50+ Stunning African Clothing Guaranteed to Steal The Show!

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It’s another beautiful month, and I am excited about some stunning African clothing this season.


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African print clothes are undoubtedly among the most elaborate pieces of clothing today. Anyone can rock this piece of heaven regardless of age, race, gender, or nationality.

The Best African Clothing for Women

Huge celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna have been spotted wearing African clothing.

I grew up in West Africa, Nigeria, and every girl dreams of the day when she gets to pick her “asoebi” for her wedding.

Asoebi can be likened to the clothing/style brides select for their bridesmaids. Of course, asoebi outfits are typically made from ankara print (not the city of Ankara!).

African print clothes have become so hot that even giant retailers like Amazon now carry many ankara clothes. Here are just a handful of the best-selling ankara pieces available on Amazon.

Ankara is one of the several types of African print. Other popular prints are Kente, Dashiki, and Kitenge. What I love about African clothing is that the prints hold significance to their area of origin.

These days, much African clothing has been modernized to trendy, contemporary styles.

It’s no surprise to see an off-the-shoulder African print blouse with ruffles and exaggerated sleeves paired with denim jeans.

Please note: This post has been updated to remove sold-out products. If you can’t find an item, it is no longer available.

Astounding African Clothing This Year

Without keeping you waiting any longer, here are the most-wanted African print clothes to get your hands on this year!

1. African Print High Low Maxi by WithFlare

African fashion wouldn’t be complete without lovely patchwork. Who could ever resist such a cutie? And yep, that’s me in the picture.

This African print skirt measures 40 inches in the back and 23 inches in the front, but it is still customizable upon request. The genius creator also assures that they are constantly adding to their patchwork squares to ensure a vibrant, eye-catching skirt.

2. African Prom Dress by Quistt

Up next, we have a 50s-inspired dress by Quistt. This African prom dress is made with Vlisco Dutch Java Wax and has an invisible zipper at the back.

The big ruffles and fitted waist completed the overall look with a bang. Put on your red lipstick and watch as everyone gazes your way.

3. Ladi Wrap Top Orange by Sosome Shop

We all love clothing pieces that can cater to all body types. That’s why I present the Ladi wrap top orang from Sosome Shop.

This Ankara top is rich with multiple patterns that blend beautifully. It’s an art in itself. And the dominant color, orange, screams summer vibes!

Pair it with denim shorts, a rattan bag, and sunglasses for a fun summer outing with friends. You can also wear it with jeans for a more chic casual look.

4. African Maxi Skirt by Laviye

And how could I not include maxi skirts in African print? Girl, we’d be missing out! Just look at that pattern, color, and high slit. Stunning.✨

And that’s not all; it is also lined with a concealed back zip closure and has two side pockets.

5. Debbey Off-Shoulder Mini Dress by Habby Rose

Is the heat getting serious? This Debby off-shoulder mini dress got you. It helps you feel cool and stylish during warmer months. A two-in-one clothing item!

6. Podot~Quistt Elegant Dress by Quistt

Coming right through is another 50s-inspired dress from Quistt. The circular patterns in different colors are mesmerizing! It’s giving you that playful and youthful vibe.

7. Muna African Print Dress by Qeelah Mode

If you want a bodycon Ankara print dress, say less. Introducing the Muna African print dress from Qeelah Mode. The vibrant blue and orange will surely spice up your wardrobe.

Match it with hoop or dangle earrings, a chic clutch, and low heels, and you’re ready to rock any formal event.

8. Camila Ankara Gathered Maxi Skirt by MAD Kollection

Another maxi skirt for you, my dear. Can you see that? Its unique pattern and bold colors are to die for. You’ll pretty much have everyone asking you where you bought it. You’re welcome.

This lovely skirt is 100% wax cotton. It has a flat front and back elastic and two side pockets.

9. Ankara High Low Cape Shawl by Priceless Culture

It’s a loose top, but make it extra versatile. This Ankara cape shawl is a stunner among stunners. The geometric patterns go well with the colors as if they are match-made in heaven.

10. Ankara Jacket by House of Izzi

Need I say more? The fit, the puff, the pattern, the color… Oh-la-la. Perfecto! Pair it with nice dress pants and heels to show off the girl boss in you.

11. Kiran Ankara Dress by Qeelah Mode

Add more African flair to your wardrobe with this bad boy from Qeelah Mode, the Kiran Ankara dress. It’s like a peplum top and pencil skirt all in one!

12. Yellow & Black African MudCloth Print by Redstone Creative Shop

Let’s keep it simple and stunning with this yellow and black mudcloth print. There’s a certain chic vibe from this shirt that no one could ever resist.

This loose-fit blouse is made with two side slits and a breast pocket. So, you could wear it with shorts for the summer days or jeans for casual hangouts with friends.

13. Green Ashanti Ankara Print Set by EzClothin

Now, let’s move on to matching sets. The first matching set I will show you is this green Ankara print set from EzClothin. Did anyone say ruffles? Here you go!

It features high-waist pants with elastic bands, smocked hips, and a matching off-shoulder ruffled top. EzClothin, with this piece, undoubtedly took African print clothing to a whole new level.

14. Long Patch Skirt by Chimzi Shop

Back at it again with maxi skirts, because why not? This 100% cotton skirt is beautifully layered with African prints, which will surely get you many compliments.

It is layered with many patterns and colors, making matching it with other accessories and tops easier.

15. Halima African Print Maxi Dress by Maeotti

If we have maxi skirts, we also have maxi dresses. You could never go wrong with either of the two. Take this versatile maxi dress, for example; it can be turned into a kimono as easily as 1,2,3!

16. Ankara Long Pants by Temmy United States

If you’re more of a pants girl, I’ve got you covered! Check out these very chic African print pants. The print and style scream a “fun auntie” vibe, am I right? What’s more, these pants are available in XXS to XL sizes.

17. Long African Print Kimono Jacket by Neemo Fashion

Clothing for women has been becoming more and more diverse each day and getting more and more fashionable. If not, how could you explain this kimono jacket?

At some point, we’re all guilty of throwing in a sweater or kimono jacket because it always felt the final touch in our outfit. And, of course, we were never wrong! Kimono jackets hold that kind of power.

18. Ankara Two-piece Set by Slay Africa

I think we can all agree that handmade pieces are beautiful. Who could ever say no to this Ankara two-piece set? I bet your finger acted like it had its own mind and added it to your cart.

If you don’t try beautiful pieces like this at least once, you’ll be missing out big time.

19. Ankara Halter Top by Buythedress

Let’s get back to African tops. Hang tight; this might knock you off your seat. I am presenting you with the Ankara halter top from Buythedress. OMG. That’s all I could say.

The vibrant colors will surely pop everywhere you go. It’s the perfect outfit for a stroll with friends or a summer trip with family.

20. Blue African Print Peplum Top by Designs by Abike

African print collections would not be African print collections if there were no peplum tops. This classic bad boy has been our wardrobes’ best friend for decades. That’s how timeless it is.

This top is made from 100% cotton, has a back zipper, and a v-neck style.

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21. Ankara Print Net Jacket by Jummys Closet

If you’re looking for something unique in Ankara prints, this net jacket is for you. It also comes with a matching crossbody bag. This is a perfect statement piece, I’m telling you.

This lovely net jacket is made from different individually stitched ankara strands. It can be worn over a dress, crop top, shirt, or sleeveless top.

22. Kente Bodycon Stretch Dress by Africanvibesllc

Show off your curves with this Kente bodycon dress. You can wear it alone or wear a shirt that you desire inside. Accessorize it with hoop earrings, bangles, heels, and a chic Ankara headwrap, and you’ll be the talk of the town.

23. African Prints Collar & Headwrap Set by Macisabella

Talking about headwraps, look at this African print collar and headwrap set. Headwraps are among the most famous African clothing items many beautiful ladies wear. It adds pizzazz to your overall look!

24. Ankara Mermaid Gown by Africa Trends

Let’s talk formal occasions with this mermaid gown from Africa Trends. You’ll be a head-turner no matter what event you attend with this floor-length gown.

The bell sleeves perfectly balance the dress’s mermaid fit. The off-shoulder style also exudes a subtle, seductive vibe.

25. African Print Two-Piece Swimwear by Chimzi Shop

Now that summer is slowly approaching, it is time to stock up on new swimsuits. And what else could embody the summer spirit if not the vibrant color and patterns of African prints?

This two-piece has multiple designs to choose from, as well as a matching oversized hat.

26. Kente Top by Barooliv Designs

Now, let’s take a minute to appreciate this Kente top’s simplicity yet attractiveness. It is a lovely addition to your collection of African shirts. The ruffles are an attention-grabbing feature that makes this top extra cute.

27. African Print Jumpsuit by Tunu Prints

Did you think I’d ever leave out jumpsuits? A big NEVER. Take a look at this Ankara jumpsuit from Tunu Prints. I’m madly in love!

And since it has an infinity-style top, you can design it however you want. It also includes side pockets.

28. African Print Sweater by Rekemash

If you want a laid-back look for errands or a stroll with friends, this African-print sweater is the one for you. It’s cozy and fashionable. What else is there to think about? African print jackets are just the definition of fashion and functionality.

29. Cowrie Shell Mudcloth Shrug by Evelyncreationinc

Talk about a terrific accent piece. If you want to add more earthy colors to your wardrobe, this mudcloth shrug is a great option. It’s like wearing a piece of art.

30. African Print Patchwork Crop Jacket by WithFlare

When it comes to patchwork, WithFlare will always be at the top. They offer a huge selection of beautiful patchwork garments that are just too lovely to pass up, including this African print crop jacket.

It’s a versatile crop jacket that would go well with a pencil skirt or dress pants.

31. Ankara Head Wrap by Explore Africa Shop

Another Ankara headwrap is coming right up! The vibrant blue-green and yellow will glue people’s eyes on you. It measures 70 inches by 20 inches.

32. African Wax Suit and Pants by Slay Africa

I know we all love matching outfits, so I’ll keep the matching sets coming! Take a look at this elegant African wax suit and pants. No other words but CLASSY. Period.

The pants have a zipper on their side and also have two side pockets.

33. Ankara Long Dress by Mohana Kollections

Speaking of classy, another embodiment of class is the Ankara long dress by Mohana Kollections. The patterns complement the cool-toned color of the dress. It looks so comfortable and irresistible.

34. Kaftan Boho Tops by Vees Fab Designs

Let’s make every day a Valentine’s Day with this Kaftan Boho top. You know what they say: always spread love and positivity wherever you go.😉

Its cute low split neckline and side slits are a deadly combo. Customer reviews say it all!

35. African Print Hoodie by Rekemash

Keep scrolling, love. I still have more African-print clothing to show you! For now, how about adding this jacket to your cart? African-print hoodies are where it’s at, you know. Cool, comfy, and stylish—what more could you ask for?

36. African Tie Dye Top by Zanaani

Now, I can bet that you’d purchase this hand-dyed top by local batik artisans in minutes. Pieces like these don’t just take one to two hours to make; they take days. So you can feel assured that what you get is of high quality.

It is cut in kimono style, and the deep v-neck flatters the décolletage.

37. African Print Corset Top by Kays Klodin

Yup, there are even African-print corset tops. African clothing is versatile like that. They always catch up with contemporary trends while not forgetting to add cultural flair.

Accessorize with a layered necklace, jeans, low heels, and chic rings to complete the ensemble.

38. Ankara Blazer by Tunu Prints

This time, I’m presenting you with an Ankara blazer for a bomb office look. Girl boss, where? Right here! Your officemates will keep asking you where you bought it.

This long-sleeve is fully lined and multicolored. I highly suggest checking out their shop for more fabulous African clothing.

39. African Print Pants by Neemo Fashion

Going back to the pants section, check out these African print tapered-leg pants. This beauty is high-waisted and has two side pockets and a side zipper. Pair it with a chic top and block heels, and you’ll get compliments left and right.

40. Black and White Pattern Dress by Shop Lolater

If you want a more subtle color in clothing, you might like this African print black-and-white pattern dress. Take a look at that and tell me you’re not in love.

This midi dress is 100% cotton, has puff sleeves, and has two side pockets—every woman loves pockets!

41. Maxi Flared Dress by Ava Apparels

If you want more vibrancy in your wardrobe, then there is no need to think twice about purchasing this lovely African print maxi flared dress. It is fully lined, 100% cotton, has a flare fit and includes a detachable belt and two side pockets.

42. Ankara Kimono and Shorts Set by Tunu Prints

If I’m being honest, Tunu Prints always delivers. Casual wear has never looked this chic and fun! This set is perfect for outings or travels with family and friends. This is also 100% cotton and machine washable.

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In Summary…

A decade ago, you would mostly see traditional African print blouses, wrappers, and skirts, with the major distinguishing factor being the quality and weight of the fabric used and the embroidery finish.

We are seeing a major shift, particularly from the younger generation, towards styles with Western influence.

This is the only ankara midi dress you need this year to turn heads at prom, weddings, graduation, and even New York Fashion Week. Here's where to get this breathtaking ankara dress.

This post features some of the best African clothing available. These pieces are handmade with love and typically cost more than ‘fast-fashion” clothing.

To buy any of these African clothing items, click on the photos above to be directed to the seller’s store. There, you will find more information and instructions on how to shop the look.

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Sadly, I do not make these African styles. Once an item sells out, it might be gone forever. Contact the seller if ankara clothing appears to be sold out or unavailable.

The African style may still be available but not relisted in the seller’s store. It never hurts to ask! One feature I love about ankara styles is that no two pieces are identical.

I spent over $200 shopping the best African print clothes on Amazon so you wouldn’t. #5 is the best ankara piece from this Amazon haul & try-on review. All about Amazon haul products, March Amazon haul, Amazon try-on, Amazon clothing, Amazon fashion haul, Amazon fashion, Amazon try-on, Amazon clothing

African clothing is a piece of my heritage that I love and share. Although the press is inundated with things that are “bad” in Africa, I’m happy to say that African clothing is not one of them!

I hope you love these Ankara styles as much as I do. I’ll make more of these roundup posts in the future, so ensure you stay subscribed to the blog to get notified about future posts. Thank you for reading!

Please note: This post has been updated to remove sold-out products. If you can’t find an item, it has sold out or is no longer available.


40+ Stunning African Clothing You Need + Where to Get Them. On a search for the hottest African styles? Look no further! Read this post to discover the best collection of African clothes to get right now. ankara styles, african clothes, dashiki, african dress, african clothing, african print dresses, African dress styles, African fashion, Nigerian fashion, Senegal fashion, Nigerian wedding, African attire, ankara, dutch wax
40+ Stunning African Clothing You Need + Where to Get Them. On a search for the hottest African styles? Look no further! Read this post to discover the best collection of African clothes to get right now. ankara styles, african clothes, dashiki, african dress, african clothing, african print dresses, African dress styles, African fashion, Nigerian fashion, Senegal fashion, Nigerian wedding, African attire, ankara, dutch wax


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