30+ Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Daughters Who Have Everything!

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It’s never too early to think about Christmas ideas, so I’ve curated this list of thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for daughters who are hard to shop for.


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You can use these suggestions for a friend’s daughter, younger siblings, cousins, or niece.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Daughters

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, or if you want to spread out the cost of gifts as much as possible. This gift guide is bound to have something for your daughter.

From functional items to make her routine easier to fun and unique ideas, this is designed to inspire you to decide what to get your daughter for Christmas.

Too long to read? These are the 5 best Christmas gifts for daughters this year:

  1. Portable Espresso Machine
  2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Mini Smartphone Projector
  4. Electric Makeup Brush
  5. Click & Grow Smart Garden

23+ Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Daughters

1. Candle

First is a great option for someone who enjoys freshening up the area that they live in. The candle linked above provides cleansing energy while introducing a rich sage smell.

A bonus of this product is that the sage fragrance helps keep flies and other insects away.

2. Portable Mug

A travel mug is a great gift for someone who enjoys a hot drink on the go, whether tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate. Bonus points if you fill it with her favorite candy or even a pair of cozy socks.

The linked product is a reliable brand that will last your daughter a long time and be able to stay intact when dropped.

3. Mini Smartphone Projector

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your daughter can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! The mini smartphone projector is a great way to give your daughter something she’ll love and use all the time.

This wireless smartphone projector connects with any smartphone or tablet wirelessly, so you don’t need an expensive adapter.

It’s also compatible with Roku Stick, Fire TV, Chromecast, external speakers, and much more, making it easy for her to enjoy movies on the go.

4. Water Bottle

This is another great addition to your daughter’s stocking. More people are investing in their health and hydration, so a water bottle makes a perfect universal gift.

The water bottle’s self-cleaning quality is an added feature that appeals to young people.

5. Hair Accessories

If your daughter has long hair or enjoys changing her style, you could try buying her a set of hair accessories or a new hijab if she wears one. This provides versatility and variation to her wardrobe that is bound to be received well.

This is a great stocking-filler item because scrunchies or hair ties can be small. Alternatively, hijabs or headbands can be one of their main gifts if you like, as they are slightly bulkier.

Alternatively, you can gift your daughter this best-selling Colleen Rothschild hair care set. This product is seriously amazing. It is one of the few products I can stand behind. My honest review will be posted soon.

6. Skincare

Many younger people are enthusiastic about skincare products and enjoy looking after their skin and integrating it into their routine. Help your daughter set a healthy routine by adding to her skincare collection.

For those more involved, you could ask her what product is running low, if they are younger, or just starting some moisturizer with SPF, which is a great way to start. Lip balms are also a great addition to any stocking or gift bundle.

Need a few recommendations? I suggest getting Maria Badescu, Kiehl’s, La Mer, or Tula. These three brands are the creme-de-la-creme of the skincare industry.

7. Tote Bag

A tote bag is a great addition if your daughter is concerned about the environment or even enjoys following the latest fashion trends. Corduroy is very popular among younger people now, which is what this one looks like.

Functional and stylish, this bag is a great gift for younger and older daughters. It can also fill it with something else like socks or a lounge set. 

8. Sneakers

Knowing what to get them can be hard for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. A failsafe option is a new pair of sneakers because she is bound to need some and will get some use out of them.

There are many options above with colors and styles to choose from. Brands can be expensive, so you could always find supermarket duplicates and spend time customizing them together, such as using paints.

Some sneakers would be great if she enjoys keeping fit and going to the gym because she will always need some spare for practice sessions.

You could ask her what type to get or look for general high-endurance ones.

9. Electric Makeup Brush

This Electric Makeup Brush might be the perfect Christmas gift for your daughter. It has all the features she needs to finish her makeup quickly and easily.

You’ll never have to worry about her spending hours in front of the mirror again with this easy-to-use brush. She’ll achieve flawless skin in minutes with this electric makeup brush.

This tool operates at over 24,000 micromovements per minute for an easier and quicker blend! That’s how you prepare gifts for daughters in the Christmas season.

10. Bracelet

If your daughter is more sentimental and enjoys meaningful gifts, you could try finding her a bracelet, necklace, earrings, or ring that she will love.

Whether you want to get one that is cheaper but fun or has a lot of symbolism, a bracelet or other pieces of jewelry are bound to put a smile on your daughter’s face.

There are even some great options for bracelets that you can add charms to in years to come so that they can act as a little collection. 

11. Portable Espresso Machine

This is a unique gift option for an older daughter who spends much time on the go. If she is at college or lives away from home, a portable espresso machine is much cheaper than a fixed coffee machine but provides caffeine hits when needed.

A small battery keeps the machine working and fuelled. It heats the granules and brews coffee on the go. 

12. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves to sing in the shower, so a waterproof speaker is a great gift for anyone who enjoys some downtime by playing music.

There are even options for karaoke-style shower-safe microphones if you don’t mind the excessive water bill at the end of the month.

This is a great way to allow them some expression and space to explore their personalities and tastes. 

13. Polaroid Camera

Another gift idea is an instant camera that prints straight away. The Polaroid has come a long way from what it once was, and many young adults would love this as a gift because of its vintage look and industrial style.

The great thing about this is that your daughter can save memories forever while snapping moments with her friends.

Additionally, you can coordinate with someone else to get her a Christmas gift so that they can buy refills or even a case for it.

This way, she can have everything she needs ready to go. Someone else could even find her a big pinboard or magnetic surface to display the photos.

14. Makeup

This is another option if your daughter wants to test new looks. Plenty of gift bundle ideas are available online, and you could even invest in a new eyeshadow palette.

Of course, this is only a great gift idea if it is something that they would use and enjoy. Do not get them makeup if it’s not something they’ve expressed interest in.

15. Perfume

If you know what kind of scent your daughter prefers, you could try buying her some new perfume or even her favorite brand that needs refilling. Additionally, you could find a travel-sized option if she is often on the go.

There are even rollerball options for containers, which are great for traveling. Of course, this isn’t the best option for younger girls and is better when you can be specific about her tastes.

Another option is to gift her a perfume subscription to ScentBox. This perfume membership will allow her to choose from hundreds of scents that appeal to her rather than getting stuck with a full bottle of something she might never use.

Read my honest opinion and detailed review of ScentBox here.

16. Lounge Set

The link has some ideas, but every young woman wants to be comfortable and cozy. You could buy her a lounge set with matching tops, sweaters, and bottoms. Alternatively, some fuzzy socks are a great stocking filler or addition to any gift.

You’ll be surprised by how thankful your daughter will be for some fuzzy, comfy clothes. If you’re close, you could buy a matching set for yourself.

Even if she says it’s embarrassing, it will put a smile on her face and make both of you laugh.

My personal favorite is the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic cardigan! Although it’s a little bit expensive, she’ll wear this beauty on repeat. It’s seriously the coziest cardi ever.

17. Book

Depending on your daughter’s age, a book can be a great way to show that you care and have taken the time to consider their taste.

Whether they are into fiction or more factual-based things, if they read on a Kindle or paperback, ask their preferences, and you could even ask about their current favorite author.

Amazon has many book options for all ages to browse at your leisure.

If they read using a Kindle, you could find them a nice cover for it so that it won’t get damaged. Another option is to get them a personal bookmark.

There are so many styles available to choose from. You can find more custom options with their name or even a birth flower included. 

18. Headphones

For the quieter daughter who enjoys being in her world or even switching the world off for a little while, noise-canceling headphones would make a great gift.

The modern world can sometimes be overwhelming for a young person, and anyone would appreciate having quieter days with less background noise. 

19. Board Games

Giving someone a board game is one way to ensure that everyone is included and encourage quality family time. It could be either a gift for the household or used to bulk up the body of somebody’s gifts on Christmas day.

Encourage your daughter to show leadership skills and find her voice by letting her take charge on game night. 

20. Stationary

If she enjoys working on projects or journaling, a new notepad is another great gift for your daughter, as it can encourage her to write down her thoughts. 

21. Click & Grow Smart Garden

Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for your daughter? It’s hard to know what she’ll like, but it’s even harder when she has everything!

The Click & Grow Smart Garden is a great way to give her something that will last all year. This self-watering herb garden kit includes everything needed to grow fresh herbs and vegetables indoors – no green thumb is required!

The best part? She can use this as an indoor growing system in any space, from her kitchen counter or window sill. With over 50 pre-seeded plant pods, many options exist for different tastes and preferences.

She has to choose which plant pods she wants in her garden starter kit and plug it in.

22. Paint

A good set of paints can go a long way for more creative projects. An essential for any artsy daughter is a reliable set of quality paint.

23. Pens

Whether she enjoys writing or sketching, a new set of pens can be a great stocking stuffer to bulk up gifts.

You can even invest in calligraphy pens for your daughter to experiment with. Who knows, it might even help her to discover a new hobby. 

24. Gift Card

Whether she loves Starbucks or Dunkin, gift cards are a great investment because they allow you to buy her the next few coffee runs. You can even get her a gift card for her favorite clothing store or outlet. 

25. Wall Art

Are you still there? We still have a long list of gifts for daughters this Christmas, so keep it scrolling!

You can never go wrong with gifting your teenage girl or young lady a wall art. There’s a wide range of elegant designs you can choose from, so rest assured, you can find art that resonates with your daughter perfectly well.

This is an ideal gift, especially if your darling daughter is an artist or an art appreciator.

26. Vanity Mirror

Make your daughter’s makeup and skincare routine more enjoyable and pleasing with a vanity mirror.

Gifting them with a vanity mirror can also remind them to practice self-care. Things may get stressful, but it doesn’t have to show in their appearance! With this, they will be more enthusiastic to continue their beauty routine.

And as a woman myself, I cannot live without a mirror (LOL). So, believe me when I say that this gift will make your daughter squeal in excitement.

27. Jewelry Organizer Box

Pair your jewelry gifts with a jewelry organizer box to complete the ensemble! This is one of the best gifts your daughter can receive on Christmas, especially if you know she loves accessories.

It has many sizes, so you can gift her a big one beside her vanity mirror or the perfect size she can easily bring when traveling.

Make it more special by making it a custom gift. Engrave her initial on the jewelry box and watch her smile whenever she opens it.

28. Bath Bombs

Help ease your daughter’s tension and fatigue with a relaxing and luxurious bathing experience. Treat them with a special gift– surprise them with bath bombs!

Bath bombs are fun gifts that make bathing more enjoyable. It will give added comfort with its wide variety of aromas and soothing ingredients!

29. Music Box

What else would make for a nostalgic gift for a daughter if not a music box?

It is a lovely gift that evokes memories of, perhaps, a song you used to sing to her. Or a song that you both love. Whichever it is, your daughter will surely be soothed by its relaxing melody.

Now, that’s just a beautiful gift, isn’t it?

30. Keyboard

If you know your daughter is a gamer or a writer, you will never go wrong with giving them a chic keyboard.

Enhance their gaming and typing experience by choosing a keyboard. Make sure to choose their favorite color since I bet that’s their color scheme for their computer set-up.

31. Steamer

Save your daughter the trouble of setting up an ironing board whenever she wants to iron her clothes by gifting her a steamer.

It quickly resolves stubborn wrinkles on clothes in an instant! Moreover, its lightweight design makes it easier to carry around, so it’s perfect for travel.

That’s pretty convenient, isn’t it?

32. Travel Set

Speaking of traveling, a travel set is one of the best Christmas gifts you can give your wanderlust daughter.

Let her rest comfortably and enjoy a full beauty sleep with a travel neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs. Help her recharge to be at her fullest energy when exploring new places!

Scrolled to the end? These meaningful Christmas gift ideas for daughters will bring a smile to their faces:

  1. Portable Espresso Machine
  2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Mini Smartphone Projector
  4. Electric Makeup Brush
  5. Click & Grow Smart Garden
christmas gifts for daighters

Experience Day

Moving towards slightly different options, you could consider scheduling a special experience with your daughter. This can be tickets to her favorite comedian, band, or musical.

There are so many options to choose from that all you need to do is find one she is interested in. Other bold experiences include skydiving, fly-fishing, or even Disney World if local to you. They can be done in a day. 

Quality Time

This might seem slightly obvious, but it can be hard to bond with your daughter if you work a lot or lead a very busy life. Whether she is older and living on her own, or even if she is younger, a valuable gift to her could be your time.

Choose a day when you can easily book off work and spend time doing whatever you want. You could book a show, a table at their favorite restaurant, or even go for cocktails if she is grown up.

Take a lot of photos and enjoy getting to know the remarkable person that she is because she is probably dying to show you.

Christmas gift ideas for daughters
Portrait Of Senior Mother With Adult Daughter In Park

If you’re worried about not having something to give on Christmas Day, you could book a table and print the receipt or proof that you have booked the day off work. Put this into a card and write a nice message. It’s certain to go down a treat.

A great idea if she is more crafty is to organize pottery painting or even go and paint in the park. 

Hopefully, this has given you some useful ideas that you can use to create unique Christmas gifts for your daughter or even someone else’s daughter.

A great idea to customize gifts is to find a basket, box, or even a bag you think they’d like.

Then, add some of their favorite candy, chocolate, and tea or coffee. Depending on their preference, you can add a book, nail polish, makeup, perfume, fuzzy socks, a bookmark, or face masks and arrange it all to look inviting and fun.

gift ideas for daughters

This is a great way to arrange and use many little gift items to create a bigger gift experience. Of course, your daughter will love the thought you put into anything you give her, and she is bound to thank you.

Make sure that you show her that you care and that you love her and understand her with a great bunch of thoughtful gifts. 

Assembling many smaller gifts can also be a great way to make customized gifts for all the younger members of your family because it ensures that everyone gets accounted for and that they all get the same amount of gifts.

You could ask cousins or siblings what their favorite candy is and add things you think they would like.

Another great option for those close could be to fill it with gag gifts.

Inside jokes are another great way to bond with family and can often be a better experience than a present. Consider other options like a day together or making the time to reconnect.

I hope you found this post about the best Christmas gift ideas for daughters helpful. Happy holidays!



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