Madewell Insider Birthday Gift 2023

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Okay, so birthdays are kind of different at the moment. And by kind of, I mean completely.


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We might not be celebrating as we normally would be surrounded by all of our loved ones, but there are still ways to put a smile on your face when the big day rolls around. And the free Madewell birthday gift might just be that birthday surprise that’ll make us smile a little.

Madewell birthday gift

I don’t know about you guys, but there’s something to be said about getting a special birthday gift, no matter how minuscule the item might be. And a thoughtful gift is something we’ll remember for a while.


Sure, we may not have many places to wear a new outfit to right now… but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. 

And hey, you’re gonna need something hot for your debut brunch, right?

With previous poster girls, including Alexa Chung, the gorgeous bohemian vibe of Madewell is one that might have passed you by. Still, I highly recommend checking out their gorgeous selection of casual apparel. 

Besides, with the gift that will be hitting your inbox during your birthday month (as long as you sign up properly – follow my thorough guide below!), you’ll get a pretty hefty discount…

Madewell Birthday Gift 2023: Exclusively for Madewell Insiders

Is there anything better than free money on your birthday? I don’t think so. Drumroll, please…

The 2023 Madewell birthday gift is a code for $25 off your next purchase!

As long as you’re spending $26 or more, you can redeem this birthday gift credit. However, your birthday credit can’t be combined with any other coupons or codes currently being distributed.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use it on items that are currently on sale without a code, and your free Madewell Insider, Star, or Icon status shipping can be applied with those purchased too. Nice!

How To Become A Madewell Insider

It’s super easy to sign up to become a Madewell rewards member. It’s totally free: click here to register for an account online. Or sign up during your in-store visit to join the program, and you’re in!

With no minimum spending amount, you’ll be leaving money on the table if you do not start collecting points, especially if you regularly shop at Madewell.

As a heads up, do not forget to add your birthday details (month and day) as soon as you create your Madewell Insider account. Once you’ve created your account, go to My Tier > My Details to add your birthday. And that’s it. You’re automatically eligible for a gift.

At first, you’ll be a Madewell Insider ($0-$499), with free standard shipping, returns, hemmings on jeans, leather and denim personalization, and more!

Once you’ve spent $500 or above, you’ll move up to Madewell Star, at which point your free shipping is bumped up to expedited. How fancy! You’ll also receive access to triple point days, a dedicated concierge phone line, and, if that wasn’t enough, an exclusive collectible tote every year.

The final tier is Madewell Icon – spend $1000+ and get all of the above, PLUS a tier celebration gift.

Madewell also recently introduced a points system to their rewards program. Every dollar you spend on an eligible purchase earns you a point, and you get double points when you buy jeans!

Keep an eye on your points! They accumulate quickly, and once you’ve racked up 250, you’ll receive $10 off your next order. So the more points you get, the more savings you’ll earn. Then you can treat yourself to guilt-free fashion finds.

It’s well worth getting to Star or Icon status as soon as you can because those all-important Triple Point days can really net you some serious future discounts.

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How to Get Your 2023 Madewell Birthday Gift

As with most beauty and fashion brands, to be eligible for your gift, all you need to do is ensure your correct birthday information is provided when you sign up or add it to your profile now if you have already registered.

Make sure you do this before the start of your birthday month! Otherwise, you’re not going to be eligible.

At some point during the month, you’ll get an email invitation to redeem your surprise code.

For this reason, you must be opted in to receive marketing emails from Madewell. You can update those email preferences here!

To claim your gift, you must have made a purchase in the last twelve months, and of course, the brand reserves the right to change these terms and conditions whenever they like.

FAQ About Madewell Birthday Gifts

Does Madewell send birthday gifts?

Yes, Madewell sends an annual birthday gift to every member of their loyalty program. Whether you’re an Insider, a Star, or an Icon, you’ll receive your free present during the month of your birthday. You can join their program here.

What is the Madewell birthday gift 2023?

This year’s birthday gift is $25 towards your next purchase (of $26 or more) in-store or online at Madewell. To receive our Madewell birthday bonus, you must:

  • Be a member of the Madewell rewards program.
  • Add your birthday to your profile (can’t do this while creating your account).
  • Be signed up/subscribed to Madewell mailing list.
  • Make an eligible purchase in the last 12 months as a member of the rewards program (do this before your birthday month comes around).

Where can I buy Madewell apparel?

To get your hands on some official Madewell fashion, head to their official website, or visit one of their 144 stores across the United States. Locate your nearest brick and mortar location via this handy tool here!

You can also find their fashion via Zalando and at Nordstrom or using Net-A-Porter if you’re shopping from the UK or elsewhere in the world.

2021 Madewell Birthday Gifts

Can you combine discounts at Madewell?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, you cannot apply any discount to previous purchases or a gift card. And discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.

Any coupons or codes are not valid for styles in the Secret Stock Sale, any Madewell Archive products, or merchandise from third parties. That said, you can use your birthday discount on clothes that are on sale at Madewell, provided you don’t need to use a code to access that sale.

Does Madewell offer student discounts?

Yes! As long as you present your school ID when you’re making an in-person purchase, or you’re signed into your Madewell account and have verified your eligibility via their online system, you’ll receive a 15% discount.

You need to upload your ID or a document to prove your student or teacher status, but it’s very straightforward. For a limited time, they’ve upped these savings to 20%, so go ahead and register while you can if you’re eligible. It’s always refreshing to know that teachers can take advantage of these perks, too!

Are J Crew and Madewell the same company?

Kinda! Think of it like J Crew as the parent company and Madewell as their shiny, incredibly successful child. Both lines are part of J Crew Group Incorporated, but recently, they announced that they would be turning Madewell into an IPO or Initial Public Offering (source).

This basically means they will be selling stocks in Madewell to raise further funds; snapping up shares could mean serious bucks for you if you’re interested in the stocks, so it’s definitely worth checking this out!

Best Madewell Pieces Worth Trying

Now you know exactly how to get your discount code, let’s talk about the best Madewell pieces worth getting!

Here are some of their bestsellers and a few of my top picks to help you make up your mind – though I’m sure you’ll find blowing $26 incredibly easy.

  1. Hemp Cotton V-Neck Sweatshirt
  2. Northside Vintage Tee
  3. The Perfect Vintage Jean in Fiore Wash
  4. MWL Airyterry Hoodie Sweatshirt
  5. Button-Front Tiered Midi Dress in Fleur Field
  6. Relaxed Denim Shorts in Cedarcroft Wash
  7. Broadway Cardigan Sweater
  8. The Perfect Vintage Jean in Coffey Wash: Worn-In Edition


Madewell is known for their butt-hugging, calf enhancing jeans, and yes, they are to die for… but I personally find them a little pricey.

That being said, they are well and truly worth all the hype they receive. As the name suggests, their pieces are Made Well.😁

When you invest in Madewell apparel, you get a pair of delightful denim pants that fit perfectly (just check out their Insta hashtag!). With your birthday discount applied, you’ll save more than a quarter of the recommended retail price.

All of their items are beautifully made and of very high quality, and they don’t just cater to the ladies! There’s a very comprehensive selection of men’s clothes for you to check out too.

Be sure and sign up for their free rewards program to take advantage of their free annual birthday gift. There’s so much boho chicness available; you’ll have no trouble deciding what to spend your discount on.


Beauty brands like Ulta and Sephora give annual birthday gift. But did you know that you can get a FREE Madewell birthday gift? Here's how!


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