Why is ZARA so Expensive? 11 Reasons You Should Know!

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If you’ve ever sauntered into a Zara store or casually browsed their online collection, you’ve probably had that moment of surprise: “Why is Zara so expensive?”


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That same question echoed in my mind the first time I ordered a simple yet exquisitely designed Zara top with a heart-stopping price tag.

Why is ZARA so Expensive

So, you’re probably wondering why ZARA, the queen of affordable fashion, has some items priced higher than others?


Before we dive in, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane:

ZARA was born in 1975, thanks to the genius of Amancio Ortega and his first wife, Rosalรญa Mera. Their ambition in the fashion industry led to the creation of Inditex and, subsequently, ZARA.

Amancio Ortega ZARA
Portrait of Amancio Ortega Gaona, founder of Inditex (Zara empire)

And the result of this said ambition? A brand that is known for its affordable, stylish clothing line.

But here’s the kicker: even though ZARA is considered “affordable,” some of their pieces can cost up to $200! Can you believe it?

Well, brace yourselves; these 11 reasons might just leave you shook!

Why is ZARA So Expensive?

1. Branded Value

ZARA, like many fast-fashion retailers, follows the “produce in bulk, sell it cheap” strategy.

It’s a surefire way to reel in customers, especially when they offer styles that are almost identical to luxury brands but at a fraction of the cost.


However, Shelly E. Kohan of the Fashion Institute of Technology made an interesting point:

Exchanging dollars for product is no longer meeting the needs of todayโ€™s shopper as they strive for deeper connections with the brand. Appealing to the loyal segment of the target market, like Zara does, allows for higher profit margins and caters to customers who seek out branded value.

By successfully establishing a branded value, ZARA has acquired more loyalists. Such customers are not the type to worry about the prices since they trust and value the brand.

And this is likely one of the reasons why ZARA can command higher prices.

2. International Stores Location

Ever wondered why ZARA items in the US are pricier than in other countries, even though they’re the same products?

ZARA physical store

Well, surprise, surprise! ZARA’s pricing strategy is based on your location โ€” worldwide pricing strategy, they call it.

Their international clothing retailers have different pricing standards. A study found that prices in South Korea, the USA, and China are generally higher than in other locations.

So, brace yourself for higher prices if you’re in a country with a higher purchasing power.

3. Profit Margin

When a clothing brand’s profits head south, they’ll have to do what they must to make it go up.

Even though ZARA offers affordable prices, they’re not immune to economic downturns. And when times get tough, they might have to increase their prices to keep their profits healthy.

ZARA Lithuania
Zara store in the shopping center Akropolis

And what other way can they rescue their profit if not to hike prices? Yep, another cha-ching on that.

4. High-end Retail Location

ZARA might be a fast-fashion brand, but they’ve got a strategy that places them right next to high-end brands.

GALAXY shopping and entertainment center
Szczecin, Poland – February 10, 2021: GALAXY shopping and entertainment center.

Take Fifth Avenue, New York, for example. ZARA has a flagship store in one of the most famous shopping districts in the US.

This is why you rarely see ZARA ads. They’re too busy investing in prime retail locations near luxury brand stores.

ZARA Romania
Zara fashion storefront in Promenade Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in Sibiu

And storefront prices are much higher than paid ads.

And guess who ends up covering the cost of these high-end locations? Yep, you guessed it, darling. We do!

5. Fast-Fashion Payoff

You might have heard that ZARA’s quality is pretty average, right? But let me tell you, their earnings tell a different story.

ZARA, being the fast-fashion mogul it is, has its eyes peeled for the latest fashion trends. And guess what? They can whip up fresh, trendy products in just about two weeks.

And when they’re churning out affordable, mass-produced items, you bet they’re seeing a return on investment in no time.

They’re all about that quick ROI, which means, yep, they’ve got to hike up those prices.

And even when they’re hit by crises like a pandemic or inflation from war, they find a way to turn the situation around and keep the profits rolling in.

6. Company Infrastructure

Ever wondered what else might be bumping up ZARA’s prices? Let’s talk about infrastructure.

ZARA has warehouses and factories scattered all over the place. And trust me, investing in all that isn’t cheap.

ZARA Austria

Everything from their network of suppliers, clothing distributors, sourcing of raw materials, clothing manufacturers, and more all factor into their infrastructure budget.

So, they’ve got to add a few extra bucks to their prices to cover these costs. And honestly, that seems fair, don’t you think?

7. Transportation of Products

Let’s not forget about the cost of transporting all those products. ZARA has to hire various means of transport to get their items from the factories to the stores.

And is that cheap? Absolutely not. Especially when the products are coming from overseas.

ZARA Jacket for Men

ZARA has to shell out quite a bit to get its products from the southern hemisphere and Asia.

That’s another bill to add to the pile.

8. Running Multiple Stores

Running multiple stores is not for the weak. It takes a lot of responsibility to manage and address each store’s needs promptly and efficiently.

With nearly 3000 physical stores in 96 countries, ZARA has to ensure that its retail stores around the globe are up to the task and can effectively cater to their customers’ needs.

ZARA Saint Petersburg

Everything from employee wages, and store ambiance to transportation of supplies, all factor into the cost of running multiple stores.

So, when you see their price tags, remember that a chunk of that is going towards maintaining their retail stores.

9. Limited Editions

While ZARA does offer a range of reasonably priced items, some of their products come with a heftier price tag because they’re limited edition.

Oversized Linen Blend Bomber Limited Edition
Knotted Ramie Dress Limited Edition
Printed Dress Limited Edition

Limited editions are like the celebrities of ZARA’s product line. They’re produced in limited quantities and are in a league of their own compared to their regular items.

With their exclusivity and scarcity, it’s no surprise they command higher prices.

But hey, that’s pretty common across all brands, so that we can understand that, right?

10. Premium Materials in Select Pieces

  1. Okay, let’s spill some tea! We all know that fast-fashion giants like ZARA and H&M are notorious for using more affordable materials. But hey, every rule has its exception, right?

ZARA, my friends, does not disappoint. They have a range of products that boast premium materials like ramie, cashmere, silk, and so much more.


And guess what? These are the priciest items in ZARA’s collection.

Just because ZARA is a fast-fashion brand with an average price range, doesn’t mean they can’t whip up some high-quality pieces.

Still skeptical? Here are a few more examples to convince you:


11. Major Investments in Tech

Staying on top of trends is a must in the ever-evolving fashion world.

To keep their products fresh and comparable to luxury brands (but for a fraction of the price), ZARA has been pouring a lot of money into information technology.

ZARA clothes display

This allows them to stay a step ahead of other fast-fashion brands and deliver clothing pieces that are more trendy and appealing to buyers.

And let’s not forget about their online shopping game. Inditex, the parent company of ZARA, has invested heavily in the retailer’s app. This makes it super easy for customers to see what’s available to buy on the same day, self-checkout using QR codes, find products in stores using a map, and more.


I mean, how convenient is that? And yes, we do have to pay a little extra for their innovation. But trust me; it’s worth every penny!

ZARA Bestsellers

1. Cut Out Asymmetrical Dress

Got a birthday coming up and still clueless about what to wear? Say hello to ZARA’s Cut Out Asymmetrical Dress.

With its chic cutout, it’s the perfect blend of sexy and sophisticated. A solid 10/10 from me!

2. Textured Striped Blouse

Dreaming of that perfect summer look? Your wish is my command!

The Textured Striped Blouse is your ticket to that refreshing summer vibe you’ve been craving.

It’s the ideal piece for a subtle beach look.

3. Draped Mini Skirt

Next up, we have ZARA’s Draped Mini Skirt. Its beautiful draped design screams confidence and elegance.

Trust me, you’ll not only turn heads with this one but leave a lasting impression too!

4. Open Back Linen Top

The Open Back Linen is another must-have for the summer season.

With its open back, you’ll feel bold and alluring when stepping out. Perfect for those back camera shots you’ve been dying to post.

5. Linen Blend Tailored Vest

This vest is a staple for every fashion-forward woman. See that elegant cropped and classic vest? Simply stunning.

It’s the perfect piece to elevate any look you’re aiming for!

Is ZARA Worth The Money?

For its average price, I’d say a resounding yes.

More often than not, ZARA’s products are affordable. But remember, don’t expect luxury quality at these prices.

And let’s not forget that fast fashion brands aren’t exactly sustainable. They’re in a constant cycle of creating and discarding products.

And these practices aren’t exactly Mother Earth-friendly.

While ZARA is budget-friendly, sustainable luxury brands may be pricier in the fashion industry but are kinder to our planet than instant fashion brands. So, it’s all about finding that balance, my dear fashionistas!

ZARA Alternatives

Who says you can’t find chic options that rival ZARA’s affordability and style? Here’s a curated collection for the fashionista who wants to mix things up a bit without breaking the bank.

Why stop at just five? Venture further into the realm of fabulous alternatives:



Is Mango more expensive than ZARA?

Mango and ZARA typically offer products in a similar price range, but they can vary between particular items.

Are ZARA clothes expensive?

No, ZARA’s pricing is considered mid-range in the fashion market. But, It’s not a luxury brand, but certain collections can fetch higher prices due to special materials or limited editions.

Is ZARA more expensive in America?

According to studies, ZARA tends to be pricier in America due to import duties, taxes, higher purchasing power, and market conditions.

Does ZARA have good quality?

ZARA offers trendy items at a mid-range price point. The quality is reflective of the price – not premium, but certainly not shoddy either.

With Regards to Their Sustainability…

Recently, there have been concerns over allegations of exploitative labor conditions in ZARA’s overseas factories. Such news can undoubtedly make customers uncomfortable.

However, ZARA, in conjunction with Brazil’s Ministry of Work, has promised to increase oversight to prevent such issues in the future. The company is also working towards more transparent and sustainable operations.

 Final Thoughts

ZARA, with its balance of affordability and style, continues to captivate shoppers worldwide. Sometimes, the seemingly expensive tags are justifiable due to factors such as profit margin, retail location, international stores, and shipping.

Despite the occasional criticisms over product quality, ZARA’s allure remains strong. Now you know why Zara is so expensive.

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