Fabletics vs Gymshark: What Are The Most Flattering Leggings?

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Fabletics vs Gymshark?🤷‍♀️ Gymwear, activewear, athleisure… whatever you want to call it, these two brands have got it, and they’re all over everyone’s Insta feeds. 


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These days, exercise seems to be about looking hot, showing off those gains, and getting a solid workout in.


Both Fabletics and Gymshark have some serious gear to offer you – but which of the two comes out on top? There is no need to open a million tabs to research, as I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Gymshark vs Lululemon Leggings
In my Gymshark Leggings
I scoured the internet for you and condensed my Lululemon research into one epic post featuring only the best Lululemon alternatives available today. These tummy-control, high-quality, moisture-wicking leggings are all you need to nail your workout or the athleisure trend. #amazonfashion #athleisure
In my Fabletics Leggings

Examining their unique collections, company history, material, form, fit, and function, I leave no stone unturned in my journey to find you the perfect gym-goer’s supply store.

Without further ado – let’s have this Fabletics vs Gymshark face-off!

Fabletics vs Gymshark: Brand Comparison Chart

Pricing$44.95+ for leggings, $29+ for sports bras, $24.95 for women’s t-shirts, $84.99+ for women’s outfits$43-48 for leggings, $12- 43+ for sports bras, $30+ for women’s t-shirts, $105+ for women’s outfits (tops and bottoms sold separately)
CollectionsThe Hart Collection, Oasis Rib, Year Round Terry, Limited-Edition Archival Collection, The Khloe Edit, Yitty, Yitty x thredUPAdapt, Sweat, Legacy, Essentials, Flex, Seamless, Vital, Seamless Fit, Elevate, GS Power, Key Fits, Apex Limit
ActivityYoga and studio, running, gym and workout Gym and workout, yoga, dance, athletics
BestsellersLeggings, sports bras, 3-piece workout looksCycling shorts, leggings, t-shirts, jackets

Brand History

Gymshark’s Rise To Fame

Despite being founded in a basement by two school friends turned entrepreneurs, Gymshark has gone from a timid Shopify startup to a massive supplier, racking up more than a billion pounds in value since its conception in 2012. 

Taking their business from one tiny room in England worldwide to establish bases in the USA, Asia, and Europe, providing the entire globe with some seriously stylish fitness outfits that have the whole of Instagram and Pinterest obsessed.

Initially providing supplements and workout shakes for bodybuilders, the business has evolved to become one of the world’s biggest suppliers of unisex workout wear, with millions of followers across various platforms and thousands of sales daily.

Fabletics’ Rise To Fame

Born one year later, in 2013, Fabletics is the brainchild of Kate Hudson and friends. It serves primarily as an online retailer of sportswear and yoga fashion.

Though originally only available online, they now have over 50 stores across America.

The brand originally only catered to women but now features expanded lines with a range of gear for men (as of 2015).

This smart business move makes Fabletics a noteworthy competitor, with Gymshark and other companies serving athletes regardless of gender and body type.

Perhaps the best part about Fabletics is their continued commitment to a huge variety of sizes designed to suit a range of figures and forms from XXS up to 4XL.

Their product offering is, in this sense, pretty much unparalleled.

Fabletics vs. Gymshark: Are Fabletics Leggings As Good As Gymshark Leggings?


Regarding vibrant, bold colors, styles, and patterns, both Fabletics and Gymshark are pretty much evenly matched.

Neon, marble, tie-dye, mixed media, even UV glow… both brands are at level pegging with their leggings.

Whilst Fabletics does cater to men, it hasn’t always, whereas Gymshark has provided workout wear for everyone, whatever their gender, since conception. Gents – you’ll have a bigger, better, broader range if you stick with the finned-logo friends.

Oasis Rib Twist Medium Impact Sports Bra fabletics

That being said, Fabletics has the upper hand in co-ords, offering great deals on sets of tops and bottoms, so if you’re a fan of matching over mixing, you should give their budget-friendly two-pieces a look.


Quality is one of Gymshark’s biggest motivators, perhaps most clearly demonstrated by their commitment to making every single pair of their leggings completely squat-proof, so you’ll never end up with an embarrassing stretched-out, see-through pair.


In the same vein, everything in their Tops section – from sports bras and crop tops to long sleeves and tanks – has been tapered to offer a more fashionable, flattering fit.

Forget baggy and unflattering – tucked and tight is where it’s at!

Each of their collections — whether you’re looking at the Vital and Essentials for basic everyday wear or Adapt and Seamless leggings for a fancier, fleek-ier fit — is made from high-quality, synthetic, and durable materials, ready to keep you stylish and free of sweat mark.

As their higher-than-average price point indicates, Fabletics is also about delivering a wide variety of quality products, with more than five different kinds of fabric, including PowerHold, Motion365, PureLuxe, SculpKnit, and Seamless.

Atlantis Scuba Seamed High Waisted Legging fabletics

All of them are a scientifically informed blend of synthetics, offering specifics like sculpting and contouring or seamless and high-waisted, adapted to suit a certain wearer’s wants and needs. Find the perfect combination that’s exactly right for you!

You’ll find that their sportswear is soft and supple, stretchy in all the right places, and typically able to withstand your high-intensity workouts – it helps that they have so much choice, allowing you to adapt their fits to your body.

Dollar for dollar: Fabletics vs Gymshark? I’d choose Gymshark based on quality!


As we’ve already covered, Fabletics offers a wide selection of sizes for their range of leggings, starting at XXS and working up to XXXL. Dedicated plus-sized collections are designed to fit better for your curves and swerves.

Fabletics Size Chart

Unfortunately, Gymshark isn’t quite as versatile in their sizes, with a much more limited range from XS to XL (more here). This does mean that there’s room for improvement in the future.

XS60 CM (24 IN)99 CM (39 IN)75 CM (29 IN)
S65 CM (26 IN)104 CM (41 IN)76 CM (30 IN)
M70 CM (28 IN)109 CM (43 IN)77 CM (30 IN)
L75 CM (30 IN)114 CM (45 IN)78 CM (31 IN)
XL80 CM (32 IN)119 CM (47 IN)79 CM (31 IN)

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Regarding compression and sculpting, you can choose the perfect fit at Fabletics by perusing their different fabrics (separated by collection, e.g., PowerHold, SuperLuxe) – check out this guide to their materials here.

For every legging they offer, you can pick your preferred fit from high-waisted, 7/8, Capri, and other options; some of their fabrics can even be trimmed to a customized length without fraying.

Anywhere Built In Bra Tank fabletics

Additionally, their clear size guide for every single product, combined with their thorough feedback gathered from every customer after purchase, helps you decide exactly which size and inseam are right for you, whether it’s tops, bottoms, or both.

As for Gymsharkwe’ve already explained that each item has been tapered to naturally cling better to the parts of your body you want to show off, with their leggings equally contoured to show off your muscular gains.

If you’re looking for a natural yet attractive look, their Seamless collection takes garments created using a single piece of fabric, stretching with ease over every contour of your body to frame your favorite features.


Those all-important enhancing shade spots, which focus on key areas like the glutes to highlight your hard work, fabrics have seen significant upgrades in recent years, so you spend less time fixing your clothes and more actually working out.

Price Point

At Fabletics, the easiest way to save huge amounts is to join their monthly VIP membership club.

This allows you a massive discount on any item and amazing deals like two gym leggings for $24 regularly.

Best Fabletics Leggings - 2 for $24

Expect to pay up to 50% less than the average legging price than regular guest prices.

Becoming a member is very much in your interest if you love their legging lines and want to update or upgrade your wardrobe consistently.

NOTE: Some consumers have reported that it can be difficult to leave the membership program if you decide it isn’t for you. Be ready to stand your ground with an enthusiastic customer service rep about why you’re departing.

In our initial table, you will have seen that Gymshark is the more affordable of the two brands, fulfilling their motto of offering “affordable gym gear for everyday wear” to the average consumer.

Gymshark vs Fabletics - Gymshark Outlet Sale

Although it’s more expensive to buy co-ords from the sharky sportswear sellers, given they don’t do a two-for-one or combination deal, it is possible to buy matching items, but it’ll run you a little bit more than a Fabletics duo.

TIP: The Outlet section of their website is an excellent way to grab a deal, with up to 50% off the original price tag on a regularly updated group of items. Keep an eye out and snag a bargain!

Fabeltics vs Gymshark Bestsellers: What Are The Most Flattering Leggings?

Fabletics are best known for their beautiful co-ords and workout-proof leggings: here are just a few of their best-selling products…

  • Feather Tech Racerback Tank – $39.95 (without VIP)
    • Chic and on fleek while staying fresh and sweat-free, this fashion-forward tank is available in many colors; it improves your workout AND overall look.
  • On-The-Go PowerHold® High-Waisted Legging – $74.95 (without VIP)
    • Keeping you selfie-ready all day, even while working out, these leggings are slimming with a flattering high waist and mesh panels and have a built-in pocket for your phone.
  • The One Jogger – $69.95 (without VIP)
    • Keeping it casual, comfy, and cute, this new, improved pair of moisture-wicking joggers boasts a lightweight feel—one of the most versatile workout apparel in Fabletics.
  • Initiate 2-Piece Outfit – $134.90 (without VIP)
    • This dynamic duo is an adorable co-ord using Fabletics’ most versatile leggings and no-bounce sports bra – a match made in heaven!
  • Oasis Twist Medium Impact Sports Bra – $59.95 (without VIP)
    • Combining a chic keyhole detail and a super soft fabric and turning them into a beautiful, supportive bra, you’ll wonder what you’d ever done without these sweat-wicking cups and extra-wide straps.

Over at Gymshark, their bestsellers are much the same – a variety of leggings, shorts, and shirts that make great staple pieces in your workout wardrobe…

  • Flex High Waisted Leggings – $50
    • The ultimate in cute and comfy, these leggings’ seamless, high-rise fit perfectly contours your muscles in all the right places – your best performance and look ever. Try the black leggings for a classic fit.
  • Everyday Seamless Shorts – $28
    • Perfectly fitting to your form, with a high build seamless line to back, they’re equally as performance-ready and flattering as Gymshark’s leggings, just showing off a little extra skin. For a kick, try the seamless camo leggings.
  • Adapt Animal Seamless Sports Bra – $46
    • Offering plenty of support right where you need it, with removable padding to accentuate your best bits should you wish, this beautiful bra adds a sense of feminine felinity to any workout.
  • Rest Day Sweats Hoodie – $60
    • For a simplistic yet stylish pre and post-gym look, throw on one of these cozy hoodies for instant snugness, whether it’s a rest day or you’ve just given it your all.
  • Everyday Seamless Crop Tank – $24
    • Ready to make pushing it to the limit just that little bit easier with the moisture-wicking, ultra-flattering details of this contouring crop tank. It will surely have you looking just as good as you’ll feel!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabletics

Can you cancel Fabletics after your first purchase?

Yes, you can cancel Fabletics after your first purchase by calling customer service representatives at 1-844-Fabletics or using live chat or the online cancel options in your Account. You may cancel your Fabletics VIP Membership Account at any time. There is no cancellation fee (more here).

Are Fabletics as good as Lululemon?

No! Of course, this is my personal preference and opinion. I’ve tried leggings from both brands and can say you get quality over quantity with Lululemon. But if you’re looking for more affordable prices than Lululemon, Fabletics is worth trying.

Is Fabletics worth it?

It depends on who you ask! Some people swear by Fabletics; others not so much. While I’m obsessed with their styles and enticing range of leggings, I prefer Gymshark or Lululemon. The waist on the pairs I had stretched out and started sliding down.

Where to get the 2 for $24 Fabletics code?

If you are new to Fabletics, go here to get the 2 for $24 Fabletics code. This is a new VIP member exclusive that is not available to everyone.
Fabletics 2 for $24 Promo

Are Fabletics good?

For the price to quality, Fabletics offers good quality. Their products’ quality is above average, with the price in line with what you’ll find at Target.

How does Fabletics work?

With your Fabletics VIP subscription, you can shop at a discounted rate as much or as little as you like. You can skip a month or wait and let the standard $49.95 monthly VIP membership program fee go through, which you can redeem as a store credit at your leisure.

Conclusion: Kate Hudson’s Fabletics vs Gymshark – Which Is Better?

Gymshark and Fabletics are two of the most popular fashion-forward providers of athleisure and sportswear around, with both stores offering a varied and wide range of items to suit a range of sizes.

For the plus-sized athletes among us, Fabletics is your best bet, reaching 4XL where Gymshark goes to XL only – the fit guide from Kate Hudson and co is also a lot lengthier and more specific regarding their fabrics.

fabletics vs gymshark workout apparel

When you’re trying to save as much as you can, then Gymshark is absolutely the more affordable option of the pair, but becoming a Fabletics member can offer you some serious savings if the monthly membership fee (and difficulty in leaving) is doable for you.

Fabletics vs Gymshark?

Either way, if you ask me, you’ll be getting some seriously sexy sportswear wherever you shop – it’s just about the size and style you’re after and how much money you’ve got to play with next time you shop.


  1. Whoa! These are both must-haves leggings but I go for fabletics. I still need to do some workout before any of these look good on me though haha.

  2. I’ve not had a chance to do either of the two brands yet. I love that Fabletics have a good range of sizes.

  3. I think I am too cheap for any of these. I like them, but I’ll go pay $19.99 for leggings at Target and be fine.

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