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La Pasion Voutee

Hello dolls!!

I enjoy switching things up a bit (fashion, beauty, technology… you name it). And this time, it’s no different. As I write this post, I am at the airport waiting to board a flight to the motherland for my sister’s nuptials. That will be a story for another day as this post is about my current Techies & Beauties. – you can call it a mid-week voyage essential.

1. True Skin Care microdermabrasion scrub* ($22): It is essential to keep you skin looking good on a regular day and even on days when you have 2 or 3 flight connections compressed into 48 hours. This product has a unique blend of natural products and has a nice mint scent to it which gives you a  refreshing feeling like that of taking a shower. Because the microdermabrasion smoothens the skin, it is easier for anti-aging products (like the True Skin Care eye serum) to penetrate deeper into the skin.
2. K2R portable phone charger* ($30): Always an angel in my carry-on. I no longer have to fight with angry travelers for airport plug-ins. All I have to do is juice up this portable charger and I have enough to charge my phone to 100% almost 4 times (thanks to the 7,800mAh battery)! Aurevoir haters! Not all phone chargers are created equal so do your research before you buy one. This one from K2R has great ratings, comes with an added built-in flash light and includes 4 LED charge indicator lights.
3. True Skin Care anti-aging eye serum* ($30): I raved about this product in a previous post. I chose to include it here for completeness sake. Great for use right after the microdermabrasion scrub.
4. Jabra revo wireless headset ($140): The next best thing since sliced bread! With the high definition dolby sound, I can tune out the screaming infant seating a couple rows behind me while I catch up on some much needed sleep. Not as pricey as the Beats solo wireless headphone but comparable in quality, sound and durability.
5. Catania Occhiali Sunglasses* ($13): I’m all about living according to my means. This affordable sunglasses is not an exception. See how I styled it in this post. Alaska is slowly transitioning into summer (had some snow this week) but as I head out to the tropics, this glasses will definitely come handly.
6. Pussy cat fashion phone case* ($9): Meow! Totally loving this scratch-resistant pussy cat phone case. I have an irrational fear of cats. But a puss in heels? I want one! This phone case puts a smile on my face as it is a blend of my fear of cats and my love of fashion. It is a lightweight, durable, affordable case that helps protect my $$$ phone investment.
7. Apple Macbook Pro: I was literally glued to my pc until my Macbook came along. Having a faster processor makes blogging less tedious and rather enjoyable. I can start on my iPad and finish off with my laptop when I get home or vice versa. As someone who has used other Apple products, orienting myself to the new interface was a little frustrating. Many YouTube videos later, I’ve become more proficient at it :)

There you have it, my Techies and Beauties. Want more? Check out my previous beauty posts,  lookbook, or videos for something different. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll be in touch with you soon.

*Disclosure: I received some of the products mentioned above in exchange for review.

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