Tymo Ring Review On 4C Hair (Photos): Is The Tymo Hair Brush Worth It?

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Hi! My name is Louisa and I have natural 4C hair. And it’s a MAJOR struggle trying to get my kinky ‘fro to listen to any hair straightener. And even when my hair decides to play nice, my new bone-straight hair stays that way for two days at best (what gives?!).


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Is the Tymo Ring worth the hype? I tried it on my thick 4C natural hair. Here's what happened!


So when I heard that the internet was singing praises about Tymo Ring and the new Tymo Ring Plus, it was only natural that this natural hair sister (no pun intended), would spend some coin on this shiny new tool.

So today, I bring you this Tymo Ring review, more specifically, a review of the Tymo Ring PLUS hair straightener.

If you’re like me, you have type 4C hair, which is dense, coarse, and super coily. And you spend an ungodly amount of time detangling this beauty and caring for your crown.

Feel the frustration? I’m right there with you. That’s why I believe this Tymo Ring PLUS review couldn’t have come at a better time.

Hair Straightener Brush, TYMO Ring Hair Straightener Comb Straightening Brush for Women with 5 Temps 20s Fast Heating & Dual Voltage
TYMO Ring Plus Ionic Hair Straightener Brush - Straightening Comb with Negative Ions, Titanium Coating, 9 Temp Settings & LED Display, Dual Voltage, Professional Styling Tools, Gifts for Women
TYMO Ionic Hair Straightener Brush - Straightening Brush with Enhanced 10 Million Negative Ions, 25s Heat-up, 16 Temps & Dual Voltage, Ceramic Hot Comb Anti-Scald & Auto-Off for Women
Tymo Ring Brush
Tymo Ring Plus Brush
Tymo Ionic Brush
Hair Straightener Brush, TYMO Ring Hair Straightener Comb Straightening Brush for Women with 5 Temps 20s Fast Heating & Dual Voltage
Tymo Ring Brush
TYMO Ring Plus Ionic Hair Straightener Brush - Straightening Comb with Negative Ions, Titanium Coating, 9 Temp Settings & LED Display, Dual Voltage, Professional Styling Tools, Gifts for Women
Tymo Ring Plus Brush
TYMO Ionic Hair Straightener Brush - Straightening Brush with Enhanced 10 Million Negative Ions, 25s Heat-up, 16 Temps & Dual Voltage, Ceramic Hot Comb Anti-Scald & Auto-Off for Women
Tymo Ionic Brush

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TL;DR: Get the Tymo Ring Straightener or better yet, get the ionic Tymo Ring PLUS. There’s a reason that over 500,000 of these have been sold. It’s really the quickest and easiest hair tool I’ve used on my hair. Plus my straightened hair lasts a lot longer (without using hair botox or paying premium salon price).

Don’t believe me? Watch my “caught on camera” reaction to using the Tymo Ring straightener for the very first time here.

So, What Is The TYMO Ring Hair Straightening Brush (And The New Tymo Ring Plus)?

The Tymo Ring hair straightener is more than just a regular straightener. It’s a new generation hair straightener with an anti-scald feature that uses targeted ionic technology to its built-in combs to straighten our hair down to the hair shafts.

The result is frizz-free silky hair that’s unbelievably smooth thanks to its nano titanium coating for even heat distribution.

The beauty of both the Tymo Ring and Tymo Ring Plus is that both of these bestselling hair straighteners have 3D teeth design and 5-9 heat setting options that you can choose from.

Which Tymo hair brush should you get?
Which Tymo hair comb should you get?
Which Tymo hair straightener should you get?

This precise temperature control and anti-scald technology set the Tymo Ring apart from all other ordinary hair straighteners.

This super quick performance and protection from overexposure to unnecessary heat is the reason why the internet has been buzzing about the Tymo Ring hair straightener comb.

TYMO RING Product Specifications

The Tymo Ring is a sleek, stylish straightener that features five temperature levels and a 360° swivel cord. Its dimensions are 12.68 by 3.23 inches by 2 inches with international dual voltage from 110-240V.

This product can be used on all types of hair, including natural 4C hair so it’s perfect for people who have curly, coily, or kinky hair too!

Tymo Ring PLUS is is an upgraded version of the Tymo Ring complete with a nano titanium coating to minimize frizz and even more temperature settings (9 to be precise). And it has a fast heat-up time of only 30 seconds which reduces styling time.

a straightening iron that includes 9 temperature settings to help you find the perfect setting for your hair type. It minimizes frizz and has nano titanium coating so it’s easy on the environment.

The Tymo hair straightening brush is available in three options:


Transform your hair from curly to straight with just a few swipes of the ceramic heated 3D brush teeth of the OG Tymo Ring hairbrush.

The Anti-Scald design allows you to reach more roots of your hair. Comparing the traditional straightening irons, TYMO RING provides you better results (shiny, healthy, silky hair) in less time.

So, I decided to try the famous Tymo Ring hair straightening comb. And here's how it went!
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The Tymo Ring Plus is the upgraded version of the beloved Tymo Ring hair straightener. This new design delivers styling personalization like never before.

Equipped with Nano Titanium Coating & 9 Temp Settings, Tymo Ring Plus allows you to easily adjust the heat level to your unique profile based on your hair texture length and color treatments.

Fast Heating & Denser 3D Teeth reaches to the roots and allows quicker performance with a heat-up time of just 30 seconds.

Is the Tymo Ring Plus hair straightener any good? Or is it pretty much the same thing as a traditional hot air comb? I tried it live on camera, these are the results I achieved with my type 4C natural hair
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TYMO iONIC is a new generation hair straightener with a lot of potentials. It is designed with MCH + Ionic technologies, anti-scald, and much more.

Simply brush your hair to straighten them. MCH makes your brush to be ready for use within 30 seconds, while the Ionic technology enhances the result with a shinier, silkier effect that lasts longer.

Tymo Ring Review On My 4C Hair (Photos): Is The Tymo Hair Straightener Worth It?
Use code TYMO2020 to save 20% off your Tymo Beauty order

Tymo Ring vs Tymo Ring Plus vs Tymo Ionic?

You’ve decided you want to get a Tymo brush but you can quite decide which straightener would be best for you. Here are the important differences between all three:

Tymo RingTymo Ring PlusTymo Ionic
Heat TypeCeramic heaterIonic systemMCH heating
Heat-up Time60 seconds30 seconds30 seconds
Auto-shut off30 minutes30 minutes30 minutes
Heat Settings5 Temperature levels9 Temperature levels16 Temperature levels
Heat Range266ºF – 410ºF250ºF – 410ºF170ºF – 450ºF
Power110V – 240V110V – 240V110V – 240V
Rotatable?Yes, 360ºCYes, 360ºCYes, 360ºC
ColorBlack or PinkBlack or True RedBlack
Weight1 lb1 lb1.61 lb
Available on AmazonYesYesYes
* Retail price collected from TymoBeauty.com website as of the time of publishing. I bought both the Tymo Ring and the Tymo Ring Plus directly from Amazon at a better price.

In addition to straightening brushes, Tymo also sells hair dryers, straightening irons, hair curlers, and other hair care and facial tools. Their hair straightening brushes are the products that broke the internet!

Now that you know the key differences between all three brushes, which brush is best for you? 

That’s a great question! Based on the heat range of both the Tymo Ring and Tymo Ring Plus would be perfect for those with normal healthy hair regardless of texture (thick, curly, or wavy hair).

The Tymo ionic covers a wider heat range. In addition to being suitable for those with normal healthy hair, the Tymo ionic is a great option for use on those with thin, damaged, or bleached hair at the lower 170ºF – 350ºF temperature range.

Tymo Beauty also published this Facebook post to address this same concern. The post says:

“TYMO iONIC is a premium version with ionic function to keep the straight result last longer. It is a perfect hair straightening tool for long hair. And it has 16 levels of temperature levels setting. TYMO RING is designed to straighten for all hair types.”


Pros of Tymo Hair Straightening Brush

  • This hot hair brush is super lightweight.
  • The price is right! For the incredible value you’ll get, I’m surprised the Tymo hair brush is not over $100.
  • It works! My natural 4C hair was as straight as a perm with the Tymo Ring.
  • This professional hair tool for styling hair heats up in as little as 30 seconds.
  • The anti-scald design is like nothing else on the market.
  • High-quality build that is not flimsy to maneuver during use.
  • The unique nano titanium coating significantly reduces frizz leaving shiny hair in its wake.

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Drawbacks of Tymo Hair Straightening Brush

  • Not very easy to clean.
  • Instructions say to not have any product added to your hair (not even heat protection spray?)
  • Requires you to seriously detangle your hair (which is not a bad thing but takes a lot of time) or risk getting stuck between the 3D teeth.
  • The settings control of the Tymo Ring can be hard to understand (versus the Tymo Ring Plus that has a digital display).
  • Not an all-in-one tool. So you may need to apply more heat to your if you want to add waves/curls.

How To Use Tymo Hair Straightener

Just like any other traditional straightener, you simply your Tymo Ring (or Tymo Ring Plus) into the power socket on turn it on.

The Tymo Ring heats up in just 60 seconds and the newer generation Tymo Ring Plus that I own heats up in just 30 seconds.

Make sure your hair is completely detangled and free of hair product before you use either of these hair styling tools. The complementary detangling brush that comes with your Tymo brush works amazingly well.

I actually had already applied a little bit of hair moisturizer and oil before I read the instruction manual (see video🤷🏾‍♀️).

Once you’re ready, section off your hair and use the Tymo comb like you would use a traditional hot hair comb. But fret not, the anti-scald design will keep your scalp and ears protected.

After a few passes of the comb through my hair, I realized that I did not even need to wear the included glove.

My Tymo Ring Plus Review: Straightening My Type 4C Curly Hair

First and foremost, I had my doubts about the Tymo Ring hair straightening iron. I had seen all the Tymo Ring reviews on Amazon and even photos and videos of the “wonders” it had done for ladies with natural kinky but I needed to try it for myself.

What better way to try this product than to go live on Amazon (start watching at 1:05:00) to put this product to test right in front of thousands of potential buyers? Well, your girl did that!

And boy, was I blown away. This was all caught on camera: no video editing. What you see is exactly what I experienced.

Trying Tymo Beauty hot hair brush for the first time on camera
(start replay at 1:05:00)

And the best part is, as I write this review, my hair still feels soft and looks straight (the edges have gotten a little curly from moisture while showering) and that thick-as-forest feeling remains manageable.

The instruction manual recommends doing three passes of this enhanced hair straightener comb through each section of hair. I only needed two passes per section.

What I also noticed is that the bigger the section the more difficult it was for me to slowly pull my hair through the 3D heating teeth.

Also, the tip of my hair that I wasn’t able to braid before using the curly hair straightener did not achieve the silky smooth texture like my roots and hair shafts.

Verdict: Is Tymo Ring Hair Straightening Comb Worth It?

Yes, 100%! The Tymo Ring (and Ring Plus) are absolutely worth it. And at a price tag of under$100, they’re also super affordable too. And if they were priced a little more premium say $199 (or even $249), I’d happily buy this product.

I loved it so much that I gifted one to family. And because I had so much ease straightening my hair with my Ring Plus, I even offered to help straighten my niece’s hair (a task I typically avoid at all cost).

FAQ About Tymo Hair Straightening Brush

Can you use TYMO on damp hair?

Tymo should not be used on damp hair. It’s perfect for anyone who wants sleek, shiny, and soft locks. Tymo does not recommend using this straightening comb on wet hair as the heat may damage the cuticle of your strands.

Does TYMO ring cause heat damage?

The Tymo Ring is made with ceramic and tourmaline and also features an anti-scalped design. Tymo Ring does not cause any damage to the roots of your hair like other tools do, making it one of the safest options on the market!

Is TYMO safe for hair?

TYMO is a hair straightening device that provides a safe and natural way to straighten your hair. The Tymo Ring doesn’t harm the scalp or the hair despite going through to the roots, which prevents any tangling of your fine strands.

Does TYMO work on short hair?

The TYMO iONIC is a heated straightening brush that is great for those who have wavy or curly hair with flyaways and frizz but also works well on long, thick, or short hair.

This is the best option for you if your natural texture has been damaged by chemicals or heat from other styling tools that have caused damage to your cuticles.

What is TYMO glove for?

Tymo gloves are provided with the Tymo Ring to provide protection from heat. They are thick, durable, and designed to protect your hands during a straightening session. Honestly, I did not see a need for gloves because the product did not get too hot for use.

Which is better TYMO iONIC or TYMO ring?

The TYMO Ring is best for short hair while the IONIC is designed for those with long hair. That said both works on any length and hair texture.

Conclusion: Tymo Ring Review

The Tymo Ring is a new straightener brush invention that straightens curly hair to near perfection without the need for tools like flat irons or combs.

The innovative anti-scald design makes this affordable hair straightener quick and easy to use. My natural hair has never felt this bone-straight in years.

Yes, I can pay a premium ($$$) and spend hours at the salon to get results like this. But, why would I? And regardless of your hair texture (coily hair, curly hair, wavy hair…) and hair thickness, expect frizz-free straight hair that can be styled as is or used as a protective layer for other hairstyles.

Believe me, you won’t regret buying either one of these innovative Tymo hair styling tools. IF you need up not liking it, you can always return it for a full refund (thanks Amazon!). Get that professional salon look without the premium salon price. You can thank me later!

I hope you found this Tymo Ring review helpful. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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