blendSMART Review 2023: A Revolutionary Electric Makeup Brush? Worth It?

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I’ve seen and tried them all, makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and many other applicators. But a rotating makeup brush? That was new to me.


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If you’re just as curious about whether this battery-operated automatic brush set lives up to the hype, keep reading this blendSMART review.

I TRIED the BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System that everyone is talking about. Is it WORTH it? Read my blendSMART review before you spend any money.
My original blendSMART1 collection


I thought a beauty sponge was weird when I first saw them going viral on YouTube. Little did I know that BlendSMART automated brush system was just on the horizon.

Although there are many makeup products available on the market, your choice of makeup applicator is limited to a few different types of manual brushes or beauty sponges.

And let’s not mention how many brushes you have to pack when you’re preparing for a trip.

What is blendSMART?

BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System is an award-winning rotating makeup brush that is fast, finger-free, and produces a flawless finish with less makeup in a simple, time-saving manner.

This revolutionary product has taken the beauty industry by storm!

blendSMART2 Rotating Brush Glow 4-Piece Kit (Black), Packaging may vary

What Makes This Product So Unique?

We all know that makeup brushes are a must-have for any woman’s beauty routine, but they can be time-consuming to clean and maintain.

This blendSMART revolutionary device combines the best of both worlds, as it offers a stress-free operation in a sleek and compact design that lets you focus on your makeup application more effectively.

All you have to do is attach a rotating brush head of your choice onto the handle and then turn it on!

In a few short minutes, the perfectly calibrated spinning motion of your blendSMART device will evenly apply your makeup. And it does so more effectively than traditional makeup brushes.

Original Blendsmart Starter Set with Foundation Brush
  • Perfectly calibrated gentle rotating motion (approx. 190 RPM)
  • Comes with premium synthetic foundation brush head
  • Creates a natural, professional makeup finish
  • Not recommended for under eye area
  • Use with a light touch to reduces the appearance of fine lines and large pores. Designed for sensitive skin.

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blendSMART2: Powered Foundation Makeup Brush
  • The first ever rotating makeup brush system.
  • BlendSMART2 spins at 190 RPM, faster than the human hand, blending less makeup for better coverage
  • Use less makeup for a natural finish.
  • Stippling foundation brush included and not designed for eye area
  • Designed for foundation and avoid the eye area due to the speed of the brush fibers

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Side note: The key distinguishing feature between the original BlendSMART and BlendSMART2 is that blendSMART2 has an advanced design that allows the brushes to magnetically connect (instead of a “click and pull” lock mechanism).

What’s Included In The blendSMART Everyday Electric Makeup Brush Set?

For anyone interested in trying or gifting blendSMART makeup brush system, here’s what is included:

The three interchangeable rotating brush heads are made with premium, anti-bacterial synthetic fibers.

blendSMART2 Rotating Brush Glow 4-Piece Kit
  • Patented rotating handle blends to achieve an airbrushed-like finish
  • 3 Premium brushes for all trending beauty techniques
  • Eva Hard Travel Case to protect and store. Water and stain-resistant fabric.
  • Use less products for a healthy and natural complexion
  • Spinning brush fibers stimulate and activate the skin. Not recommended for under the eye area.

Last update on 2024-07-25 at 09:11 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

As their names imply, the foundation brush head can be used with any liquid, loose, or pressed powder foundation. The blush head is specifically for blush application, while the powder brush is the perfect match for loose or pressed powder.

These premia, antimicrobial synthetic fiber brush heads deliver soft and gentle application of product that blend, accent, detail and, conceal around the contours of your eyes, nose, and hairline. 

The specially designed fibers wrap around the contours of your face to provide precision placement of the product so you can achieve a flawless look that is always on point!

blendSMART makeup brush - first impression
Click to watch my first impression of the blendSMART makeup brush system

But that’s not all!

The automatic brush handle and lithium battery work in unison to provide a flawless finish with less makeup and a battery life that lasts up to 8 months.

In addition to this BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System, I also received:

P.S: Each of these are sold separately. I made an Instagram Story showing you all of these with a quick blendSMART review of everything I got. I’ve saved it to my Instagram Highlights here.

BlendSMART Review: Is The BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System Any Good?

With BlendSMART, you can save space by packing just one makeup brush handle and any interchangeable brush head you need. The universal foundation brush head perfect for most uses, which makes it an awesome travel companion.

I was honestly hesitant at first when I pulled my set of BlendSMART out of the box. But once I tried the brush heads, I immediately understood why this makeup set was listed as one of Oprah’s favorite things.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a little messy when I apply my foundation and powder. But this makeup brush kit made my life sooo much easier and more organized.

Each brush head has a slightly different colored bristle cut, which makes identifying the click and pull or magnetic brush head I need for a particular application a little easier.

What I Love About blendSMART Electic Makeup Brush

BlendSMART is the first of its kind to combine rotating technology with beauty tools and one-touch blending. With BlendSMART, you can:

  • Achieve perfect contouring and detailing in seconds with no skills needed!
  • Give your skin the extra glow and absorption it deserves with a facial massage delivered by rotating brushes.
  • Use less product and protect your skin from clogged pores & makeup deposits.
  • Simplify your beauty routine with a do-all tool that is easy to pack and go.
I TRIED the BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System that everyone is talking about. Is it WORTH it? Read my blendSMART review before you spend any money.

How Do You Use blendSMART?

  1. Pull back your hair away from your face and secure with a hair tie or headband. Then choose your favorite liquid or powder makeup.
  2. Dot your face with a small amount. Less is more!
    • For powder makeup, first make sure your brush is off as you dab the brush head directly into your makeup. Then tap off any excess product.
  3. Turn on the brush so the brush head starts to rotate.
  4. Start blending your makeup by holding the ergonomic handle and gliding it slowly across your face. Side-to-side and up-and-down while applying light pressure until your makeup is blended as desired.
    • For best result, do not apply in a circular motion. Let the rotating brush head do the work for you.

How Do You Clean a Blendsmart Brush?

To clean your blendSMART brush, remove the brush head from the handle. Using warm water and a gentle cleanser, agitate the bristles to remove any buildup. Rinse the soap and lie it on its side to dry. That’s it!

Here are a few tips for keeping your favorite automated makeup brush as good as new! First, never let the bristles dry upright (source). Instead, lay flat and allow the brush head to air-dry before you attach it back on its handle.

Second, I recommend cleaning once every week to prevent dirt or bacteria don’t build up. Lastly, BlendSMART brushes should be washed once per week and replaced every six months to a year, depending on how often they’re used and cared for.

7 Reasons You’ll Love the BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System

Here are seven reasons why you’ll love this brush system:

  1. The universal foundation brush head perfect is for most uses, which makes it an awesome travel companion.
  2. Each brush head has a slightly different shape/contour/bristle color to make identifying the right brush for a specific application easier.
  3. The battery life lasts up to eight months, which is awesome if you’re often traveling.
  4. You’ll be able to achieve that perfect contour like a pro.
  5. The calibrated spinning motion will do most of the work for you so you can look your best every day.
  6. You’ll never have to dig through drawers or travel bags looking for brushes in different sizes/shapes like before.
  7. The bristles are easy on your skin and provide better application and product absorption.

Bonus: This brush system would make a great gift for any makeup lover.

blendSMART1 Everyday Beauty Kit 3-Brush Set

blendSMART Review: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does blendSMART starter set with foundation brush cost?

Blendsmart starter set with foundation brush costs $66 on the retailer’s website but less on Amazon (view on Amazon).

Where can I buy a blendSMART starter set with a foundation brush?

You can buy this blendSMART system on the blendSMART official website or directly from the brand’s Amazon storefrontΒ here.

What foundation do you use for the blendSMART?

Most, if not all, foundation can be used with the original blendSMART and blendSMART2. Certain brush heads are designed for liquid or pressed powder foundation. The essence skincare application head is can be used with serum and oils.

Are electric makeup brushes good?

Electronic makeup brushes create a more seamless foundation, concealer, highlighter, and blush-blending experience in less time compared to traditional makeup brushes.


In summary, BlendSMART is the first automated makeup brush system that allows you to create a professional-looking, flawless makeup application in less time.

The lightweight, ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand and features an anti-slip grip for control while blending. The patented electric 360Β° rotating cord-free handle technology delivers a facial massage as you apply your favorite products with soft, interchangeable, cruelty-free brush heads.

This product is seriously revolutionizing how we apply our makeup. Plus, you can try BlendSMART risk-free thanks to their 100% money-back guarantee!

That about sums up my BlendSMART review. It’s clear that blendSMART is a great investment and it delivers a nice airbrush finish.

I’m definitely not surprised that this product was listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2019 (source). I hope you found this post helpful. And as always, thanks for stopping by.

Many thanks to blendSMART for gifting me this makeup system. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep this blog running.😘

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