10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her [2024 Edition]

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It’s that time of the year again. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wanted to do another epic roundup of amazing gift ideas for women! Are you ready? I bet you are!


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Looking for the perfect gift for her? We've rounded up this year's top 10 best Valentine's Day gifts for her. Find the most thoughtful and affordable gift ideas for women that will melt her heart on this special day. She’ll love these unique, heartfelt presents for years to come! #valentine #galentine

With all the current trends, you may inevitably get stuck on which gift to get her this Day of Hearts. Should you go more modern? Techy? Classic? Whew! Quite confusing, I know.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Pleasing women with gifts may seem tricky, but it’s simple.

In this post, I’ll show you 10 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for her that will surely get her butterflies in the stomach!

10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift For Women in 2024

1. Ban.Do You Are Gold Sip Sip Travel Tumbler (Similar)

The whimsically printed quote, “You are gold, baby, ” drew my attention to this travel tumbler. Solid gold.”

The gold glitter font on the matte black color creates the illusion of a pricier tumbler. This tumbler is a nice, sweet gift that speaks to loyalty. I would want this tumbler!

[I agree with Darlene. Imagine how she’d feel reading those words. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her that is thoughtful and affordable.]

But since that design has been unavailable for now, I recommend going for these chic tumblers from the same brand:

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2. Kate Spade Yours Truly Pave Heart Studs

The quality of Kate Spade products speaks for itself. I was torn between the Kate Spade Good Morning Gorgeous nightshirt, and the pave earrings, but the latter spoke more to me and the occasion – Valentine.

Every girl would appreciate a unique piece of jewelry, especially on this special day. These Kate Spade heart stud earrings have little rose gold heart studs that speak to her uniqueness. Best of all, the studs are super adorable.

[Every girl needs a Kate in her life!]

Check out more earrings from Kate Spade:


3. Pandora Sterling Silver Bracelet

I love Pandora! I’ve worn a Pandora bracelet for more than 4 years. The beauty of this jewelry is that you can build on to your bracelet to tell your life story [yours and hers]. I appreciate the good meaning behind Pandora.

My husband first gifted me a Pandora bracelet. Over the years, I received charms [as gifts] that represented a milestone or important event in my life and relationship. I love heartfelt gifts, and these charms hold special, heartfelt memories.

Start by gifting her the bracelet this Valentine’s Day. Then, stack them by giving her charms for special life events.

[Psst! The charms make an easy option for future gifts for her.]

4. Nike Air Zoom Strong 2 Metallic Sneakers (Latest Version)

I own one of these Nike sneakers #obsessed! This would make a great gift for the athletic, sporty chic. They go with anything and are sooo comfortable.

I have many Nike training shoes, and the Zoom Strong 2 is the most comfortable. Oh, and they have great traction, too.

You can wear them for a relaxed everyday look and to work out. The metallic gold gives the sneakers a nice feminine touch.

[I’ve seen Darlene wear these Nike Sneakers. Pictures don’t do these sneakers justice. Darlene kept getting compliments the day she wore them.]

You can check these other options too:


5. Lovebook Personalized Gift Book

The Lovebook is a personable gift because you can make it however you want. You can even design the characters to look like you [+ your pets]!

Looking for the perfect gift for her? We've rounded up this year's top 10 best Valentine's Day gifts for her. Find the most thoughtful and affordable gift ideas for women that will melt her heart on this special day. She’ll love these unique, heartfelt presents for years to come! #valentine #galentine

The possibilities are endless – talk about the past, present, and future. The Lovebook makes you reflect on big live events that you’ve had together. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be an artist.

[We’ve all seen love books, so I assumed this book would be just another one. Not only is Lovebook Online different, but it is also seriously amazing!]

6. Sugarfina Design Your Own Xoxo Candy Bento Box

I first tried this over Christmas and instantly became obsessed. You can do so much to personalize this Valentine’s Day gift for her just how you want it. This Valentine’s Day bento box gift set offers a wide selection of candies to her taste.

Fruity flavor √ Chocolate √ Champagne gummy bears √ Martini-olive-almonds √ Alcohol-free √ They even have a luxe collection of gummy bears infused with Dom Perignon! And they are surprisingly well-priced.

This customizable bento box lets you give her something simple that says “I love you” without being too serious. This gift says love you in a fun way.

[These make my mouth water #majorfoodie]

Explore other yummy candies or chocolates to surprise your darling who has a sweet tooth:

7. Apple Watch Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

I love my Apple Watch! I don’t know how I lived without it before. I am not super athletic, so I never thought I needed the iWatch.

Day-to-day life can seem non-stop, so it is great to know that I do not always need my phone to read important texts [like those from bae].

I use my iWatch for a lot of reminders and calendar updates. I hope the iWatch will encourage me to be more active. I think it does already. I highly recommend the Apple Watch in rose gold [hot color for women].

[I have a different Smartwatch brand, and I hope to switch to the iWatch soon]

Here are some chic smartwatches that can be great alternatives:

Last update on 2024-07-24 at 07:01 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

8. Lush Love Spell Bath Bombs

I’ve used many Lush Cosmetics bath bombs, and I love them. I have never gotten a Lush bath bomb that I did not like.

If she’s all about taking deep, relaxing bath soaks, this gift would set the mood [she might invite you too ;)]. Lush Cosmetics bath bombs are organic and vegan.

[This bath bomb is calling my name.]

Take a look at more bath bombs:


9. Sephora Lip Kit

This 5-product kit (sold out – similar) contains a great selection of top beauty brands. Also included is Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty kiss-proof matte lipstick in color candy venom [yass!].

The color is beautifully vibrant and looks amazing on a date night. No lipstick smudge when you try to get it on! This kit and the lipstick are Valentine’s Day-worthy.

[Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup line has been all the rave since its official launch in September 2017.]

Looking for more lip sets? I also recommend these beauties:


10. Chanel Gabrielle Perfume

I forgot to put it on my Christmas wishlist 🙁 I probably would have gotten it if I had put it on there.

I love the floral, fruity, flirty smell, and this fragrance hits those notes. Check out their new arrivals, too! There is so much to add to my list once again. 😵‍💫

[I’m a long-time addict of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, but the sound of this new perfume makes me want to try it ASAP. P.S.: This is the first Chanel fragrance in 15 years!]

You’ll never go wrong with these fragrances, too:


Are you still looking for more thoughtful gifts for women? Here are more of my favorite gift ideas:

1. Weighted Knit Blanket

Help her sleep better with a weighted blanket. With this blanket made from soft organic cotton, she’ll surely feel like being cradled by a weighted cloud!

And with a variety of colors to choose from, you can match her weighted blanket with her favorite sets of bed sheets and pillowcases.

2. Supersonic Hair Dryer

Every woman possesses a wide range of hair products and tools to ensure a great hair day. As a woman myself, I can attest to that!🤣 And if she has thick hair, she’ll squeal her heart out with this Hair Dryer from Dyson.

And yep, it’s a luxury gift. But hey, it’s okay to splurge occasionally if it’s for her!

3. Super Cryo Mini Massaging Orb

Surprise special women in your life this day of hearts with this Super Cryo Mini Massaging Orb. It is a body and facial massager that helps temporarily increase localized circulation.

This little orb can stay cool for 6 hours or provide therapeutic warmth, helping you achieve at-home and on-the-go therapy. Nothing a body or facial massage can’t fix in her life!

Gift Guide for Her
Valentines Day Gifts for Her
Gifts for Her Guide

Bonus: Paint Your Life

While updating this post, I thought of Paint Your Life as a unique gift for her worth considering this Valentine’s Day (or any other day like birthday, Mother’s Day, and a variety of other occasions).

Paint Your Life - Gifts for Her

Most women would say they don’t need anything for Valentine’s Day, but we all know that’s false. A personalized gift is always the best way to go.

Paint Your Life offers the most unique, emotional, and personalized gift experience. You can choose a painting of any existing photograph or even compile photographs of loved ones who never encountered each other.

Their team of professional portrait artists will bring your vision to life in a high-quality hand-painted portrait.

Eeks! I can’t wait to get my personalized art this year!


If I had to choose one or two items from this Valentine’s Day gift guide, I would pick the tumbler. I think it is cute.

The matte black color gives the tumbler that clean, expensive look and the gold glitter is simply beautiful. And I love glitter.

The phrase is both cute and playful. The tumbler would make a perfect gift for those in a younger relationship.

Or it can be an add-on gift to another gift as it is not too expensive. And it’s a water tumbler! Who doesn’t drink water?

Thoughtful Valentines Day Gift for Him

Next, I really, really love the Lovebook idea. I’m all about thoughtful, unique gifts you put your heart into.

Yes, it is a book and not a super materialistic gift. You can wholeheartedly express your love to that special someone through your story.

When you’ve been with somebody for a long time, you know chocolates and jewelry are cool, but the Lovebook? I’d choose the love book, and I’m not even a big book person.

There you have it! Darlene’s top 10 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for her (or that special someone).

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  1. True that! A piece of jewelry like earrings and grooming products would never go wrong while choosing a gift for her. Altogether Amazing Guide!

  2. The bracelet, earrings (I typically like heart-shaped jewelry) and the perfume are calling my name! It’s unusual though because I’m not much of a perfume lover – I’m picky with scents and prefer to by my own perfume.

  3. Super cute blog. I have a must to look at. My hubby gave me a Dreamlines wedding dress sketch. I love personalized presents and this one is just ideal.

  4. Get her a rainbow sundial gift certificate, there is a glass sundial (a sun clock) that you can find online that sits on the window sill indoors and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. You can order and get the certificate the same day via email, and the certificate is a good call because it lets her pick which room and window in her home to have it made for. She can have the guy who handmakes them add a special date line for special days that the time shadow will follow every year on her kids’ birthdays, or her birthday or anniversary too if she wants…which makes it a great Valentine’s Day gift but also a good anniversary or birthday gift as well. We have one in our house and my wife loves it. I don’t remember what it’s called but you can find it online with a search. Can’t go wrong with this one, it’s a gift that does something cool every year and the last minute certificate can really get you out of a jam.

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