Top 23 Stores Like Old Navy & Old Navy Alternatives in 2023!

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Old Navy is a great destination for budget-conscious fashionistas, these Old Navy alternatives deliver on price and style without making you pull your hair out.


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old navy alternatives - brands like old navy

With this comprehensive list of the best stores like Old Navy, you can rest happy knowing that you’re not compromising on your style.


Old Navy has always been a go-to for casual staples for fashion lovers all over the world. Old Navy is great for its versatility and, of course, its highly acclaimed rockstar jeans.

stores like old navy - old navy alternatives

But whether you want to look into more ethical alternatives, or you simply want to browse the options at other affordable clothing stores, check out this awesome round-up of trendy clothing like Old Navy!

23+ Most-Wanted Stores Like Old Navy For Women

1. GAP Inc.

If you didn’t know already, GAP Inc. is actually Old Navy’s parent company. This explains their similar styles, though GAP Inc. does have a slightly higher price point.

GAP Inc. is essentially a more refined Old Navy, with tons of business casual wear and a focus on high-quality denim.

Offering tons of closet essentials like this top, GAP Inc. should be at the top of your list to check out.

2. J. Crew Factory

J. Crew Factory is the outlet store for the whole brand. It offers a wide range of styles just like your standard J. Crew store.

There’s nothing we love more than a good deal, and outlet stores always have tons of satisfying finds like this top. 

J. Crew  Factory offers a wide range of casual staples for men, women, and kids and is among the more affordable alternatives on this list of stores like Old Navy.

3. Banana Republic

Like Old Navy, Banana Republic is actually owned by GAP Inc. Though at a higher price point, Banana Republic is known for its spectacular quality and sophisticated style. 

Fashionistas everywhere agree that the Banana Republic brand has stepped it up quite a bit over the years. Business casual has never looked this good!

4. Madewell

While Madewell is definitely known for its excellent quality denim, they actually have a solid catalog of chic yet casual clothes.

With tons of staple pieces like this dress, Madewell’s wide range of clothing definitely makes it a perfect contender for this list of stores like Old Navy.

5. American Eagle Outfitters

AEO is a given when it comes to alternatives on the list of stores like Old Navy.

Not only is their denim selection some of the best in the game, but their casual staples and affordable price range make them one of our absolute faves on this list of stores like Old Navy.

6. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is SUPER underrated! Whether you swear by using Kohl’s cash or love browsing their everyday cheap deals, Kohl’s has everything you could possibly need for a well-rounded wardrobe, and all under one department store roof. 

Kohl’s carries tons of popular brands too like Calvin Klein, Nike, Adidas, and more. 

7. Forever 21

We all know and love Forever 21 for their affordable prices, trendy styles, and their absolutely iconic collabs – like their newest one with Fubu.

Cool clothes aside, Forever 21 also has some of the most affordable clothes on this list. For a long time, Forever 21 was my go-to for fashion.

Forever 21 has casual pieces and an awesome range of sizes that make them one of our favorite inclusive retail companies. 

Shop online now or visit one of their amazing stores at a mall near you! You are sure to find your style without breaking the bank!

8. Everlane

Sustainable fashion is in – and we’re happy to announce that it’s here to stay. Everlane is a fashionista favorite when it comes to Eco-friendly brands, and for good reason too.

From collaborations with some of the longest-standing celebrity idols like Hillary Duff to using some of the most forward-thinking sustainable practices in the fashion industry, Everlane deserves all the praise. 

As eco-conscious fashionistas, we love to shop sustainably!

9. Nordstrom Rack

Yet another amazing fashion outlet store on this list of stores like Old navy, Nordstrom suits your everyday style needs with an enormous selection of casual styles for men, women, and kids.

Easier on the wallet yet still yielding excellent quality, Nordstrom Rack should be your go-to for outlet styles. Find this store online or at your nearest Outlet Mall!

10. Modcloth

Modcloth is an eccentric and size-inclusive brand that incorporates a vintage aesthetic into its styles.

Though their range of styles definitely varies, they still carry some casual closet staples and even statement pieces to spice up your look. 

Find clothes similar to what other stores like Old Navy carries, as well as some completely original pieces. Modcloth’s cool indie style is especially apparent with this cute top.

11. Urban Outfitters

No closet is complete without a staple essential from Urban Outfitters. Known for its street-inspired vintage styles, Urban Outfitters never misses a beat when it comes to offering the best selection of statement pieces and essentials.

From dresses for special occasions to laid-back and casual streetwear, Urban Outfitters has everything you need for a well-rounded outfit. 

12. H&M

If the stores like Old Navy alternative you have in mind are great quality, affordably priced, yet still boast collaborations with some of the top names in fashion –  look no further because H&M has everything you’re looking for. 

The Sweden-based retailer offers tons of affordable clothes from tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, and lingerie. They even have personal care items.

Keeping it 100% with you, H&M has really grown on me over the past few years. Some of the dresses I’ve gotten from them are my favorite to date.

Pieces I bought from H&M
A few items I bought from H&M

13. Amazon Fashion

Most wouldn’t think to look to Amazon for amazing closet essentials, but one look at their awesome catalog will turn you into a believer in Amazon Fashion.

From button-downs, dresses, basic tops, blazers, skirts, pants, activewear, (and much more) dressing casual has never been so convenient.

Especially when you have Prime shipping! Of all the clothing websites available at our disposal, Amazon Fashion definitely doesn’t get enough praise.

This is a must-see shop on the list of stores like Old Navy. Check out some of their cute best sellers here.

14. Express

Express is the pinnacle of chic business-casual wear and an all-time favorite of fashion-conscious young adults. Nobody looks more put together and ready to take on the world like someone dressed in Express

Express is awesome for a lot of reasons – their store credit card, great customer service, and affordable price range qualify Express as a fashionista go-to.

15. Zappos

An international clothing chain based in Las Vegas, Zappos carries tons of brands at reasonable prices.

Though mostly known for its wide array of footwear brands, Zappos‘ awesome clothing section tends to be overlooked. They carry all types of clothing!

You can find shirts, dresses, and bottoms in boho, edgy, comfy, and tons of other great styles! This is one of the most diverse shops on the stores like Old Navy list.

Pair your favorite essential top with one of their awesome brand-name bottoms like these True Religion jeans. On a site like Zappos, there’s something for everyone and we definitely think it’s worth checking out.


 FAQs About Stores Like Old Navy

Does Old Navy have coupons?

Yes. Old Navy is always having tons of great sales. Aside from the 50% off sales they hold, they have plenty of coupon codes as well.ย 

What brands are similar to Old Navy?

The best brands that are similar to Old Navy are GAP, H&M, Banana Republic, Amazon Fashion, and Kohl’s.

Does Old Navy have joggers?

Yes, Old Navy has a huge selection of casual comfy wear like joggers.ย 

Is Gap or Old Navy better?

When you look at the price and quality, GAP tends to have better quality and a higher price than Old Navy.

What’s the biggest size Old Navy carries?

Old Navy is known for its size inclusivity, and especially the awesome styles they offer in plus size. Old Navy carries sizes 16 – 30 and 1X – 4X.ย 

Is GAP the same as Old Navy?

Old Navy is owned by GAP but is a more affordable alternative to GAP.

A Complete List of Online Stores Like Old Navy

  1. GAP Inc.
  2. J. Crew Factory
  3. Banana Republic 
  4. Madewell 
  5. American Eagle Outfitters 
  6. Kohl’s
  7. Forever 21
  8. Everlane 
  9. Nordstrom Rack
  10. Modcloth
  11. Urban Outfitters
  12. H&M
  13. Amazon Fashion
  14. Express
  15. Zappos
  16. Francesca’s
  17. Gymboree
  18. Carter’s
  19. Zara
  20. TJ Maxx
  21. Levi’s
  22. Shein
  23. Aeropostale


Old Navy has all the stylish clothes you need at some of the most affordable prices and top-notch quality. I mean, I still wear my Old Navy Rockstar jeans that I bought many years ago!

But like any store, plenty of alternatives can spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Exploring sustainable stores like Old Navy to slightly more expensive (but totally worth it) options can add more variety to your everyday looks and help your wardrobe outlast the trend cycle

From affordable prices and chic designs to top-notch customer service – these alternatives deliver on all fronts!

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