Totally a great item to have when I run errands. BTW, there’s a new video, Weekend Mashup on my YouTube channel. Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll be in touch with you soon.

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