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What Is Walmart+? Membership, Cost, Benefits, and FREE Trial!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart+. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, I feel like I get more questions about Walmart+. So it’s only fitting that I write an updated post answering this burning question, “What is Walmart+? What is Walmart Plus cost, benefit, and subscription model?

Everyone keeps talking about Walmart Plus. I tried this membership for 12 months. Here's everything I wish I knew before paying for an annual subscription!

As a new mom to a rambunctious baby, I can only speak about my experience paying for a Walmart+ membership.

This time last year, I was pregnant with my baby. Couple all those pregnancy hormones with working a busy healthcare job, and my stress level was quite high (that’s me putting it mildly).


  • Save up to 10¢ per gallon at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart, & Murphy stations
  • Free grocery delivery and $0 delivery fees on groceries w/ $35 order minimum (valued at $9.99/delivery)
  • Free shipping on Walmart.com for items shipped by Walmart w/ no order minimum ($5.99/order savings)
  • SIX free months of Spotity Premium (valued at $59/year)
  • Early access to special promotions, events, and Black Friday deals, product releases, & more ($$$)
  • Free Paramount+ Essentials video streaming (valued at $59/year)
  • Get Item Rewards redeemable towards future Walmart purchases
  • Mobile scan & go for quick and easy checkout when you do decide to stop at your local Walmart
  • Select prescriptions for as little as $0 at over 4,000 Walmart pharmacies (no longer available)

My parents were going to be visiting for an intimate holiday celebration. I needed to find a way to skip the so I could focus on enjoying quality time with them.

And… that’s how Walmart+ came into the picture.

Why? Glad you asked! 

I needed a one-stop shop for high-quality, fresh groceries and everything in-between (think last-minute gifts/stocking stuffers, decor, drinks, beauty products, and clothing).

And yes, Walmart+ checked all those boxes and more.

Thinking about getting the new Walmart membership for free grocery deliveries and more? I tried this membership for 12 months. Here's everything I wish I knew before paying for an annual subscription!

What Is Walmart+? 

Walmart+ is a membership by Walmart that helps you (and I) save more time and money. 

By helping families get whatever they need, Walmart+ helps us take full advantage of anything our days may bring whenever they need it.

Simply put, Walmart+ is the go-to membership for all our life’s moments so that we can focus on enjoying quality time with family and friends.

If “convenience” and “value” had a baby, it would be “Walmart+.” [Ah, see what I did there!😁]

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Everything You Should Know About Walmart+ Benefits

Walmart+ would pay for itself if your membership were only about the convenience of celebrating holiday moments with unlimited free delivery on fresh groceries. But there’s more!

My Walmart+ benefits include:

  1. Free shipping, no order minimum on items shipped by Walmart (Excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges.)
  2. Member prices on fuel at over 2,000 Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations and member prices at Sam’s Club fuel centers
  3. Rx for less (select prescriptions for as little as $0) at over 4,000 Walmart pharmacies (The program is not insurance and cannot be combined with insurance.)
  4. Scan & go when you do decide to stop at your local Walmart
  5. Unlimited free delivery from your store with a $35 order minimum (restrictions apply)

Thanks to my Walmart+ subscription, I’ve been able to get a semblance of my life back. So much so that I decided to whoop out a variation of this recipe calling for fresh grocery products.

I got high-quality fresh products from lime and lemons to pomelo and Cara Cara oranges. I even added a fresh fruit bowl, premium cocktail shrimp, sweet peppers, and croissant to my order.

Walmart+ Cost

It’s easy to assume that you’d expect to pay a premium price for the premium benefits we get from our Walmart+ membership. But you’d be far from the truth:

Walmart+ members can enjoy ALL Walmart+ benefits for only $12.95 per month or $98 per year.

But before you commit, you can try Walmart+ free for 15 days to help you decide if it’s right for you and your family.

I’ll just drop this here: I ended up signing up for the entire year!

After my 15-day trial period, there was no way I was going to go back to the “traditional” way of grocery shopping.

And by opting for the annual membership service, I only pay $98/year compared to $155.40/year for the monthly plan. Remember what I said about convenience and value previously?🎉

In Suzie Orman’s voice, “Show me the numbers.

Your membership pays for itself in just two deliveries (based on the $7.95 delivery fee). And, you pay the same low prices you love on fresh, high-quality groceries delivered as soon as today.

Here are a few house-keeping details I’m required to share with you:

Is Walmart Plus Available In My Area?

Find out if Walmart+ is available close to you here.

How Does Walmart+ Grocery Delivery Work?

Here’s how Walmart+ grocery delivery works:

  1. Once you’re ready to place your grocery order, simply launch the Walmart app (also available on desktop), select Pickup & Delivery. 
  2. You can start searching for grocery items (and more) to add to your cart on the next screen. You can also change your delivery address on this screen. 
  3. Once you’re ready to check out, hit the shopping cart icon at the bottom right on your screen. 
  4. Then hit “Check out.” 
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and optionally add product suggestions to your cart. Select your delivery day and time. 
  6. Next, review your order (delivery address, delivery date, driver instructions, contact number, substitution preferences, and tips). There’s even an option to select a two-hour express delivery option.
  7. Then, place your order. 
    • As a Walmart+ member, we get unlimited delivery and one free “Express delivery” every month. Express delivery means your order will be delivered to your door in two hours! #unbelievable 
  8. Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation. 

That’s it! The process is streamlined and easy to follow. Here’s a virtual high five to no hidden fees and the same Walmart’s everyday low prices.

Conclusion: What Is Walmart Plus?

It sounds dramatic, but I can’t imagine grocery shopping without Walmart+, especially during the holiday season.

The convenience and value of the Walmart+ membership are unrivaled by any other. Thanks to Walmart’s intuitive interface and streamlined ordering process, placing a desktop or mobile order has never been easier.

If Walmart+ speaks to you, I definitely recommend getting the cost-saving annual price membership. Lock your free trial today and take advantage of the benefits to complete all your holiday shopping.

One of the best pieces of advice I got as a new mom was, “Enjoy every moment with your little one. Time goes by fast.”

And I’m doing just that. I’m getting in as much snuggle as I can with my baby and taking one-too-many photos that I can look at when he no longer wants to snuggle with me.

Everyone keeps talking about Walmart Plus. I tried this membership for 12 months. Here's everything I wish I knew before paying for an annual subscription!

During this season of celebration, I have so much to be thankful for. Family, friends, health… rank high on the list. Yes, my Walmart+ membership made the list too.

I know this post went more into detail than your question, “What is Walmart+?”

But that’s just how I roll. I had to share everything you needed to know about Walmart+ so you can hopefully hear it from me first and easily make up your mind.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

Psst! Peeped some of my baby’s gadgets in the photo? You can get the perfect temperature water dispenser, bottle sterilizer + warmer, and formula dispenser from Walmart.com. They ship free with your membership.

And for completeness sake, see below for a few things I received from my recent Walmart+ order.

Should you REALLY get the new Walmart membership? I tried this membership for 12 months. Here's everything I wish I knew before paying for an annual subscription!

Your turn! Have you tried the new Walmart+ membership? Share your thoughts and experience below.

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