30 Stylish Ankara Styles You Need to Try Right Now

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Ankara styles are inarguably one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing available. From the intricate designs and techniques to the sewn styles, they are a slice of heaven.


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As a young Nigerian girl, African print has always fascinated me. I created a 30-day African style series for you, covering everything from clothes and jewelry to shoes and accessories.

Most Stylish Ankara Styles for women

Please note: This post has been updated to remove sold-out products. If you canโ€™t find an item, it is no longer available.

In this post, I share some of the most stunning Ankara styles you can use now. These include bespoke African print clothes like ankara and dashiki, available on Etsy.

And more affordable, mass-produced African fashion on Amazon.

Sadly, I am not a designer or a seamstress, so once these African styles sell out on the store’s website, they are gone forever.

Enjoy this collection of this season’s hottest wax print styles.

Most-Wanted Ankara Styles This Year

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ll agree that Ankara styles are magnificent and versatile. If you need something for work, you will find an African print that is subtle enough to be worn to work.

If you need a statement piece, Ankara Styles has got you covered. Whatever the occasion, you will find a pattern that needs and exceeds your expectations.

1. African Print Dress Sasha by Karentino Boutique

Eyes here, folks! Let’s start strong with this chic plunge float-sleeve Ankara dress. It hasn’t even been 10 minutes since you started to read this post, but I bet this one’s already in your cart. ๐Ÿคญ

Take note: this beauty has an extra flair circle skirt. The volume? Stunning!

2. African Print Maxi Dress by Neemo Fashion

Did anyone ask for a slit? Say less! Check out this chic African maxi dress. Its vibe screams elegant and refined, perfect for any social gathering.

It also has two side pockets. Now, that’s what we call fashionable and functional.

3. African Print Kimono Dress by Ava Apparels

African dresses have numerous designs and versatile outfits like this Ankara kimono. Who would not be captivated by a two-in-one dress?

This beauty has side pockets, a detachable belt, and a flare fit. Depending on the occasion, you can easily dress it up or down.

4. Ankara Maxi Dress by Mohana Kollections

If you’re going for a puff sleeve and bodycon combo, try this Ankara maxi dress. And with over 20 patterns you can choose from, you’ll surely have one you’ll fancy.

I’ve got nothing else to say but STUNNINGโœจ.

5. Short Summer Ankara Dress by Chimzi Shop

Here’s another bodycon and puff sleeves combo, but now it’s in reverse: a bodycon mini dress with full puff sleeves.

With its vibrant colors, this will be perfect for summer with your girls.

6. Ankara Dress with Ruffles by PAMTess Atelier

Of course, we could never leave out the African print fabric and ruffles duo. Ruffles will never go out of style! Just take a look at how these combinations fit each other so well.

It’s surely one of the most trendy designs for African fashion dresses.

7. Matching Couple African Outfit by Chimzi Shop

Ankara dresses are gorgeous, but a matching set with your partner makes it even more enchanting. Rock any occasions or gatherings with your S/O in this lovely Ankara print set.

What’s more, the dress has an undetectable zipper slit and a removable waist sash, so you can keep it more formal or casual depending on the occasion you’re going to.

8. Ankara Dress and Sandal Set by Chimzi Shop

Did you like the matching set with your partner? How about I tell you the next one is an Ankara and sandal matching set? Yep, you read that right.

Chimzi Shop is truly stepping up its game regarding African dresses!

9. Ankara and Lace Dress by PAMTess Atelier

If you love laces and African prints, look no further. This pretty Ankara and lace dress by PAMTess Atelier is a must-have clothing item style to spice up your wardrobe.

Just look at how the lace and African print complement each other. You’ll surely turn heads at every event you attend.

10. African Jumpsuit by Gochiafrica

Among the numerous outfits on the fashion scene, a jumpsuit will remain a classic. This fashion style is here to stay! And when combined with pretty African prints, compliments will pour in.

The color, the style, the fitโ€”the overall look says “classy,” and their customer reviews can attest to that.

11. African Fit and Flare Gown by Kays Klodin

If you are a minimalist, this gown style is perfect for you. This two-piece set fit-and-flare gown showcases a chic, simple African print that exudes elegance.

To make it even better, the ruffles and slit added a touch of boldness which will have eyes glued on you.

12. Ankara Dress With Funnel Sleeves by PAMTess Atelier

We had ruffles and laces; it was time for funnel sleeves to take the spotlight. These handmade pieces keep getting better and more fashionable. Whew!

The funnel sleeves complemented the body-shaping style of the dress well, giving you that classy yet sexy appeal.

13. Ankara Pleated Skirt by Urbanknit

There’s a wide range of amazing designs and styles for African prints. And that includes sleek, gorgeous Ankara skirts just like this one.

Have I mentioned that it has side pockets? Yep, it does.

This pleated skirt’s colorful and vibrant prints are perfect for summer! Pair it with a white graphic T-shirt, sandals, sunglasses, and a woven or tote bag, and you’re ready.

14. African Print Playsuit by Gitas Portal

Next up, we have this multicolored playsuit. And let me say, I’m in AWE. This playsuit did not come to play (no pun intended) but is here to slay!

The African fashion industry keeps getting stylish and versatile; we can all agree with that.

15. African Print Wide-Legged Pants by Kkunda

I bet you can’t remember one woman who hasn’t worn wide-legged pants because we adore them, especially if they fit well on the waist and have pockets like this one. Sheesh! Now, that’s a treat.

These wide-legged pants also have drawstrings at the bottom for a more comfortable fit.

16. Wide Ankara Style Headband by Curly Girl Luxury

How else would you style an African dress if not by pairing it with pretty Ankara headbands? This is what makes female outfits so fun; you can get creative styling them!

You can wear it wide or narrow, depending on the hairstyle you want to do. I highly suggest buying two or three to make sure you can find the perfect headband to match your outfits.

17. Off-shoulder African Print Top by Kayammah

African clothing designs and prints are top-tier for real. This off-shoulder bad boy is the proof of that. The puff sleeve, corset-like fit, and the zipper in front are the only combo you need for never-ending compliments.

18. Ankara Cape Top by Tribe of Afrik

Up next, we have the Ankara cape top. The flow, the vibe, the cape design– what more could I say except that it’s captivating?

Pair it with a pencil skirt or high-waisted jeans, low heels, and a handbag that complements the color, and go show them how to rock the perfect smart casual attire.

19. Navy Ndop African Print Jewelry by Afrilege

Creative entrepreneurs are among the fashion industry’s greatest pillars. Who would introduce us to trendy items like this African print jewelry without them?

Styling ankara print clothes has never been easier with this jewelry ensemble. This will be a great conversation starter for any gathering you’ll attend.

20. Ankara Jumpsuit by Deluxequeen

Back at it again with the ever-classy Ankara jumpsuits. The color, plunge neck, and ruffles on one side make this stunner a no-brainer.

21. Long Sleeve African Blouse by Zanaani

Are you still holding up? We still have a long way to go! For now, check out this long sleeve Ankara blouse. The frills at the bottom and v-neck cut will suit any casual or intimate gathering.

22. African Print Corset Top by Neemo Fashion

You’ll never go wrong with a chic corset top in African print. It has a lace-up back closure, is padded, has boning and an underwire cup, and is fully lined.

Flaunt your curves and feel dreamy in this princess-like garment.

23. Ankara Bucket Hat by Moremi Clothing

Be protected from the sun and fashionable at the same time with this Ankara bucket hat. Its vibrant color is its greatest appeal, pulling attention towards your direction.

This helps spice up your overall outfit in any casual setting.

24. African Mermaid Dress by Slay Africa

Make it formal and scream regal with this lovely African mermaid gown. Wear it to any formal event, and I guarantee you’ll have accumulated enough compliments to last you a month.

Just look at that bodycon fit, sheer sleeves, and corset-like style. Even I am mesmerized while writing this post.

25. Ankara Midi Dress by Mohana Kollections

Midi and mini dresses are your best friend if you’re not afraid to show off a little bit of skin. This off-shoulder and ruffles combo is a classic for modern African clothing for women.

26. Ankara Sleeveless Coat by Kayammah

If you’re a fan of layering clothes, this sleeveless peplum coat is a must-try. It will add pizzazz to your bodycon outfits! The belt will emphasize your curves, and the peplum style balances the overall look.

27. Ankara Suit Set by Prudy Fashion Afrique

While dresses are mostly our go-to in female clothing, for those girlies out there who are not fond of such, I prepared another chic set for you: this Ankara suit set by Prudy Fashion Afrique.

This suit set exudes a classy vibe on par with dresses. Accessorize with statement jewelry and a matching handbag, and you’re set to be the center of attention.

28. Ankara Dress With Flare Sleeves by PAMTess Atelier

Be the talk of the town with this Ankara midi dress. Its fit, patterns, and open flare sleeves emit “girl boss” vibes. Just WOW. Reviews from customers also said it all.

29. African Print Flare Mini Dress by Kayammah

Enjoy any event with this free-flowing midi dress. It has a fit and flare style that will help you look effortlessly beautiful but also keep you comfortable. Totally a catch!

30. African Print Handmade Shoulder Bag by Afrilege

Finishing off with this very lovely handmade African print shoulder bag. Storing our essentials in a chic bag is a must, bestie.

This bag offers plenty of room and has 2 pockets for phones or makeup, 4 pockets for pens and pencils, a sponge inside, and weather-proof plastic between the fabrics to keep your belongings safe and secure.

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What is the meaning of Ankara style?

The Ankara style is most commonly known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs that portray African culture, tradition, and history. Ankara fabric is a textile used to make African prints and is popular for the intensity of its prints, which do not fade easily.

Where did the style Ankara come from?

Ankara style is mostly worn and known in Africa. However, it originated in Northwestern Europe, specifically the Netherlands. Ankara fabrics are also called African, Dutch, or African wax prints.

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When I lived in Alaska, my non-African friends often asked me to hook them up with Ankara clothes or fabric. That says a lot! They are intrigued by African prints, so much so that they want one (or two) pieces of African clothing for themselves.

African prints come in different styles. The most notable ones are Ankara, Dashiki, Kente, and Kitenge. Each has unique elements.

In my childhood, I was surrounded by Ankara prints, and like many people, I refer to them as Ankara or African prints.

A roundup of the most stylish ankara styles to rock this year. Includes dresses, skirts, African print blouses and ankara rompers.

1 | 2 | 3

If you want to buy any styles above, click on the photo to be directed to the seller’s store.

One unique feature of African fashion is that most styles are made to order, meaning no two items are identical. The store seller also takes a little time to sew your clothes from scratch.

A roundup of the most stylish ankara styles to rock this year. Includes dresses, skirts, African print blouses and ankara rompers.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

African print styles are elegant, unique, and inspiring. I hope you love these Ankara styles as much as I do. I’ll make more of these roundup posts in the future, so make sure you stay subscribed to the blog to get notified about future posts. Thank you for reading!

Note: This post was originally published in 2017 but was recently updated to include a fresh crop of the best ankara styles!


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