25 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas From Walmart under $250

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The holidays are fun but can also be the most stressful time.


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Between party planning, family getting together, and gift shopping, it’s no surprise that many people wait until the very last minute to buy presents. 

white elephant gift ideas from walmart

This year, you don’t have to wait until the last minute. This list of the 15 best white elephant gift ideas from Walmart will inspire you to get the perfect present that will make anyone at the party happy!

These are the Top 5 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas From Walmart under $250:


15 Terrific White Elephant Gift Ideas From Walmart For Friends and Family

1. Arctic Wine Cooler

Number one on the list of favorite items for white elephant gift ideas from Walmart is the Arctic Wine Cooler.

This amazing gift can be placed in any room in the house and store up to 14 bottles of wine. It is stainless steel with clear glass, so you can easily show off your great wine collection! 

2. iTech Women’s Digital Duo Watch

This iTech Digital Watch is the perfect present! Besides being able to tell time, it is a fashionable item anyone will love.

This watch has 720.00 h battery life and a silicone band. It is a chic accessory that will elevate your fashion game.

3. Anker Robot Vaccum

Finally, a vacuum that does all of the hard work for you! 

This hands-free home must-have will zoom around all floors and carpets and pick up dust and little trash particles you didn’t even know were there.

This is an especially great gift for anyone who enjoys throwing dinner parties – turn this adorable little vacuum on, and it will suck up all those little crumbs lying around. 

It will run up to 100 minutes without a recharge, so you can sit back and relax while the wifi connected robot vacuum tidies up!

4. Large Party Speaker with LED Lighting

Impress everyone at the holiday party with the gift of high-tech light and sound.

This tall party speaker has multiple controls so anyone can create the perfect sound levels and LED lighting to match the vibe. You can even connect a mic for a fun karaoke night!

The built-in rechargeable battery means you can play music for 13 hours before needing to plug it in again. 

Stand out this holiday season with this tall Speaker with LED lighting!

5. 3D Wireless Headset

The perfect gift for anyone looking for silence or a short auditory escape!

This Wireless headset has noise-canceling headphones, the ability to connect to any smart device via Bluetooth, and a rechargeable battery already built in!

On the list of White Elephant Gift Ideas From Walmart, this one will surely make anyone happy!

6. Muscle Massage Gun

Massages are so important to relax and loosen your muscles and give you peace of mind!

Cshidworld Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

This deep-tissue muscle massage gun can target those troublesome sore spotsโ€”Mix and match the 10 massage heads and 5 speeds to find your perfect comfort level. 

All hard-working adults will love this gift, whether they are warehouse, outdoors, or desk workers.

7. Turntable with Bluetooth

Turntables are timeless, and with modern-day technology, the sound that comes out is better than ever. 

This Victrola Journey Bluetooth Suitcase can connect to any of your smart devices. You can play music directly from your playlists or use a good old-fashioned vinyl.

Easily control the speed or pitch of your music, and carry it wherever you go with the suitcase-style handle. 

It is also a decoration piece that brings some style to your home!

8. Programmable Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like a fresh cup of coffee? 

This Ninja Programmable Coffee Maker has all the fixings needed to make the perfect cup of coffee at the perfect temperature.

It can keep ready-to-drink temperatures for up to four hours and includes a 12-cup glass carafe, ninja scoop, and paper filter kit.

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9. Juicer Extractor

Juicing is a consistent food trend, especially for those healthy humans who prefer freshly squeezed strawberries and kale over a soda. 

This kitchen must-have has three settings; you can blend just about any fruit or vegetable in minutes!

10. Gaming Floor Rocker

Get the gamer in your life an upgraded seat! This video game rocking chair has an audio system that can connect to almost all gaming systems.

The LED lighting will bring a fun ambiance to all dark spaces and is versatile enough to fit into any room in the house!

11. Samsung Chromebook

Looking for a big-ticket item to impress everyone at the White Elephant gift exchange? 

This Samsung Chromebook is the perfect gift for students and anyone working from home. As far as “expensive gifts” go, this one is fairly affordable and worth every dollar!

12. Roku Smart TV

A 32-inch smart TV that already has a built-in Roku player and all of the amazing streaming channels? Yes, please!

onn. 32โ€ Class HD (720P) LED Roku Smart TV

This high-definition LED TV will make all your movies and shows feel like reality!

The best part is that you can use a remote or the Roku app on your phone to flip through steaming channels, movies, shows, music, and more!

This will make a great family gift…or you can get it yourself!

13. 3-Piece Luggage Set

Losing your bags will never be a problem with this durable and impact-resistant 3-piece rolling luggage set

Not only is this a practical gift for any traveler, but it is also cute and trending on popular gift guides! 

The wheels glide over floors and change direction easily so that you won’t stumble around the airport!

14. Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage is one of the most popular colognes for a reason!

Scents of bergamot, mandarin, and bitter grapefruit will cling to your skin. Many have deemed this scent to be primal and intoxicating!

This is the perfect gift to impress everyone at the holiday party.

15. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Last on the list of the 15 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas From Walmart under $250 is La Vie Est Belle from Lancome.

This perfume is the perfect combination of fruity and flowery.

Mist your neck, hair, and wrists to create a blossoming aroma every time you move. Those around you will smell hints of orange blossoms, jasmine, and praline.

You may even detect a bit of iris and patchouli in the delicious scent. La Vie Est Belle is one of my favorite fragrances.

This is the perfect gift for women who enjoy a night out, especially in colder temperatures, when the scent of La Vie Est Belle can be appreciated the most.

16. Giant Wooden Blocks Tower Stacking Game

Make your regular Jenga game more exciting and fun with a giant version of the game! It will seriously keep you focused and cautious of the giant blocks falling. ๐Ÿคฃ

17. Character Mugs

Turn your receiver’s regular coffee mugs more magical and cute by gifting them mugs with our all-time favorite childhood characters.

With so many affordable character mugs at Walmart, you’ll surely make a bundle that anyone at the white elephant exchange party will love!

18. Cozy Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t love throw blankets?

Choose this Exclusivo Mezcla Throw Blanket as a classic gift to your receiver. With multiple colors, you can never go wrong with this fuzzy beauty!

It is also one of the best gifts for mom, especially as holiday decor, trust me.

19. Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Do you want more white elephant gift ideas? Try gifting them a popcorn maker. There is no better way to enjoy a movie night with friends and loved ones than a bowl of crunchy popcorn, am I right?

This Presto Pop Lite Hot Air Popcorn Popper, as its name says, pops with hot air, not oil, for a more healthy, low-fat treat! And what’s more, it pops up to 18 cups in less than 2 and a half minutes.

It sounds amazing, huh? It also sounds like something others will eye to steal. ๐Ÿคฃ

20. Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Set

Tea lovers will love this one: the Tiesta’s Top 8 Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Set. This white elephant gift will surely help the receiver to relax and destress with eight different flavors.

This tea set includes eight flavors: Blueberry Wild Child, Chai Love, Lavender Chamomile, Lean Green Machine, Maui Mango, Nutty Almond Cream, Passion Berry Jolt, and 1 additional Green Tea Sample Pouch!

21. Bedding Sets

Do you want a killer white elephant gift? Choose this Luxury Black 7-piece Comforter Set.

It is made with 100% luxury fiber yarns and has 22 colors to choose from! No matter what event or season it is, there’s a color that will perfectly suit the occasion.

22. Mini Fridge

Make a mini cooler a funny gag gift in any white elephant exchanges by choosing cute characters like this Hello Kitty Pink Cooler.

It can store up to 9 soda cans and has an interior shelf. It is compact and portable, perfect for any office or even under the dash of the passenger side when you’re going on a road trip.

This Hello Kitty cooler may seem hilarious and cute, but this mini fridge is an officially licensed Sanrio product.

23. Toilet Paper Holder

No more crying for help when TP runs out, especially during late-night bathroom runs, with this Werseon Toilet Paper Holder!

This bathroom accessory holds one toilet paper at the top and three spare TPs below. It is also made of steel, so it doesn’t wobble easily.

24. Inspirational Water Bottle

Help keep your receiver fit and healthy with this Hanmir 32oz Motivational Water Bottle.

This water bottle offers unique, inspirational quotes and time stamps to motivate you to stay hydrated throughout the day. That’s quite a thoughtful gift, no?

25. Foldable Charcoal Grill

Choose this SUNOYAR Foldable Charcoal Grill as your white elephant gift to make your recipient’s family barbecues during holiday time more fantastic!

This portable grill will spice up your festive gathering and bring flavorful barbecues to your dinner table with the help of its funnel-shaped grill and excellent wind resistance.

White Elephant Gifts from Walmart

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FAQ About White Elephant Gift Ideas From Walmart

How much should a white elephant gift be?

White elephant gifts are typically around $25. However, you and your group can set the budget to whatever you want!

What should I get for a gift exchange?

Home, kitchen, and office goods are some of the best items to get for a white elephant gift exchange.

What are good cheap white elephant gifts?

Mugs, candles, and beauty products are some of the best cheap white elephant gifts to buy. Check out this list of White Elephant Gifts Under $20.

What is a traditional white elephant gift?

There is no traditional white elephant gift. Gift exchanges are great because everyone can get what they want, and there is no pressure to get the “right” gift.

How do you make white elephant more interesting?

Themed White Elephant gift exchanges can make the party much more interesting! Try gag gifts, technology, color themes, and gifts from the 70’s… there are so many ways to spice up a gift exchange!

Scrolled to the end? These are the top 5 white elephant gift ideas from Walmart under $250:



With these trending options from Walmart, you won’t need to stress about getting a great White Elephant gift. 

Shopping for last-minute presents and discounts can be stressful and frustrating. Use this list to help you find amazing gifts under $250 from one of the most convenient places to shop – Walmart!

The variety of home decorations, kitchen appliances, technology, and beauty products will give you peace of mind while you shop. 

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