33+ INSANELY Affordable Stores Like Express for Business Casual Outfits

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When it comes to finding stores that offer stylish and well-constructed business casual looks, shoppers often turn to Express. However, with the current state of the economy, I can see why people might be on the search for stores like Express (but cheaper).


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stores like Express

This post will explore the stores that offer similar styles at a fraction of the price.


Express is a favorite amongst young men and women who love to keep up with current trends. They have a wide range of business casual to formal attire to suit everyone’s needs.

Established in 1980, Express currently operates over 600 brick-and-mortar stores all over the United States, along with an entire online store.

With a wide range of affordable styles, Express’s clothes remain on-trend and appealing to fashion-conscious consumers in search of on-trend business casual clothes. 

stores like Express for business casual outfits

So we are on the same page, business casual can be described as “a style of clothing that is more casual than traditional business wear, but is still intended to give the impression of a professional environment” (source). This generally means no jeans, shorts, or t-shirts.

With that in mind, here are 33+ INSANELY affordable stores like Express for stylish and affordable business casual looks.:

The 33+ BEST Stores Like Express for Business Casual Outfits

1. Banana Republic

Banana republic is a favorite amongst young professionals who like to be on-trend yet still maintain a personal sense of style. This fashion retailer has over 500 retail shops worldwide along with a fabulous online store.

While Banana Republic has a higher price point than Express, the quality of their pieces is next level. Their variety of products can survive many seasons and changing fashion trends. 

2. American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle is a favorite of millennials and gen Z’ers alike. Though known for their amazing denim collection, American Eagle actually has a huge variety of casual clothing styles that suit just about any occasion. 

It comes as no surprise that this popular clothing and accessories store appeals to young professionals. In fact, the first American Eagle Outfitters store opened in Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan, and has since become the go-to store for clothes that are stylish and affordable.

3. Revolve

Revolve is a closet staple for those who love high-end fashion. Their most recent collab with Khloe Kardashian definitely solidifies Revolve’s status as the pinnacle of influencer style.

Though Revolve has a higher price point than Express, you can find plenty of sophisticated styles like this one for excellent quality and wear. 

4. Steve Madden

If you’re looking for a brand that offers stylish and affordable women’s clothes similar to Express, then Steve Madden is a great option.

With stores in over 80 countries, Steve Madden is a worldwide brand with a lot of experience in the fashion industry. Like Express, Steve Madden boasts an impressive catalog of shoe styles, but they also have a great selection of stylish clothes too!

Their designs are inspired by rock and roll and New York City, which gives their clothes a unique and edgy style. Steve Madden is a great choice if you’re looking for trendy and fashionable clothes that will express your individual style.

5. J. Crew

J. Crew is another great alternative to Express. Sported by Michelle Obama herself, J. Crew’s refined styles come at affordable prices and can suit just about any occasion.

J.Crew stores offer a range of styles, from classic fashion to modern designs with a twist. Their stores are perfect for women looking for stylish and affordable business casual outfits!

Check out their sustainable clothing line called “The Re-Imagined Shop“. Using organically grown cotton and partnering with environmentally friendly factories are just some of the ways that J. Crew is minimizing their carbon footprint and creating sustainable fashion.

6. GAP

GAP is a popular tried-and-true American retailer. If their wide variety of trendy styles weren’t enough to get you dashing to their store, their flash sales will! 

GAP has tons of physical clothing stores around the US, as well as a great online store. GAP even offers credit cards! 

One of the best things about GAP is its new initiative to make fashion more sustainable. Titled “Generation Good“, the goal is to make the fashion industry and their own clothing lines, better for the next generation.

This brand has surpassed its goals for less water use. They even actively empower women and factory workers all around the world! For GAP, fashion isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about being good.

7. Old Navy

Old Navy is another American-based fashion brand for affordable women’s clothing that is similar to Express. Their styles are always up-to-date and fashion-forward, and their prices are unbeatable.

With tons of styles from cardigans, coats, and jackets, and a great selection of steals for under $20, Old Navy reigns supreme when it comes to affordable, comfortable, and refined fashion.

8. Torrid

We love a size-inclusive fashion brand, and Torrid is definitely a favorite. Whether you visit their online shop or one of their many retail stores, you’re bound to find tons of great items for sale.

Their dresses are to die for! Make sure you check out their extensive collection. Find cute statement pieces like this one to make you feel confident in any setting.

9. Forever 21

Forever 21 is like Express’s edgier, younger sister who has her own wardrobe of fantastic clothes. Forever 21 has a great selection of affordable clothes, and new styles come out all the time!

You will find new, trendy pieces every time you shop at Forever 21. What makes them stand out from other retail stores is the impressive variety of products ranging from make-up to skincare, hair masks, and more self-care products. 

10. Levi’s

Levi’s is iconic for its wide selection of jeans and for setting denim trends on and off the runway. But, they also have an entire catalog of styles ranging from dresses and rompers, tops, and even loungewear!

Did you know Levi’s also has a secondhand store for gently used pairs of Levi’s? There’s nothing trendier than sustainable fashion!

11. H&M

H&M is another retail shop that offers excellent quality clothes for some of the most reasonable prices you’ll find. H&M has a wide range of styles for men and women, and most of them are closet staples. 

H&M’s styles range from loungewear to casual office wear, making their range diverse enough for anyone to stock up on wardrobe-essentials

12. Abercrombie & Fitch

Known for its high-end casual clothes, Abercrombie & Fitch has never lost its footing when it comes to staying on top of trends.

Abercrombie & Fitch is a great brand for women looking for clothes similar to Express. This brand has been around since 1892 and its clothing has become well known for its quality, as well as its versatility.

Along with high-quality clothing, Abercrombie & Fitch also offers shoes, accessories, and even a wide selection of products for personal care. Get Abercrombie pieces at a steal during the LTK Spring Sale and LTK Day Sale.

13. Guess

GUESS is a globally recognized lifestyle brand that offers stylish and affordable business casual clothing for women.

The brand is known for its iconic denim designs, as well as its trendsetting advertising campaigns that have helped launch the careers of many famous models.

Since dominating the denim department in years past, Guess is now more known for its wide range of styles for both men and women.

GUESS also has a contemporary collection called Marciano, and a more casual line called G by GUESS. With over 80 stores worldwide, GUESS is a great option for finding fashionable and affordable business casual clothing.

14. Reformation

Do you love the option to shop for sustainable fashion? Well, Reformation is the place to go! Based in the United States, Reformation has an incredible catalog of women’s clothing.

Though Reformation has a higher price point than Express, their clothing can survive many wears and fashion cycles. As far as must-visit retail shops go, this one should be at the top of your list! 

15. Amazon Fashion

Amazon is a household name, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t used its services before. What many don’t realize is that Amazon really does have everything – and that includes an incredible selection of clothing for women. 

From swimwear to dresses, tops, jeans, skirts, shoes, and alternative apparel, you can find any piece of clothing to fit your style needs. Amazon carries an impressive range of brands that are definitely worth checking out on your next Amazon haul. 

More Online Stores Like Express For Stylish Business Casual Looks

FAQs About Stores Like Express

Who owns Express clothing?

Express is owned by Golden Gate Capital Partners (67% stake) based in the United States (source).ย 

What stores are like express?

The five major stores that are like Express are Banana Republic/GAP, J.Crew, Reformation, Ann Taylor, and Everlane.

Is Express clothing in Canada?

Express closed its 17 stores in Canada in 2017 (source). But, you can still visit the online store and get clothing shipped to Canada.

Is Express clothing good quality?

Yes, Express clothing is above average in quality with a phenomenal construction that ensures the longevity of each piece. One thing that sets Express apart is its excellent customer service.

Does express make men’s clothing?

Yes, Express has an extensive collection of men’s clothing including professional attire and business casual wear.ย 

The Complete List Of Stores Like Express For any Budget

Scrolled to the bottom? Here are the 33+ stores like Express for stylish business casual outfits for any budget!

  1. Banana Republic
  2. American Eagle Outfitters
  3. Revolve
  4. Steve Madden
  5. J.Crew
  6. GAP
  7. Old Navy
  8. Torrid
  9. Forever 21
  10. Levi’s
  11. H&M
  12. Abercrombie & Fitch
  13. GUESS
  14. Reformation
  15. Amazon Fashion
  16. Loft
  17. Fashion Nova
  18. ASOS
  19. Ann Taylor
  20. Zappos
  21. Mango
  22. Pacsun
  23. Garage Clothing
  24. Everlane
  25. Reiss
  26. Urban Outfitters
  27. Francesca’s
  28. J.Crew Factory
  29. New York & Company
  30. Madewell
  31. Aeropostale
  32. Uniqlo
  33. & Other Stories
  34. Zara
  35. Modern Citizen
  36. Of Mercer

Conclusion: Stores Like Express

Express is known for its affordable prices and excellent customer service. Boasting a wide variety of styles for fashion-oriented young men and women, it’s no wonder Express is a go-to for the perfect business casual look.

However, there are plenty of alternative fashion brands that can suit your style needs without sacrificing affordability or quality.ย 

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