January: Shopping on a Budget

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January Budget

A very popular question I get is, “how much do you spend on clothes?” Or a similar derivative, “who pays for all these things you get?” I always talk about shopping on a budget and paying for only what I can afford. After thinking about it, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share my monthly clothing purchases/gifts. I’ve not been the best at it but I’m hoping that by sharing this publicly, I will be better motivated to stick with my goal. I loving Mint.com to keep track of most of my expenses. I also carry over expenditures as an incentive to spend less on one month so I can indulge more on other months (like Black Friday in November or after New Year’s sale in January). Here are the things I got in January:

ShoeDazzle black pumps: $40 + store credit = $0
ShoeDazzle burgundy boots: $40 + store credit = $0
ShoeDazzle brown bootie: $40 + store credit = $0
MissGuided khaki coat: $76.50, on sale for $52.70 + 25% off = $39.50
MissGuided grey coat: $110.50, on sale for $59.50 + 25% off = $44.60
Zara OTK boots: $90, on sale for $40 = $40
Zara trousers: $30, on sale for $10 = $10
Zara ankle boots: $70, on sale for $30 (not pictured)
Zara bracelet: $23, on sale for $8 = $8
ASOS Metal Bow Belt: $55, on sale for $28 = $28
ASOS Ankle Socks: $5.50 + 10% off = $4.95
Shabby Apple Maxi Dress: $110, on sale for $85 + brand collab = $0
eShakti velvet dress: $70 + brand collab = $0
Value Village: two scarves, a sweater, a collar, and a dress = $29.44 (not pictured)
Spent: ~$234.49
Roll over to February: – $34.49
Monthly budget $200
I did not do too hot last month as I overspent by $34.49. I will have to work harder to stick to the goal this month. So far, I think I am on track and I have chosen to re-create entire looks from my closet (see here and here).

I got all these shoes from ShoeDazzle completely free because I was fortunate to be chosen as a brand ambassador as a result of my love for their products. So depending on how much I choose to do in terms of brand promotion, I receive store credit to buy whatever I want from ShoeDazzle. Every now and then, I still end of spending a pretty dime on the site when I don’t have store credit. That’s the reason some of the ShoeDazzle (and JustFab) posts I share do not have the c/o (credit of) next to the product detail.

ShoeDazzle shoes, Shoedazzle booties, shoedazzle ankle boots

I’ve been searching for longline coats for the longest time! The ones I found (on H&M, Forever21, and Asos) were out of my budget. I was just about to give up when my girl, Frilancy stunned me with her Forever21 coat during our blogger collab photoshoot (here). I went hunting again and found these two lovely coats at Missguided on sale and extra 25% off. I was initially only going to get one but free shipping was only available on orders over $80. (On going promotion: 50% off at Missguided with code LOVE50).

Missguided longline wool coats, Missguidged winter coats, grey coats, maxi coats

I classify Zara as high-end, {mostly} affordable street style. This is one of those stores where you can get genuine leather goods for $9.99 (on sale). Zara’s quality and style are impeccable and you get good value for your money. But even at that, I choose to wait until January and June when Zara does it’s semi-annual sale to scoop up a few pieces. I mean I live in Alaska, who’s going to care if I wore last season’s clothes? #NoOne.

Zara sale, Zara kitten thigh high boots, OTK boots, Zara ankle boots, Zara palazzo pants

I have been stalking this Asos metal belt for at least one year! At $58, I wasn’t so sure if I’d be able to put it to great use. I had spent a bit of money getting this lovely River Island belt and I can count how many times I’ve worn it :( I wasn’t going to let the same thing happen a second time. But when I spotted the belt with a bow and price tag of $28, I knew the universe had aligned. The fishnet socks was frankly an impulse buy. (Asos on going promotion: 20% off with code LINCOLN).

I felt very honored when both Shabby Apple and eShakti reached out to me for a product review collaboration. For Shabby Apple, I chose this maxi dress and it was delivered straight to my doorstep. For eShakti, I was able to choose and customize my dress so I picked the contrast hem velvet dress and went for a 3/4 sleeve and increased the length of the dress. Stay tuned as I will be sharing my looks in coming posts.

ASOS metallic bow belt, fishnet socks, Shabby apple maxi dress, eShakti velvet dress

Last but definitely not the least is my purchase from the local thrift store, Value Village. I got a cashmere shirt, two scarfs, a sweater collar, and vintage dress. I’ve been listening to your feedback and I am working on another blogger-blogger collaboration with these thrift finds.

What are your budget goals this year? Are you on track? Would you like a once a month budget post like this? Yes, yes, I want to know what your thoughts are. Please leave a comment below. Thank you so much for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are discount codes to some more sales happening through President’s Day:
NastyGal: 25% off (no code)
Boohoo: 30% off – ALL30
Target: 20% off – PRES
Ami Club Wear: 55% off – VDAY55
Heels.com: 20% off – VALENTINE


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