What to Wear to a Glow Party: 90+ Blacklight Party Outfits!

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Are you ready to dive into the world of neon, beats, and electrifying fun, where the dance floor is your canvas, and your light sticks are your brushes that leave magic trails with every move?


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Of course you are! Only one thing’s holding you back: the dilemma of what to wear to a glow party. Really, how do you put the “glow” in the glow party? Should you wear bright colors? Neon paints?

UV Party Outfit Ideas

Well, I’m here to help! Light parties are definitely exciting, especially if you dress up right. So keep that page scrolling to see how you can enjoy a luminous night to the fullest.

What Are the Best Colors for a Glow Party?

I bet you may think neon colors suit a dark party best, and you couldn’t be more correct. Yep, dark party and neon colors go hand in hand.

Bright neon colors mesmerize under blacklight, making you look more captivating amongst party guests.

Think about bright pinks, vibrant greens, intense yellows, etc. These are the real definition of “pop of color,” especially under UV lights.

Check out these neon outfits that you may like:

What Should You Not Wear Under a Blacklight?

Avoid choosing light or pale-colored clothing. They won’t react well to backlight and clearly don’t jive well with the party theme. They may appear dull and boring in a room full of bright colors.

Glow Party Outfit Ideas

Avoid overly dark colors, such as brown or black clothing, since they might blend into the darkness.

Your goal is to stand out and illuminate in the crowd, bestie, so you must avoid lackluster and dim tones.

Outfit Ideas for a Glow Party

Now that you know what colors to use and avoid, here are light party outfit ideas that will bring out the party spirit:

Neon Skater Dress

A neon skater dress will be your perfect glow party outfit if you’re a dress lover. It is a great balance of chic and fun, which aligns with the party’s theme.

Pair it with the following elements:


Glowing Bodysuit

Do you want to show off curves under black light? Say less! Choose a fluorescent bodysuit. It accentuates your body shape and gives you that flattering figure shining luminously under ultraviolet light.

Accentuate a bodysuit with the following to finish the look:


Rave Shorts

Opt for rave shorts if you want to go bold with your glow-in-the-dark party outfit. Match it with a chic crop top, and you’re ready to rock the party right.

Etsy Tie Dye Booty Shorts Rave Shorts



Add a touch of magic to your overall outfit with the following elements:


UV-Reactive Leggings

What else will be suitable for a party full of dancing and grooving if not for leggings? Choose UV-reactive leggings to suit a blacklight party and show them how a party should be done.

Etsy Sacred Geometry Leggings



Top off with the following accessories to your leggings:

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Glowing Romper

Another fun and cute black light party attire will be a neon romper. Think neon green or yellow, and Ma’am, imagine how stunning you’ll look in the dark background.

To add a little pizzazz to your romper, accessorize with the following:


Electric Jumpsuit

Choose a neon jumpsuit if you want to radiate excitement and energy. Personally, this is just the perfect piece of clothing for a glow-in-the-dark type of party.

It showcases a more noticeable neon color due to its length.

Etsy UV Light Set Costume



Match it with the following elements:


Neon Overalls

Another noticeable attire is a neon overall (I suggest neon yellow). It makes you look like a walking canvas splashed with a bucket of neon color, leaving glowing trails as you show them your moves.

Etsy Neon Yellow Handmade



That’s cute, right? Sprinkle with these accessories to make a fashion statement:

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Vibrant Mesh Top and Skirt

Go bold with the vibrant mesh top and skirt combo. This ensemble is insanely fashion-forward and perfectly captures the vibe of a blacklight party.

Etsy Shordie Dots Mesh Top



Pair it with the following accessories:

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Glowing Onesie

One way to really stand out when you party in UV light is to wear a onesie in vibrant colors. Try going for an electrifying neon blue or a vibrant green.

Add more style by mixing these accessories:

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Fluorescent Accessories

Elevate your look with fluorescent accessories, period. You must glow like you’re competing with millions of stars from head to toe for a blacklight party, bestie.

Complete your baddie outfits with these accessories:


FAQ About What to Wear to a Glow Party

Do jeans glow in blacklight?

No. Generally, normal jeans aren’t made of materials that react to UV light. However, you can find neon jeans nowadays.

What kind of fabric glows under black light?

Fabrics containing UV-reactive materials such as dyes or neon glow under black light.

What are the best colors for a glow party?

The best colors for a glow party are all colors in neon. Think intense yellows, neon oranges, vibrant greens, bright pink, etc. White can also be a great and cheap alternative since it glows under UV light.

What makeup shows up under black light?

Choose make-up with fluorescent or UV-reactive pigments, such as neon eyeshadows, for a pop of drama in your face and body paints to keep it fun.

Top Takeaways About What to Wear to a Glow Party

When we say glow parties, there are only two things to remember: NEON and FLUORESCENT.

A black-light party will be a world of vibrant colors and neon craze. It’s a unique type of party that allows you to dance and show your moves through silhouettes of your chosen luminous attires.

What to Wear to a Glow Party

Just quick reminders:

  • Avoid dark clothing since it may look dull next to vibrant neons and make you look out of place.
  • Choose comfortable shoes since it will be lights off at the party. Navigating the dance floor in high heels may get you in an accident.
  • Don’t forget to pair your outfit with UV-reactive accessories to elevate the look and really capture that neon party spirit.

Whether you’re going to choose a neon romper, a glowing skater dress, or UV-reactive rave shorts, you’re sure to be a stunner at the party!

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