These 13 Bestselling Leggings are the Best Carbon38 Leggings Right Now

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There are leggings and then there are leggings. Ever heard that saying? That’s just my way of saying that there is an obvious difference between things that seem like one and the same.


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Carbon38 leggings take an extra step that other brands wish they could be doing. If you need to know the absolute best Carbon38 leggings, keep reading.

A sneak peek of some hot leggings from carbon38

The athleisure trend has taken the world by storm. Whether you’re running errands, working, or working out, there’s a pair of leggings for you. Carbon38 is well-known for its bestselling Carbon38 Takara Leggings. But Carbon38 is more than just its renowned example.

If you’re thinking about trying Carbon38 and want to know which leggings are the best, I’ve got you covered. Check out these 13 best Carbon38 leggings. Trust me: they’re all worth a look.


The Most Wanted Workout Leggings From Carbon38: Worth The Hype?

Carbon38 is a one of a kind online shop. They sell leggings that seem to pop and shine. If you want fashion statement workout leggings look no further. Carbon38 makes comfortable, durable, and eye-catching leggings for fashionistas.

1. Carbon38 Regular Rise Full-Length Legging In Takara Shine

There’s life before Carbon38 Takara Leggings leggings and then there’s life after. I prefer the latter. Carbon38’s bestseller is a luxurious high-performance legging that’s an eventual must for anybody who wants to make an impression beyond the gym.

This could pass off as a sleek leather, but it’s a versatile legging with a glossy shine and liquid finishing. It is an impeccably captivating style and has great appeal for both your workout and casual activities.

The regular rise and waistband holds the leggings firmly in place while you’re running, doing your best “downward dog”, or carrying out an intense fitness program. The 100% squat proof and sweat-wicking leggings are a wonder from the Carbon38 stable. 

2. Carbon38 Metallic Snake High Rise Legging

Hop out of your shell and slide into these Metallic Snake High Rise Leggings. The reptilian design takes on a sophisticated and chic approach on this fabulous pick. Work out while looking sexy in this Carbon38 Metallic Snake High Rise Legging

Made with high-performance quality fabric, high waisted feature, and self-lined waistband, this legging fit like a glove through any workout routine and look so smooth and sleek on the skin. With the metallic snakeskin design, you are guaranteed optimum squat proof ability, and it wicks sweat away for an amphibious feel. 

Available in three different color patterns and various sizes, this versatile legging makes going out super fun and stylish. If you are looking for a fashion statement investment leggings to add to your collection, you’ll hit the jackpot with this Carbon38 leggings.

3. Carbon38 Camo High Rise Full-Length Legging

Camouflage prints will keep your worries hidden in plain sight. I am a big fan of quality camo designs and it’s a dream come true when I find a reliable legging for lower intensity workouts. It just feels good knowing that when I put these on I’ve really earned it. They’ll make a bold fashion statement every time you’re out and about in these.

The Camo High Rise Full-Length Legging blends a few more masculine blues with a feminine fit for a perfect athleisure tone. The extra-wide double-faced waistband smooths and contours in all the right places. The lightweight fabric is comfortable and amazing, and it offers the much-needed compression for your workout.

The diamond gusset feature allows for free flow movement during workouts, and I find the masculine bold green very appealing. Feel fierce in this green.

Made with 21% spandex, stretching and elasticity are not a problem with this legging, and the subtle bum-sculpting feature is chic.

4. Carbon38 Ribbed Regular Rise 7/8 Legging

I think that ribbed leggings are some of the most comfortable, easy to wear leggings out there and this Carbon38 Ribbed Regular Rise ⅞ Legging is a fantastic piece to have when it comes to comfy leggings. 

These leggings are very trendy, soothing and soft on the skin while also combining a few flattering features to smooth and contour to my comfort levels. The regular rise and doubled waisted band sits just below the navel and hugs above the waist to give considerable tummy control. A delight.

The fit is impressive, while the fabric is soft and stretchy, making it uber chic. With six beautiful colors to choose from, leggings are comfy in the right places without causing any discomfort.

Pick these for a low to medium workout routine (even better for those long Netflix days). I find this rose and white Carbon38 ribbed leggings super cute and fabulous to wear. 

5. Carbon38 High Rise Full-Length Legging In Crocodile Takara Shine

When I first saw this sizzling hot legging from Carbon38, it called back to this sort of Catwoman femme fatale vibe. These make a fierce casual fashion statement.

Though recommended workout leggings, I see this sophisticated Carbon38 High Rise Full-Length Legging in Crocodile Takara Shine as the best option to hit the town for a night out.

Should I solve crimes and beat up baddies? Hmm. I’m sure Catwoman can hang out at a bar with friends every so often.

The Takara shine looks great on curves but it’s also such a perfect fit for the body. Its totally squat proof crocodile shine accentuates the hips.

It’s really remarkable, absorbs sweat well, and, most of all, the legging is very comfortable and not restrictive. Made with performance sculpting fabric, working out is a breeze every time, and the waistband holds firmly without causing any discomfort. 

No matter your body size, you are covered. My personal preference is the wine color, but it is also available in black, a must-have color for those aspiring to become Catwoman.

Though quite pricey on Carbon38, I considered them worth the splurge. These leggings are a definite keeper in my outdoor leggings collection. 

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6. Carbon38 High Rise 7/8 Legging With Pockets In Cloud Compression

Pockets! Finally. If you love to store your phone and keys on a jog around the neighborhood you’ll love this bestseller: Carbon38 High Rise ⅞ Legging With Pockets In Cloud Compression.

That’s a long name description for a legging, but it tells you what they’re all about.

Pockets make leggings fun, and they can hold your essentials easily without affecting your workout routines, and these leggings from Carbon38 checks that box with two side pockets.

I love the cloud compression performance fabric that is soft on the skin and can withstand the pressure of an intense fitness program. 

As for durability, these are a phenomenal choice, using a four way stretch. The Carbon38 legging you can surely count on comes in two colors, black and indigo, and available in all sizes.

7. Heroine Sports Marvel Leggings

Meet the shimmering fabulous Heroine Sports Marvel Leggings from Carbon38. A stylish spotlight legging to keep all eyes focused on you, whether you are training or just hanging out with friends. The metallic shine is captivating, and the fabric is very comfortable. 

Looking at this legging, it comes with a high rise waist with a power mesh-lined waistband that contours and sculpts when you wear it.

The diamond gusset prevents uncomfortable and awkward bunching and allows free movement.

Whether you are working out or just looking fabulous outdoors. With six different shades to choose from, this legging is a flattering luxury piece that will speak on your behalf. 

8. Alo-Yoga High-Waist Airlift Legging

Looking for a leg day legging? Another bestseller from Carbon38 is the perfect workout legging from Alo-Yoga. The Alo-Yoga High-Waisted Airlift Leggings are made to give you the optimum high-intensity workout experience.

Thanks to its amazing sweat-wicking technology you’ll stay calm, cool, and collected even after a workout power hour.

This high-waisted four-way stretch fabric legging is super comfortable and comes in 6 varieties of colors and guarantees a sculpt lift look during a workout and outdoors.

It’s incredible how this legging feels on the skin, (practically a second skin) AND they fit nice and snug. No fear of these sliding down during workouts. 

It is squat and camel toe proof, which is terrific. Alo-Yoga has done an excellent job with the engineering of this legging to give you the ultimate workout experience.

9. Beach Riot Piper Leggings

If you’ve been thinking about the bestselling Beach Riot Piper Leggings from Carbon38, then I recommend you check out one of its six colorful leggings.

These pink leggings from Beach Riot give us an 80s vibe yoga workout appeal. 

This high-intensity workout legging is built to stay put and keep you comfortable all through your workout sessions.

The vibrant high waist legging is true to size and comes with a self-lined waistband that smooths and sculpts beautifully in the right places. 

You’re guaranteed a 100% opaque legging that keeps you protected all through your workout. The high rise leggings have a contouring feature that enhances the feminine figure. Stay fit and look sexy, rocking these chic, vibrant leggings.

10. Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging

When it comes to leggings from Beyond Yoga design collection by Carbon38, you have to appreciate its number one bestseller legging, the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging. What a name!

Let’s take a look at why it needs the description.

One of its most distinct features that keeps drawing fitness lovers to this legging is the buttery soft fabric used to give you an unforgettable soft and comfortable feeling.

It also comes with a five inch waistband and no outer seam that sits effortlessly well on the waist and boasts of being true to size. It is also made with a triangle gusset for unhindered maximum movement.

Whether at the gym or taking a run through the park you’ll forget about all your uncomfortable leggings that came before.

Judging from its five-star rating and rave reviews, one might say that this legging is the softest and coziest legging to have from the Beyond Yoga collection, especially if you are a yoga workout fanatic.

The colors are vibrant, and they are stretchy and do not fade when washed. A legging made to last? I’m a big fan of that.

11. Carbon38 Corset High Rise Full-Length Leggings

Another fantastic luxury design are the Carbon38 Corset High Rise Full-Length Leggings. Corset designs are as old as time when it comes to fashion.

Throughout the ages, it has remained a fashion design pattern that women still love to date.

Now including that design in this high-waisted floral toile leggings is fabulous. Thankfully these are designed so we can properly breathe during yoga.

I love this legging from the high corset waist to the floral toile design pattern on the legging. White is a royal fashion color, hard to not spill any iced coffee on, but amazing to wear.

This legging comes with a compression fit that locks you in during any kind of workout and it’s very cute to rock for casual activities and loungewear. 

The soft and smooth performance material is thick, stretchy, nicely lined. It is very breathable and opaque to feel confident and comfortable working out with this legging.

The corset high-waist legging comes with well-placed panels at the waistband that gives the perfect sculpting and contouring fit every time you put it on.

Available in black and this white floral toile, which is cuter and very fashion-forward. 

12. Terez Balayage Leggings

When it comes to a designer legging with a loyal fan following from Carbon38, you are sure to find the Terez Balayage Leggings in that category.

These leggings are one of the most vibrant leggings from the stable of Carbon38, and they know how to catch attention every time you wear it to your workout.

The reviews have been fantastic, earning it a spot on these best leggings to have from Carbon38. 

Terez Balayage Legging is very sexy and comfortable, and you can’t help but love the vibrant, colorful legging, whether it is the Haze Blue or Raspberry Balayage (I love the sound of that too.)

You’re sure to slay with this legging. The fabric is made with moisture-wicking and quick-drying ability to make your workout sessions very comfortable. 

The fabric is soft on the skin, fits like a glove, and hugs your body perfectly.

With the thick waistband that allows the leggings to stay in place through a workout and gives you a well-sculpted, contoured look, the Terez Balayage Leggings are the top choice from Terez for all kinds of workout routines. 

13. Nike Neon Stud Training Tights Leggings

Wrapping up this post of the best leggings from Carbon38 to rock is the Nike Neon Stud Training Tights Leggings.

I included this legging to this list not because it is a bestseller from Carbon38, but I just love the brand, design, and detail of the legging.

Nike is one of the most revered brand names when it comes to sportswear, and taking a look at this very expensive legging. You can see a vast difference between this legging and the other bestsellers from Carbon38 talked about. 

Compared to other leggings from Carbon38 that are made with soft and stretchy performance fabric, this Nike high-waisted tight-fitted legging with sculpting and contouring appeal, makes use of neon silicone studs to highlight your lines for a more futuristic look. 

Built to withstand the impact of any kind of workout, its sweat-wicking feature keeps you moisture-free and comfortable all the time.

A fantastic support legging that hugs the body firmly. These feel great and make an honest investment.

Nike is a famous sportswear brand with a reputation to live up to, so if you want designer leggings from a brand you can be proud of, this $165 fashion statement piece is yours for the taking. 

Frequently asked questions about Carbon38 Leggings

How do Carbon38 leggings fit?

Carbon38 leggings fit really well. The compression fit that comes with most of the leggings gives that extra comfort and stance to absorb workout impacts. Most of the Carbon38 leggings, when worn, feel like shapewear that sculpts, contours, and gives you total tummy control. 

Is Carbon38 legit?

Carbon38 leggings are the real deal any day, anytime and are likely the best luxury fashionable leggings you can find. If you follow the various reviews from the different outlined leggings in this post, you will surely agree that Carbon38 leggings are legit and amazing to have. 

When does Carbon38 have sales?

Earlier this year, Carbon38 had a Memorial Day Sale with discount code MDW2020. Carbon38 offered a 30%, 50%, and 70% discount on some of its varieties of outfits. 

Why is Carbon38 so expensive?

Carbon38 is an online retail store, confident in its luxury fashion-forward leggings. While we wish all great products were in our price range, these valid luxury products are something to aspire to. These leggings are made with the best fabrics, design patterns, and cover all the essential elements that make workout leggings stand out. Try out a Carbon38, and you will know why they are worth the hefty price tag. 

Are Carbon38 Leggings Worth It?

The Carbon38 leggings are definitely worth the splurge.

They look and feel great, they are super flattering, they offer fantastic support, and the performance fabric used to create most of them make working out enjoyable.

For a pair of leggings to be worth it, it must be:

  • Squat proof
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Lightweight but not see-through
  • True to size
  • Hold and fit perfectly
  • Sculpt and contour
  • Be made with quality fabrics with a compression fit
  • Be breathable
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Camel-toe proof
  • Durable
  • Come in a variety of vibrant colors and designs
  • Be very stylish and fashionable

Carbon38 scores are high in all these categories, which makes them worth the price. 

When it comes to active luxury womenswear, Carbon38 leggings ranks amongst the top must-have when it comes to workout leggings with a luxury fashion feel and appeal.

How Do You Clean Carbon38 Leggings?

Carbon38 leggings are easy to clean as long as you follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you wash in cold water. You can choose to hand wash or use a washing machine.
  2. When doing a machine wash, use the regular wash cycle and wash inside out. 
  3. Hang or lay flat to dry. 
  4. Do not bleach or machine dry.
  5. (As a rule for your workout clothes: Avoid excess heat, using hot water, tumble-drying, or ironing. You might damage the fabric and that would be no fun!)


Carbon38 leggings are the luxury leggings that every fashion forward icon will want to add to their wardrobe.

Carbon38 has a huge fan base, and it’s clear from their reviews that they’re producing some of the best performance leggings on the block. Think stylish and chic. You can rock these leggings for any function.

Scrolled to the button of this post? These are the best Carbon38 leggings right now:

  1. Carbon38 Regular Rise Full-Length Legging In Takara Shine
  2. Carbon 38 Metallic Snake High Rise Legging
  3. Carbon38 Camo High Rise Full-Length Legging
  4. Carbon38 Ribbed Regular Rise 7/8 Legging
  5. Carbon38 High Rise Full-Length Legging In Crocodile Takara Shine
  6. Carbon38 High Rise 7/8 Legging With Pockets In Cloud Compression
  7. Heroine Sports Marvel Leggings
  8. Alo-Yoga High-Waist Airlift Legging
  9. Beach Riot Piper Leggings
  10. Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging
  11. Carbon38 Corset High Rise Full-Length Leggings
  12. Terez Balayage Leggings
  13. Nike Neon Stud Training Tights Leggings

Sure, you’ll have to drop a pretty penny but once you see how cool their best leggings of the year are, you’ll be fine making the financial plunge.

Feel free to shop online and choose from a wide selection of styles, designs, patterns, and colors to give you that sophisticated fabulous luxury look you want.

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