Why is Canada Goose so Expensive? The 10 Reasons Why!

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I still remember the first time I told some friends I was moving to Alaska for work.


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“Alaska?” They were shocked. One of my friends advised: “Get Sorel winter boots and a Canada Goose jacket.”

why is canada goose so expensive - canada goose winter jacket
Here I am in Alaska – wearing a $900+ Canada Goose jacket at -22ΒΊF (and yes, I felt sorry for my photographer)

Eeks! This fresh-outta-college new graduate stopped in her tracks when she saw the pricetag of one Canada Goose jacket.🀣

But seriously, why is Canada Goose so expensive? The results will shock you.πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Diana, our fashion and beauty writer, did some digging. She’ll take over from here, but I’ll chime in with a comment or two.

why is canada goose so expensive
Sam Tick Circa 1950

Moving on! Here are the main reasons why Canada Goose is so almost astronomically ($500-$1,000+) expensive!

Why is Canada Goose So Expensive?

1. High-Quality Materials

One of the main reasons Canada Goose commands such a high price is the quality of its products.

I’m talking about the creme de la creme of materials. To give you a feel for what I’m talking about, take a look at the product description for the $1,650 Canada Goose Trillium Parka Heritage.

Besides the elaborate list of features, words like Fur Ruff, 625 Fill Power, and responsibly sourced Duck Down scream $$$ to me.

Other premium materials you’ll find at Canada Goose are natural and goose down, recycled feathers, wool fleece, merino wool, and cashmere.

material 1

It’s also refreshing to see that Canada Goose is making some effort to use Preferred Fibres and Materials (PFMs) β€” recycled, organic, and other responsibly sourced materials.

Why? Glad you asked!

These materials provide warmth, comfort, and durability in harsh winter conditions. And if you’re wondering, these top-tier materials don’t exactly come cheap.

Don’t believe me? Read the product description of this under $50 Shein lined coat.

Hint: It’s 100% polyester.

2. Canadian-Made

So Canada Goose is made in Canada, eh?

It’s actually refreshing to know that this luxury line is made in Canada. Nothing rubs me off more than a brand outsourcing production to the “bottom barrel” and then turning around and marking up their products to unsuspecting customers.

Canadian made Canada Goose

Literally, all Canada Goose’s products have been made in Canada since 1957, eight years before Canada got its own flag!

If this is not history, I don’t know what is!

Handcrafting each and every product locally supports the Canadian economy and drives up manufacturing expenses.

And someone down the consumer chain has to cover this cost β€” yet another reason why Canada Goose is so expensive.

why canada goose jackets is so expensive - Canadian-Made
Yes, that’s Louisa again! Isn’t she lovely? I mean the jacket.😍

But I’m not complaining. I felt untouchable when I wore a Canada Goose jacket at subzero degrees, -22ΒΊF/-30ΒΊC.

So I can see why some people don’t bat an eye splurging on these designer brand jackets.

3. Extensive Research and Development

I don’t know if R&D is the perfect description for this section.

But what I do know is that Canada Goose makes strategic moves. In 2021, the brand launched its first footwear collection as a way to “go beyond the parka.”

Besides the obvious increase in revenue, knowing how to make parkas is no guarantee that your footwear will be any good.

Canada Goose Knitwear

However, Canada Goose customers loved the footwear collection, which is now staple on the Canada Goose website.

A few years prior, this luxury brand introduced its first-ever winter knitwear collection. Would you splurge on this $225 beanie?😬

I wouldn’t mind one of these for life up North… if it was a gift to me.

Anyways, my best guess is that the minds behind this iconic brand are probably performing market research (and product development) to ensure that customers can rock its products all year round.

This reminds me of the evolution of Amazon (from the go-to for books and CDS to a one-stop shop) but in a smaller and albeit slower space.

4. Brand Reputation

Want to know another reason why Canada Goose is expensive?

Simply put, brand reputation.

The same reason every it-girl and her mother owns or wants a Chanel boy bag can explain why celebrities and luxury shoppers own Canada Good winter jackets.

Quality and exclusivity play a role here too. And when you tie those two together, shoppers are more willing to pay a little (or a lot) extra to join the “exclusive club.”

But Canada Goose as we know it today has not always been called Canada Goose.

At its launch in 1957, the brand was called Metro Sportswear Ltd. In 1970, Sam Tick’s son-in-law, David Reiss, came into the picture and launched the Snow Goose label.

However, another brand was known as Snow Goose, so they made one final change to Canada Goose (source).

How mind-blowing is that?!

5. Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities love Canada Goose, and it’s not hard to see why!

In 2012, Canada Goose made headlines when it sponsored industry professionals at the Sundance Film Festival.

Canada Goose and Vetements MacMillan red
Canada Goose x Vetements

And, as you might expect, many celebrities have been spotted wearing their iconic jackets around town since then. From Daniel Craig to Rihanna, Emma Stone to Tom Hardy, and even Lil Uzi Vert wrote a song about the brand called “Canadian Goose.”

I’ll let you on a little secret. When I saw Rihanna in the Canada Goose X Vetements coat, I knew I wanted one. But, hey, literally everything looks good on her!

It doesn’t hurt to add another item to my growing fashion bucket list [hides face].

But Canada Goose is not only for celebrities like Kate Upton or the big screens (re: “Manchester by the Sea” and “Spectre”).

These jackets are so famous that they actually got banned from a UK high school. School officials didn’t want low-income students to feel left out just because they couldn’t afford a luxury label.

And check this out! Officials in DC are warning people to watch out for thieves targeting folks rocking these expensive jackets.

6. Weather-Resistant

Have you ever experienced extreme winter cold that made it hard to breathe? Your eyelashes turn to white whiskers from the condensation of your breath.

I see Louisa’s hand go up in the air!

She admits that she was warm, but wearing Canada Goose could have made that -40ΒΊF Alaska winter better. The jury is still out!

This iconic Canadian brand’s claim to fame is with its weather-resistant outerwear, believed to withstand even the harshest winter conditions.

And here’s an interesting fact: Laurie Skreslet made history by being the first Canadian to summit Mt. Everest. And you know what’s even cooler? He did it while wearing a custom parka made by Metro Sportswear!

They’re insulated to perfection and are now considered the gold standard in the industry. Louisa Moje can attest to that!

why is canada goose so expensive - canada goose winter jacket

They use something called “Arctic-Tech” for the jacket’s outer material, which is basically the superhero of textiles when it comes to staying dry in even the most extreme weather conditions (source).

These Canadian-Made coats use coyote fur to trim the hoods on their jackets because of their impressive properties! The fur doesn’t freeze or hold water, and the uneven hair lengths create a windbreak that helps to protect your skin and keep you warm.

According to the company, their animal fur trim is designed to disrupt airflow and protect exposed skin against frostbite.

So, not only does it look stylish, but it’s also functional!

7. Ethical Sourcing

Canada Goose has come a long way with how they source its raw materials.

Although their use of certain materials puts them in the “black book” of many animal activists, some applaud their strides towards using sustainable materials and responsibly sourced materials.

But we can only move forward from here (I hope).

Responsible Down Standard Certified

According to the company’s website, Canada Goose now has Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification β€” using suppliers that do not practice live-plucking or force-feeding and down feather, a by-product of the poultry industry.

8. Unique Design

There’s no denying that Canada Goose designs are unique, so much so that we see many Canada Goose-inspired jackets.

Years ago, when Christian Louboutin’s shoes were trending, many retailers caught on – they wanted a piece of the pie.

And so, they made their own version (similar look and sometimes similar feel) of the iconic shoe without the price tag and the trademarked red bottom heels.

Angel Chen Collaboration With Canada Goose
Angel Chen for Canada Goose

Similarly, the undeniable designs of Canada Goose’s expensive coats have become sort of a goal or, dare I say, the gold standard for many budget-conscious shoppers and retail brands alike.

Here’s an example of an affordable alternative with Canada Goose’s vibes!

And for a more interesting look at Canada Goose designs, check out this Canada Goose parka collection created by Inuit designers during a 2019 launch event.

Speaking about blending culture with contemporary styles, this collaboration with Angel Chen was refreshing to see.

9. Handcrafted Details

I honestly had no idea that Canada Goose hand-makes their products. There’s no denying that handmade products tend to command a higher price tag.

If you’re still trying to understand the reason why Canada Goose is so expensive, the detail alone justifies Canada Goose’s markup.

Handcrafted Details Canada Goose

It’s easy to tell a mass-produced item from a custom/handmade product. For example, I’ve order African print dresses on Amazon and Etsy.

Many, if not all, of the Amazon sellers mass-produce these clothes and you can tell just from looking at the seam, the quality of the fabric.

In contrast, handmade African print clothes from local artisans on Etsy feel and look a lot better. And they last longer.


Anyone who has an eye for fashion would appreciate the quality of handmade pieces. Did you know that Canada Goode jackets go through 13 stages of production and a quality assurance check?

Talk about wearable art!

10. Durability

What’s the point of buying an expensive Canada Goose jacket if it falls apart in one season?

Well, you don’t have to worry about this. Canada Goose jackets are built for the rugged Arctic winters.

Canada Goose Facility

If you prioritize the cost per wear of your clothing, you might be able to justify the steep cost of Canada Goose products.

And if you’re curious if the long-lasting products have a decent resell value, I’m happy to report that Canada Goose vintage products hold their price quite well.

Canada Goose Bestsellers

The last thing I want for you or anyone reading this blog post is to get stressed out about which Canada Goose item to get.

1. Shelburne Parka Heritage

I recommend getting this Shelburne parka if you can only get one parka. With a temperature rating of 14Β°F to -4Β°F, this jacket is built for extreme conditions.

The thigh-length design is also a feature that we cannot ignore. When it’s bitterly cold outside, I’m sure most of us would appreciate a long winter coat.

2. Trillium Parka Heritage

Another great option is the Trillium Parka Heritage. This jacket is great for cold climates like Canadian winters (or even Alaskan winters).

Although the length is slightly shorter than the Shelburne parka, it still packs a punch. The water-resistant feature ensures that you won’t get wet when the snow turns to slush or rain.

Plus, the drawcord-toggle hood will guarantee that your hoodie will stay even on a windy day.

3. Freestyle Vest Print

The Freestyle Vest is a great option as we transition from spring to summer. And it has a temperature rating of 41Β°F to 23Β°F.

Yes, you might still need a wear a sweater to keep your hands from getting too cold.

I, Louisa, had a similar vest I wore on the way to work and back. I’ve actually worn my vest a few times in the pharmacy when the temperature got unbearably cold.

I only recommend getting this Freestyle Vest after getting the Shelburne parka or the Trillium Parka Heritage. The one exception would be if you live in a place that doesn’t get very cold.

It’s also a lot easier to style a winter vest too. Here’s how Louisa styled an animal print vest during the early fall.

4. Lorette Parka Heritage

The Loretta parka brings a unique flair to the bestselling Canada Goose jackets list. This winter coat has a simpler, less bulky design compared to the others.

If you’re worried about looking like Spongebob, this parka is for you. It has a more fitted design that will accentuate your curves. One thing to remember is that this jacket doesn’t have a fur hoodie.

Would you wear this winter coat? I would!😁

5. Arctic Toque Hat

And finally, a top-seller that is not a winter coat! The Arctic Toque hat is made with merino wool, designed to keep you warm.

At a price tag of $225, this Canada Goose beanie is not an amount to sneeze at. You’re probably doing the math on how many outfits you could get with that amount.

I get it!

As one of the most affordable items on Canada Goose’s website, I can see why this could be the go-to product for anyone that wants to own an authentic Canada Goose jacket.


Is Canada Goose Worth The Money?

Yes and no! The truth is, it depends on the features you value! You’re paying for the quality and name of the brand.

I asked Louisa if she would consider buying a Canada Goose jacket for life in Alaska. She responded that a Canada Goose jacket would be nice but unnecessary.

Orolay jacket review

Having lived through 4+ Alaskan winters and subzero-degree weather, she admits that other, more affordable brands will keep you equally nice and warm.

Louisa’s current go-to winter jacket for winter is this Orolay down jacket.

Be careful, though. Only get it from this brand on Amazon, as many copycats are now on the market.

Our Final Say on Canada Goose

And if you decide that Canada Goose is a must-have for you, we recommend starting out with one of their bestsellers. They are called bestsellers for a reason!πŸ˜‰

Alternatively, you can find an option that best suits your needs using the brand’s Thermal Experience Index (TEI). It’s like a guide that helps you choose the warmth you need based on the kind of activity you’ll be doing.

Thermal Experience Index Canada Goose

Jackets Like Canada Goose But Cheaper

Undoubtedly, Canada Goose has made a name for itself as a luxury brand. However, if you can’t stomach spending $$$$ on one jacket, you’ll love these jackets like Canada Goose that are more affordable.

Read this Canada Goose Alternatives blog post for more details on each jacket. See other Canada Goose alternatives below:


FAQ About Canada Goose

Is Canada Goose fur worth it?

Actually, I think Canada Goose fur is worth it if you want high-quality, responsibly sourced down. If not, you’re better off getting one of these top-rated Canada Goose alternatives.

Is Canada Goose considered a luxury brand?

Canada Goose is absolutely a luxury brand. It’s easy to tell from the fabric quality they use, the price of each item, and the celebrities we’ve spotted wearing this brand.

Is Canada Goose a status symbol?

To some extent, yes, Canada Goose is a status symbol. From Patagonia and North Face to Columbia, finding similar quality products from other brands is not too difficult.

Why is Canada Goose so popular?

The main reason Canada Canada is so popular is the brand’s reputation. Just like you can spot a Chanel bag from a distance, Canada Goose’s logo is hard to miss. This and the high demand for their handmade products make Canada Goose so popular.

In Summary…

If you want to splurge on high-quality outerwear that uses responsible sourcing of materials, handmade its products locally, and takes pride in the longevity of its products, Canada Goose is worth considering.

And as highlighted above, all of the top ten reasons underscore why Canada Goose is so expensive and has garnered a cult following.

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