What to Wear to a Baptism or Christening: 100+ Outfit Ideas

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Baptisms are a time of joy, celebration, and a touch of confusion regarding the dress code. If you’re pondering what to wear to a baptism, you’re in the right place! From playful patterns to sophisticated silhouettes, our guide is filled with options that will make you feel fabulous.


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When my baby brother was born (and yes, we are a decade and a half apart, can you believe it?), not a single day would go by without me marveling at his adorable cuteness.

what to wear to a baptism

As the day of his baptism approached, I found myself trying to figure out what to wear to the baptism.

After nearly two weeks of searching, I finally found the perfect midi dress that made me feel elegant and confident.

If you find yourself in the same boat as I was years ago, searching high and low for that perfect baptism outfit, then darling, you’ve stumbled upon the right place!

What to Wear to a Baptism

The dress code for a baptism ceremony is not as strict as other formal events such as weddings and balls. Unless otherwise stated by the child’s parents, you can rock any outfit as long as it’s modest.

Collared Shirt and Floral Shirt for Baptism Outfit Idea

Did “any outfit” sound too ambiguous? Don’t panic, my dear. I won’t leave you hanging now! Scroll a little further, and you’ll see the list of outfits I have scoured for you.😉

Midi Dress

As I’ve mentioned, I wore a midi dress to my baby brother’s baptism, and I can guarantee you; you could never go wrong with this classy dress.

Shein Solid Puff Sleeve A line Dress



This dress is so versatile that it will surely fit any dress code, especially if accessorized correctly. The midi dress’ simplicity is what makes it more elegant and classy.

Add more oomph to a midi dress with:

And this ensemble is sure to gain you tons of compliments.


Tip 1: I highly suggest wearing neutral or pastel colors to match the occasion’s solemnity. Light colors are often associated with purity and spiritual cleansing, which is perfect for a baptism ceremony.

Floral Dress

Even though I’ve just mentioned that I highly recommend wearing soft colors for this special occasion, floral prints are also a great way to match the event’s vibe.

Shein Allover Floral Print Puff Sleeve Tie Back Dress



While there are cute floral dresses with neutral colors, you could wear a floral dress with a pop of color that still matches the joyous event.

We all know babies easily get attracted to cute patterns, so best believe you’ll get the baby’s attention above all (and there’s nothing more rewarding than that).

Elevate the look further with these:


Tip 2: Keep the dresses not shorter than a knee-length level. The dress code for baptisms should be kept as modest as possible since this is a church ceremony. Keep the mini skirts away for this one.

Wrap Dress

Let’s keep the dresses coming, shall we? Now, we have another classy dress perfect for baptism celebration; a wrap dress.

Shein Clasi Allover Print Knot Side Wrap Dress



Its unique wrap at the side of the waist makes it chic and classy. It showcases your natural curves and the flare skirt still makes it modest.

Accentuate the look with the following:

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Tip 3: Avoid thin strapped dresses as much as possible. If you’re going to wear a spaghetti-strap dress, make sure to bring a cardigan with you to cover more skin.

Midi Skirt

Here we have a relative of the midi dress; the midi skirt.

This skirt is the perfect choice if you want to mix and match with different tops. Your creativity will come in handy here, honey.

Shein Allover Print High Waist Skirt



I recommend pairing a midi skirt with a flowy blouse or a demure crop top to complete the look. Accessorize with pearl jewelry, and you’re ready to rock this special event.

Here’s the list of the items:


Tip 4: Avoid pairing a midi skirt with something too revealing like mesh tops or tank tops. If it’s inevitable, just bring a chic cardigan with you to still give that modest vibe.

Pleated Skirt

Eyes here, eyes here. We have another refined skirt fit for the criteria of christening outfits; the pleated skirt.

Shein DAZY High Waist Pleated Skirt



Its pleated design is what makes it enticing to the eyes. When talking about a modest outfit, this bad boy will surely be one of top picks in the skirt category.

It’s certainly a great choice, especially for outdoor baptisms. Mix it with the following to add a little flair to the outfit:


Tip 5: Refrain from wearing very tight clothing. You can wear fitted clothing but not too fit like bodycon dresses.


While dresses and skirts are very chic and sophisticated, we still have other great alternatives that don’t involve skirts—presenting the ever-classic jumpsuit.

Shein Solid Butterfly Sleeve Surplice Neck Jumpsuit Workwear



Jumpsuits are very versatile in that they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

It can be a casual outfit for casual events or formal attire for events like a christening ceremony if accentuated with the right accessories.

And when I say right accessories, I mean:

Sprinkle these in the attire, and you’ll have everybody’s jaws on the floor when you enter the room.


Tip 6: You can opt for bold colors, but avoid choosing dark-toned ones. A christening ceremony is a happy occasion; you should consider wearing appropriate colors.

Dressy Pants

Coming right next is the pants that will end all pants; the dressy pants.

This cutie is one of the versatile clothes I’ve listed here since you can wear it to both formal and casual events, depending on how you finish the look.

Shein EZwear Solid Wide Leg Pants



As you can see in the picture, pairing it with regular white shoes is cute. But that’s for a different occasion. When wearing dressy pants as your outfit choice for baptism, make sure to match it with ankle wrap heels and a formal top.

Add some classy accessories to finish things right, and you’re good to go:

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What else would be the perfect outfit for christening ceremonies if not for sophisticated coordinates?

Shein Mulvari Lantern Sleeve Belted Top Split Hem Pants



If you’re not fond of dresses and skirts, then a classy coordinate may be the one for you. It’s perfect for formal or semi-formal events, so it’s definitely a must-have in the wardrobe.

Add a little more spice to the outfit by matching them with:


Tip 7: Carrying a cardigan with you or a blazer is a good idea, not only for aesthetic purposes but especially for the cold weather when invited for a winter baptism.

Collared Shirt

Up next, we have a top that can be paired with the dressy pants I mentioned earlier; a classy collared shirt.

Shein Solid Wrap Detail Tie Front Puff Sleeve Blouse



Collared shirts are a great combo with dress pants or trousers. Polo shirts also work well if it’s semi-formal baptisms.

How collared shirts add that pizzazz to the overall look makes it worth considering. This is also my go-to remedy when looking for what top would best fit my trousers.

Add to that:

And Ma’am, you’re a certified stunner.


Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts are also a great idea if you want something else other than collared shirts.

Shein Batwing Sleeve Button Front Shirt



It’s the perfect outfit together with a midi skirt or dress pants for that chic casual look. Add to that minimalistic accessories to add a touch of elegance, and you’re ready to conquer the venue.

Here are some minimalistic accessories to consider:

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Tip 8: If you’re not good with heels, opt to use comfortable shoes such as ballet flats to keep you all good while the ceremony is ongoing.

FAQ About What to Wear to a Baptism

Is there a dress code for baptism?

Dress codes for baptism will depend on the cultural or religious beliefs of the family or just entirely depends on the family if there’s a certain dress code they want the guests to follow.

What color is best to wear to a baptism?

Pastel or neutral colors would be a wise choice. You could also wear solid colors but avoid pure dark tones since they may not seem appropriate for a joyous occasion.

Is it OK to wear black to a baptism?

While wearing black is generally acceptable, make sure to add the right accessories to make it have a more celebratory tone.

How much money do you give for a baptism?

The amount of money given to baptisms may vary from person to person or from the cultural norms of the family. Some may choose to give humble monetary gifts, while others may give extravagantly. $20 to $200 is a starting point (more here).

Do you bring gifts to a baptism?

Bringing gifts to baptism is a common practice in many cultures and is widely accepted and expected. Although it is not mandatory, it is considered thoughtful by many, especially by the family.

To Sum it Up…

Whew! That was quite the ride. Did you have fun?

To give a brief overview, baptisms don’t really have strict dress codes unless stated otherwise by the family. Always keep in mind to keep it modest since it is a solemn and sacred ceremony.

Chic Outfits for a Baptism Ceremony

While there’s a wide variety of chic baptism outfits, choose what makes you feel confident and happy the most. At the end of the day, what matters the most is the success of the baptism celebration.

Just dress well and enjoy the occasion.😉

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