April 2016: Shopping on a Budget

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April 2016: Shopping on A budget

Rocksbox: Infinity silver ring = $13
Romwe: Maxi skirt and Ripped denim (+ coupon discount) = $34.68
ShoeDazzle: Blue pumps and black boots (discount + store credit) = $0
Asos: Belts (1, 2, 3, 4), scarves (1, 2), and Premier Membership = $95.49
Sephora: Kat Von D lip stains (1, 2), and Sephora liquid lipstick (15% member discount) = $45.90

Spent: $189.07
April budget: $200 + ($200.36 from March) = $400.36
Amount carried over to May = $211.29

This post is a little late but life, specifically, finals got in the way but better late than never. April was the month I decided to up my belt game, bought a new pair of black denim, and fell in love with pleated maxi skirts. Skinny scarves caught my attention and the price I scored them for were unbelievable.
Rocksbox & ShoeDazzle
ShoeDazzle shoes

I received the Wanderlust + Co Infinity-Pretzel silver ring from Rocksbox as part of my April set. I also got a Perry Street Aria earrings and SLATE Lenox necklace but I loved the ring the most. The pretzel style, color and thickness of the ring felt good on me. Rocksbox’s price for members was $23 and I saved an additional $10 with my monthly member credit. You can get the ring without a subscription for $25 (here), or for $13 from Rocksbox with your first month free using code lapassionvouteexoxo. Read my Rocksbox review for more.

You already know my major gripe with ShoeDazzle (and JustFab). Shipping to Alaska is not free and takes about 15 business days compared to 5 days in the lower 48. Too impatient to wait for delivery of this stunning pastel blue Marcee pumps and the black Desha mid-calf boots (I’m already preparing for the Fall), I had it shipped to my family in Seattle. I was planning a trip there at the end of the semester and figured I’ll also get to faster. Bringing it back to Alaska wasn’t going to be a problem since I get two free checked bag on Alaska Airlines. I had done the math but forgot one crucial thing. My sister was moving to a new place and I forgot to update her mailing address. Two and half weeks later, the shoes got returned back to ShoeDazzle and I got a refund. The boot sold out before I realized it 🙁

Romwe & Sephora

Sephora liquid lipstick
I love Sephora and I love my tried-and-true Kat Von D Lolita II lip stain. I was running low on this precious gem so I decided to order a replacement. For some reason, Sephora had a problem stocking this particular color and would sell out as soon as it came in stock (read my story). This time I was prepared and the icing on the cake was that Sephora was doing extra 15% off for premier members. Alongside Lolita II, I added a Sephora brand liquid lipstick in Marvelous Mauve. I had tried this color in store and really liked it and this discount gave me the push to get it. Feeling a little spendy, I also added Kat Von D Vampira lip stain. Vampira came, I tried it on and was appalled by the color (it looked like ‘dirty red”). Thank God for free returns, Vampira went back the very next day.
Romwe is a store that I think was created with budget-istas and college students in mind. Like seriously, some of their clothes cost the same as a Big Mac! Although their discount calculation is weird (i.e. 60% off means 60% off the original price rather than the listed price), I just love shopping there. I was able to get this maxi pleated skirt (runs small) and the black ripped denim for $34.68 including shipping. A similar style maxi skirt albeit better quality costs over $400 at Nordstrom (that’s my two months shopping budget!). I’ll stick with fast fashion for now until I start making more money to indulge on luxury pieces like I did for my LV backpack.

Asos belts and scarf
I’m a die-hard fan of Asos because like Zara, they offer high quality at an unbeatable price. The selection of products they have is endless. To me, Asos is the Amazon of affordable fashion. In April, Asos had a sale. I decided to upgrade my accessories so I bought four belts and two skinny scarves (totally trending right now). I went for both a white and a blue embellished belt, a white bow skinny belt, and a rose quartz waist bow belt which I wore recently (blog post coming soon). I’ve worn the skinny scarves (this and this) few times and can’t wait to style them soon. And did I mention that the skinny scarves costs $3.50!! Yes, you read right! Makes you literally want to scream, “Asos take my money!” 

I really enjoy talking about the pieces of clothing/beauty/accessories I spend my money on because it makes me spend less when I physically keep track of my expenditure and being transparent with items that I am gifted. Hopefully you enjoy reading this post as much as I like sharing it with you. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and thank you for stopping by!

{Rocksbox 1st month free: lapassionvouteexoxo | ShoeDazzle 50% off: No code | Asos 20% off: HISUMMER}
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  1. That sucks about the boots! Fortunately the mint pumps are absolutely gorgeous and are perfect for spring and summer 🙂

  2. Ah I love these, those blue heels are amazing! I think your blog is lovely too, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x


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