What to Wear for Christmas Pictures: 80+ Festive Outfits!

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Oh, too early? Well, you can’t blame me! When the air breeze gets cold, you know the holiday season’s just around the corner.


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It’s still early-September, but I’m already starting to hear Christmas songs and see light decors displayed out front!

What to Wear for Christmas Pictures

No, seriously, aside from the good food and laughter, one cherished tradition we love is taking Christmas pictures together and having them framed or put in the family album.

And I know just how exciting it is to think of how you can spice up your family photo outfits for the pictures.

I’ll show you what to wear for Christmas pictures to ‘sleigh’ the holiday season!

What to Wear for Christmas Pictures

I understand how hard it is sometimes to have everyone in the family agree on what to wear for family photos.

Of course, everyone would like to pitch their ideas for family outfits, a wholesome way to bond and start the season of love right.

But, if you’re caught in the riddle of not-quite-sureness, I got you! Check out these holiday photo inspirations for Christmas family pictures:

Classic Coordinated Plaid

Go for a classic style and choose coordinated plaid patterns to evoke nostalgia and togetherness as a family. Plaid’s timeless charm has long been a staple of holiday season fashion.

Accessorize your plaid outfits with the following elements:


Elegant Black and Gold

Choose the black and gold color combo for sophistication and elegance. This color scheme exudes style and class and will make your family pictures look effortlessly refined and put together.

Etsy Luxury High Waist Party Evening Midi Dresses



This is actually what I am pushing for our Christmas family photo outfit this year since we have only been switching from red to green every holiday season. I hope my family agrees [cross fingers].

This color combination can be perfect for the winter season since dark colors are a great contrast for a white or neutral background.

Add more style to your elegant black and gold ensemble with the following:

Last update on 2024-06-21 at 03:02 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2024-06-21 at 03:02 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Polka Dot Delight

Opt for polka dots if you want a playful and vibrant family look. It exudes liveliness and a sense of fun in your holiday photos.

Match your polka dot outfits with these accessories:


Chic Red and Green

Here it is, my family’s favorite out of all family photo outfit ideas for the holidays🀣. Wear the red and green color scheme for a classic, festive look.

This color combination screams “holiday spirit” and will make your family photo pop with seasonal colors.

Sprinkle more pizzazz to your red and green combo with these elements:


Ugly Sweater Extravaganza

Choose an ugly sweater theme to bring fun to your Christmas pictures. Every family member can choose the wackiest holiday-themed sweaters for a light-hearted and memorable family picture.

Complement your sweater with these accessories to make your pictures even more fun:


Festive Pajama Party

Opt for matching family pajama sets in festive colors and prints for a cozy indoor photoshoot session. Matching pajamas give off a sense of comfort and belongingness, perfect for a family photo.

Pair your pajamas with the following elements to add more style:

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Last update on 2024-06-21 at 03:11 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Formal Velvet Elegance

Another outfit that offers a sophisticated look for your Christmas pictures is velvet. This attire will make everyone in the family look sleek and elegant.

Match your velvet ensemble with these accessories:


Vintage-Inspired Glamour

Choose vintage-inspired attires for a look of combined nostalgia and elegance. This timeless look gives off a stunning contrast against modern backdrops.

Etsy Vintage 1970s Blue High Waisted A Line Belted Skirt



I remember having vintage-inspired outfits as the theme for our Christmas party in school before, and it made us feel that we were transported back in time (LOL, good old days).

Complete your overall look with the following elements:


Santa’s Little Helpers

Opt for Santa’s helper outfits if you want a whimsical theme for your family photos in the festive season. The parents can be Mr. and Mrs. Claus, while the children can dress as Santa’s elves.

It’s a perfect way to make your family appear like they’ve just come out of a holiday storybook and take adorable photos.

Finish off your attire with these accessories:


Fairy Tale-Inspired

Set your sights on fairy tale-inspired attires for a touch of magic and enchantment in your holiday family photos. Dress the family in holiday tales like “The Nutcracker” or “A Christmas Carol”.

This outfit idea adds an element of fantasy, a great way to take awesome photos and make the holidays extra special and magical.

Tie your overall look with the following elements:


FAQ About What to Wear for Christmas Pictures

What colors to wear for Christmas pictures?

The common color choices for Christmas pictures are red, green, black, gold, silver, white, and deep jewel tones. But you can also wear non-traditional holiday colors and give your family holiday photos a varied color palette.

How should I dress for Christmas card pictures?

Choose to dress formally or semi-formally for Christmas card photos. Opt for timeless family outfits and colors representing your family’s style, and pick a neutral or white background for a pop of color in your attire.

What are neutral colors for Christmas photos?

Lighter colors such as cream, beige, and soft pastel complement Christmas photos well, especially if you want a minimalist or winter-themed look.

Top Takeaways About What to Wear for Christmas Pictures

Christmas is indeed a season of love and family. One way to make it more memorable is by documenting the special occasion; hence, dressing up the entire family is important.

You must consider the atmosphere and location when choosing the perfect outfit for Christmas pictures. Choose formal or semi-formal wear if you’re planning for a formal photo shoot, such as dresses and business casual in seasonal colors.

Outfit Ideas for Christmas Pictures

If you plan a family photo session at home, you can opt for relaxed and cozy vibes for your holiday cards.

Choose matching pajamas or red and green ensembles, go whimsical with holiday-themed prints or patterns, sprinkle fun, and choose bright colors.

There are no strict rules about what to wear for your family picture. This blog post is only my take on what outfits might be great for the event.

By all means, go for what defines your family the best, and enjoy the holiday season!

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