Gymshark vs Lululemon – The Ultimate Sportswear Showdown

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Whatever your favorite forms of exercise may be, two things are clear: you want sportswear that fits well and looks good while you’re working out. But everyone wants to know, Gymshark vs Lululemon leggings which is better?


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Gymshark vs Lululemon leggings, which leggings brand is better? There are so many pros and cons about both activewear. I tried both!

With so many brands floating around these days, knowing where to shop for the best deal that suits your size and aesthetic can be difficult.

If you’re easily swayed by a bold print, you could end up with some seriously see-through, not at all built for purpose workout gear.

Today we’ll be taking a look at Gymshark and Lululemon, two equally big names in the sportswear game, examining their similarities and differences in order to bring you an unbiased overview of both manufacturers.

Each company’s logo – that funny little shark and the red circle with an Omega-like symbol – have become as well known as the golden arches of Mcdonalds, or to make a comparison closer to home, the Nike swoosh… but why?

Keep reading to find out not just how both brands have built themselves a sportswear empire, but a thorough and objective review of their materials, designs, and final products. Without further ado, let’s get into it – Gymshark vs Lululemon leggings!


Founded in 2012 by schoolyard chums Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan in the United Kingdom, the last eight years have seen Gymshark rocket towards success, with their estimated value as of 2020 at over a billion pounds.

Gymshark vs Lululemon Leggings

Having necessarily expanded overseas, their Solihull, England base is now connected with offices in Mauritius, Hong Kong and Denver – no longer just a British venture, they’re shipping out fitness wear globally.

Though initially only supplying bodybuilding supplements, in 2013 they began designing and producing a range of sports apparel, and by 2016, The Sunday Times had named them the UK’s Fastest Growing Company for that year.

The apparel they market most frequently includes hoodies, t-shirts, workout vests and leggings, and despite an initial focus on the male target audience, two thirds of their sales are now attributed to women.

Boasting almost five million Instagram followers, they pioneered influencer marketing alongside other brands, partnering with social media stars to promote their content, and continuing to use this as their primary promotional strategy.

Though they have, as of yet, no permanent brick and mortar stores, the very first Gymshark pop up shop was held in Covent Garden, London, in February of 2020, much to the excitement of their customers in more than 131 different countries.


With a much earlier origin story, Lululemon Athletica was founded in Vancouver in 1998 by Chip Wilson as an athletic apparel brand, whose major selling point was retailing yoga wear, most frequently yoga pants.

Lululemon vs Gymshark Leggings

By the time 2013 came around, Wilson and his company had their third inclusion in Fortune magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies list, though Chip would retire at the end of that year and concede his position as CEO to Laurent Potdevin.

2014 saw Lululemon open their first European branch, a flagship store in London’s Covent Garden, and in 2018, leadership again changed hands when Potdevin resigned as a result of misconduct, replaced by Calvin Mcdonald, today’s CEO.

Since then, their repertoire has expanded dramatically, branching out to sell products internationally via more than 460 stores worldwide as well as their very popular online website. Their line of products has also thoroughly increased!

No longer limited to yoga wear, they now produce athletic wear for a variety of different sports, including shirts, shorts and long pants; they also make their own lifestyle apparel and accessories for several of these sports, primarily yoga.

2020 has seen perhaps their most ambitious venture, investing $500 million in the purchase of Mirror, a fitness startup that developed interactive mirrors for working out at home, in the hopes of capitalizing on the rising trend of exercising in private.


If you’re looking for clothes that are going to accentuate your muscles, defining the body parts you’re most proud of, then Gymshark is absolutely the way to go. Much of their sportswear speaks to the younger, fitter generation who want to look good 24/7.

Best Gymshark Leggings for Hiit and Plus Size

You have an almighty selection to choose from, men and women alike, from leggings and track pants to hoodies, jackets, swimwear and sports bras – if you can wear it doing exercise, then Gymshark sell it, in a variety of colors and styles.

Pretty much all of their products are made using synthetic materials, primarily nylon, as it is both durable and breathable, as well as comfortable to wear and easy to put on. They also make use of elastane and polyester, for their similar properties.

They have six main collections: Adapt, Energy, Essentials, Flex, Seamless and Vital, with some proferring more high-end, designer style items and others, like Essentials and Vital, aiming to target the basic gym wear that most of us look for.

One of their most popular ranges by far is the Seamless set, a reimagining of their original launch in 2017; involving no sewing whatsoever, the whole garment is machined from a singular piece of fabric, which stretches effortlessly.

Retaining their classic glute-enhancing shade spots, the fabrics have been improved with added ribbed detailing, for a non-slip wear experience. You’ll feel supported when you work out, but never restricted by what you’re wearing.

The top 7 Gymshark leggings in no particular order, are:


Similarly, each shirt, crop top, vest, and sports bra has been tapered to better fit the wearer’s body and feel flattering, so for those of us who are sick of baggy, shapeless sportswear, this is where you want to be shopping.

A key factor in the design of their leggings specifically is that each and every pair is squat-proof, meaning they’ll never become embarrassingly see through, no matter how hard you work out, nor will they succumb to tearing when stretched.

For those who like to look good and feel good, all of their matching sets and single pieces are available in hundreds of colors, from bold and bright to pretty pale pastels, with something to suit even the most stylish of gym-goers.

Online shoppers will be pleased to note that their website is clean, easy to navigate, and very well organized into distinct categories, with a search bar to make finding specific items even easier. With international shipping, you can order from anywhere!

Price-wise, it can run you up a pretty penny, as they make a point of targeting athletes with more expensive tastes. It’s worth noting that their customer service is reportedly wonderful, so any issues or necessary returns are handled with haste.

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When you Google Lululemon, often the search bar automatically guesses that you’re wondering why they’re so expensive. Most of their leggings are upwards of $100 per pair, so it’s a serious investment, especially for an entire set.

The Lululemon Align pants and Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Yoga pants are without a two of the best leggings of all kind. Perfect for working out, running errands, or just lounging, these leggings are designed for high-impact exercises.

Of their dramatic price tags, a representative said “At Lululemon, we have always and will continue to price our products based on a commitment to the value of fit, functionality, premium materials and detail, craftsmanship and technology.”

By ‘premium materials’, they mean luon, their patented and trademarked fabric, a blend of 86% nylon and 14% lycra, with the exact production process remaining a heavily guarded trade secret. From headbands to sweatpants, it’s all luon.

What is so great about their special fabric, then? It’s both pre-shrunk and stretchy, ideal for pulling on in seconds right before a workout, as well as serving to naturally wick away the sweat you produce whilst exercising (c’mon, everybody sweats!)

You’ll also notice they have several variations on their luon fabric, including brushed, reversible and heathered, each also trademarked; though they feel a little different to their other items, Lululemon promises they retain the same beloved characteristics.

Because they use the most enduring fabrics to create their sportswear, many women swear by their Wunder Under leggings range, suggesting they can last for years without showing any signs of wear, which somewhat justifies the price.

Their lines include Online Exclusives, Everlux, Loungewear, and the experimental Lululemon Lab, trialling out new designs. They offer sports collections for Yoga, Running, Training, Swimming, Tennis, On The Move and Hiking, specifically.

Similarly, where other workout leggings can be unflattering and cause discomfort and riding up during exercise, Lululemon sportswear is made – like Gymshark – to accentuate those curves, for an ego and confidence boost that genuinely helps.

The top 7 Lululemon leggings in no particular order, are:


Customer reviews suggest thoroughly reading the description of every product before you buy, as some leggings are ideal for lounging around, but would not be appropriate for exercising!

Size-wise, your fellow shoppers would also recommend heading into one of their stores if you can, as things can run a little small – though you might be a 2 in jeans, you could be a 6 in their leggings, and it’s good to know this right off the bat.

It’s recommended you try a bunch of their styles on, and find the fit and style that works for you, with the easiest way being in person, to save you the hassle of ordering a bunch of clothes and then sending most of them back.

Likewise, if you can snag a bargain from their We Made Too Much section on the website, or keep an eye out for their in store sales, you can avoid some of the tear-pricking pain of paying full price.

When it comes to equipment and accessories, many die-hard Lulu fans wouldn’t shop anywhere else, but it’s likely you can get a better deal on things like water bottles and yoga mats of equally high standards from an actual sporting goods store.

Customer service is exemplary, with many of their stores offering to repair ripped seams and holes or professionally hem your purchases for free, and a returns policy that you can actually depend on.

In Summary: Gymshark vs Lululemon Leggings

As we’ve now discussed, both Gymshark and Lululemon certainly have something to offer an avid athlete, regardless of gender, but which one is best overall? That’s a hard call to make, as we think they are of an equal quality on average.

Best Overall Gymshark Leggings
The Lululemon Align pants and Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Yoga pants are without a two of the best leggings of all kind. Perfect for working out, running errands, or just lounging, these leggings are designed for high-impact exercises.

Let’s break it down further, then. Ladies, if you’re looking for leggings, most women swear by the ones from Lululemon, which might be more expensive than their Gymshark counterparts, albeit not by much, but will usually outlast them.

As their roots hail in yoga, those who tend to do more of the stretchy, bendy exercises would probably find that Lulu’s workout gear is better targeted toward them, with Gymshark definitely having the wider range of categories to choose from.

When it comes to fit, both are equally praised for their ability to shape and suck in, whether it’s a top or a bottom, so if you’re looking for muscle definition and clothes that compliment your curves, you won’t go wrong shopping with either brand.

Where fabrics are concerned, it’s probably Lululemon who come out on top, with their secret Luon fabric blend, though Gymshark’s use of nylon and elastane is a very close second, and arguably just as nice to wear.

PRICING$45 – $60$59 – $128
COLORSeveral optionsSeveral options
COLLECTIONAdapt, Energy, Essentials, Flex, Seamless, Seamless Fit, VitalAlign, Fast and Free, Wunder Train, Wunder Under, Speed Upp, Invigorate
SIZEXS – XL0 – 20
ACTIVITYVersatile: workout – athleisureYoga, Running, Training, Workout, Casual, Thermal
BESTSELLERSFlex & Vital SeamlessAlign & Fast and Free

Customer reviews seem to suggest that each company makes sportswear that is built to last whilst remaining lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, so again, there’s very little difference in the service they are providing here.

Those who are already die-hard Lulu fans would defend their ranges against Gymshark to the end of the Earth, but the same could probably be said in reverse, so we’re going to put this one down to personal preference.

If you’re looking for workout gear for serious weight lifting and other more vigorous sports, or if you prefer a more… masculine shopping experience, then in all honesty, you’ll probably prefer buying your gear from Gymshark.

Both companies provide seriously good gymwear, for a far greater price than you would expect to pay for a single item of clothing, and if you’re already a fan of one brand then you’ll likely return to them, even if you do decide to make the switch.

All in all, we can’t tell you which is definitively the winner of this fight, just that you’ll be most satisfied with your experience if you shop around and find the brand that feels right to you overall. Good luck!


  1. I really need some new sport wear for my wardrobe. Thanks for all these details. I need to decide which one is the best for me!

  2. You did some amazing research here. For me, I just stick to Target workout gear. It’s cheaper and works just as well, but many of my friends wear lululemon.

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