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How Does Walmart+ Work? 6 Reasons You Should NOT Try Walmart+ Membership

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There has been a lot of buzz lately about the Walmart+ membership. But what is it? How does Walmart+ work? And most importantly, should you REALLY try the Walmart+ Membership?


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how does walmart+ work

Surely, you might have seen major news websites talk about how this membership by Walmart helps you save more time and money.

Are these just hype?

I was “crazy enough” to pay the $98 annual membership for Walmart+, and I have all the insider details for you. Keep reading for my highlight of 6 reasons you should NOT try the Walmart+ membership.


  • Save up to 10 cents per gallon at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart, & Murphy stations
  • Free grocery delivery and $0 delivery fees on groceries w/ $35 order minimum (valued at $9.99/delivery)
  • Free shipping on for eligible items shipped by Walmart w/ no order minimum ($5.99/order savings)
  • SIX free months of Spotity Premium (valued at $59/year) (it ended on March 2023)
  • Early access to special promotions, events, and Black Friday deals, product releases, & more ($$$)
  • Free Paramount+ Essentials video streaming services (valued at $59/year)
  • Get Item Rewards redeemable towards future Walmart purchases
  • Mobile app scan & go for quick and easy checkout when you do decide to stop at your local Walmart
  • Select prescriptions for as little as $0 at over 4,000 Walmart pharmacies (no longer available)
  • Free road hazard warranty and flat tire repair at Walmart Auto Care Centers nationwide
  • Get up to 5% Walmart Cash in Walmart+ Travel
  • Hassle-free return of items since Walmart will come to your home

Use code TRIPLE10 to unlock $10 off your first three orders with Walmart pickup & delivery services ($50 min. order).

What Is Walmart+ & How Does Walmart+ Work?

In a few words, Walmart+ is a membership that helps us “save money and time” to focus on the things that matter most to us.

This innovative membership is sure to appeal to busy families everywhere! If you’re looking for a way to save more time and money on your grocery shopping, Walmart+ is the membership for you.

how does walmart plus work

Walmart+ membership benefits let you enjoy free delivery of fresh groceries and more at the same low prices as in-store ($35 order min. Restrictions apply.), free shipping with no order minimum (Excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges), early exclusive access to deals (Not available to trial members. While supplies last.), member prices on fuel, mobile scan & go, and much more.

Anyone can try Walmart+ with its 30-day trial period. Once you decide Walmart+ is for you, you can lock in all the benefits for $12.95/month or $98/year!

Louisa, why should I not sign up for Walmart+? I’m glad you asked!

Walmart+ might be taking the internet by storm, but before you switch from other memberships to Walmart+, you should know a few things.

This post highlights 6 reasons you should NOT try or sign up for Walmart+.

6 Reasons You Should Try the New Walmart+ Membership Program

Do not try or sign up for Walmart+ if:

1. You Do NOT Like Free Delivery of Fresh Groceries

Do not try Walmart+ if you do not like free grocery delivery services. If the thought of receiving fresh groceries at your doorstep for the same low prices as in-store scares you, then Walmart+ is not a great fit.

reasons why you should avoid Walmart+

On a more serious note, though, Walmart+ allows busy individuals like you and me to spend less time on necessary but mundane tasks like grocery shopping so we can spend more time doing things that matter the most to us.

However, Walmart+ requires a $35 order minimum, and restrictions apply. Here’s a simple hack if you think this is a dealbreaker.

Keep adding items you need to your shopping cart throughout the week until you’re ready to checkout.

There’s a great chance you would have met the minimum order amount for free delivery by the time you’re ready to complete your order.

And if this seems like too much hassle for you, think about how often you go into the store to get “one thing” only to come out with a bag full of items. I know I’ve been guilty of this.

Walmart+ eliminates that concern since you only order the things you need. This online shopping experience will teach you how to be a responsible shopper.

Even if you enjoy grocery shopping in person, you’d be surprised to know there is more to Walmart+ than free delivery.

2. You Do Not Want Free Shipping Benefits

Do not get Walmart+ membership service if you love paying for shipping. The cost of shipping is one of the downsides of shopping online and can be a dealbreaker for some people.

If you’re #team free shipping like me, Walmart+ special deals will be your best friend.

how does walmart plus work - why I do not recommend Walmart plus

If you enjoy paying to ship your order (even when you can get it for free), I suggest saving that money and paying for the annual Walmart+ membership fee.

Since orders have no minimum, I’ll gladly send you my Cash App details. Better yet, you can add that money to the optional tip for your delivery driver.

The fine print: Free shipping and no order minimum exclude most Marketplace items, location, and freight surcharges.

3. You Do Not Like Early Access To Deals

Do not try Walmart+ if you do not want early (aka first) access to deals before everyone else.

This particularly rings true for those who prefer to shop “whatever” is left” from thousands of items after others have possibly taken the best deals.

how does walmart delivery work

One key benefit of Walmart+ is that members can shop for early access deals from the comfort of their homes.

There is no need to stand in line, and I hope you are one of the first few people in the store to get your hands on that popular item.

Everyone should try that seamless shopping experience at least once, am I right?

Walmart+ members also do not have to worry about Walmart running out of the item because Walmart+ deals are available while supplies last (Not available to trial members).

To get early access to Walmart+ deals, sign up for a Walmart+ membership plan here.

4. You Do Not Like Member Prices On Fuel

Do not sign up for Walmart+ if you like spending more money on fuel.

With over 2,000 Walmart & Murphy USA stations and Sam’s Club fuel centers nationwide, you don’t have to drive far to avail discounts on fuel.

This benefit alone could offset the annual subscription fee, making Walmart+ a no-brainer for anyone who travels or shops at Walmart.

The best part is that there’s no limit on how much you can save, and the savings are automatically applied at checkout. Read this post for specifics on how this works.

Are you not sure where the nearest Walmart fuel station is? Check out this link to find a gas station near you.

5. You Do Not Like Mobile Scan & Go

Do not try the Walmart+ subscription service if you love waiting in line to check out. Mobile scan & go expedites your checkout process, which means less time waiting in line and more time doing things you love.

walmart plus benefits - mobile scan & go

With Walmart+, all you need is your smartphone to scan and go. It’s easy to think this is an additional benefit you could “care less” about. I thought the same thing, too, until the holiday season hit.

Pregnant, tired, and surrounded by impatient holiday shoppers, I remembered I had Walmart+ Mobile Scan & Go. This drastically cut down the time I had to wait in line.

Another cool thing about Mobile Scan & Go is that you get a real-time update on your order total before you check out. So, sticking to a budget is easier to do than when you get to the checkout booth.

Gone are the days of forfeiting items or returning to the grocery aisle to get a smaller product size to stay within your budget. This alone makes Walmart+ a major advantage for busy homemakers.

6. You Do Not Want to Get Free Flat Tire Repair & Free Road Hazard Warranty

Do not get a Walmart+ plan subscription if you don’t want a free road hazard warranty and flat tire repair at Walmart Auto Care Centers nationwide.

Purchasing new tires in installments will immediately bag you that road hazard warranty!

is walmart plus available in my area

Flat tires? No worries! Walmart+ also offers free flat tire repair. This is perfect for you if you love traveling and want to feel secure in case of emergencies.

It’s available at all 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers nationwide, so you can get these exclusive benefits wherever you are.

How To Maximize Your Savings With Walmart+

  • Sign up for Walmart+ annual plan – The $98/year membership is the way to go if you love to save money. The free trial offer made the decision easy for me. You can also pay $12.95 for the monthly membership.
  • Mobile Scan & Go when shopping in-store – This is one of the coolest features. As you shop in-store, use your phone to scan products to add them to your cart, then scan the QR code at the self-checkout kiosk to complete your payment.
  • Select “Sold and Shipped by Walmart” – To narrow your search and enjoy free shipping on your orders.
  • Save even more with Early Access to deals – Use this benefit to stock up on must-haves, gifts, and supplies. To access Early Access deals, skip the trial and sign up for Walmart+ here.
  • Pick Your Home Store – Choosing a home store makes grocery shopping much smoother by letting you know what’s in and out of stock (so you can plan accordingly or pick a substitute).
  • Enjoy fuel discounts – Member prices on gas? Sign me up!
  • Get free flat tire repair and road hazard warranty – Purchase new tires in installments, and you’re ready.
  • Get up to 5% Walmart Cash during travels – In Walmart+ Travel, you can get 2% Walmart Cash on air travel and 5% Walmart Cash on vacation and car rentals, hotel bookings, tours, etc.
walmart+ membership discount

However, to be totally transparent, one of the greatest sentiments of consumers right now is purchasing at least $35 worth of products to avail of free delivery.

But remember that while it may seem to make you spend more, it actually prevents you from impulsive buying and helps you organize your shopping cart into things you need.

It’s the bigger picture that matters!

Conclusion: How Does Walmart+ Work?

In conclusion, there are many reasons to try Walmart+. You can get free delivery of groceries, early access to deals, member prices on fuel, and mobile scan & go.

You can also get hassle-free returns since a Walmart associate will pick them up the next day after placing your items near the door InHome usually uses when delivering your goods.

how does walmart plus work - how to get walmart plus free

If you’re looking for a way to save time and money on grocery shopping, Walmart+ is your membership. If that’s not enough incentive to join, I don’t know what is.

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Not sure if Walmart+ is for you? It costs you nothing to try the membership for 30 days. After the trial, Walmart+ is $12.95/month or $98/year.

What are your thoughts on Walmart+? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Sams’ Club is amazing for bulk purchases. I always went overboard with grocery shopping when I had a Sams Club card and only had to cook for myself. I love that Walmart+ gives you so many perks at Walmart stores.

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