2024 Barefoot Dreams Blanket Review: Worth It? Or Simply Over-Rated?

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So you’ve heard about the coziest blanket on earth but can’t quite understand it until you read a Barefoot Dreams blanket review. I’m right there with you!


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I will admit that I was flabbergasted when I first heard about the price of the blankets in the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic collection.


You want me to pay how much? For a blanket? That isn’t weaved from gold?

Sure, that might be pocket change for the Kardashians and Chrissy Tegan – known to be huge fans of the brand.

But some of us don’t have deep pockets and live off what we earn daily!

Dropping upwards of $150 bucks for something you can get at Target for less than $10 bucks seemed ridiculous.

The more I read about the softest blanket, the more I thought that this cozy blanket might be a worthwhile investment.

After all, we spend so much time snoozing in bed or snuggling up on the couch, so we might as well do it in comfort and style, right?

barefoot dreams blanket nordstrom

 Yes, I ended up scooping up the $$$ Barefoot Dreams CozyChic cardigan. But a comforter?

Let’s discuss some of the key features of this luxury blanket and comforter to see if it lives up to the hype in this blog post.

The current Barefoot Dreams bestsellers are:


Sizes and Quality

You can pick up a BD plush blanket in various colors and patterns. The standard size for most Barefoot Dreams blankets is 54 x 72″.

So whether you like to have your own or prefer to share, you’ll certainly find one big and fluffy enough! The blanket comes exactly as expected from a standard large rectangular blanket.

Are these cozy blankets worth it or is this just another over-hyped product everyone loves to hate on? Read this complete guide to Barefoot Dreams to find out!

Need this cozy must-have for a baby? You’ll love the CozyChic Ultra Lite Plaid Baby Bundle.

Some have tassels or other additions, but what you see is what you get. 54×72 inches of pure perfection!

Regarding quality, we can’t expect anything less from Barefoot Dreams.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket
  • Machine Washable
  • Ocean / White
  • Barefoot Dreams is at it again with another luxurious knit blanket; The CozyChic knit construction will add additional comfort and...
  • Machine Wash Cold

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To put things in perspective, my BD CozyChic Lite cardigan is a must-have during the winter or when I travel for work in Alaska.

If this holds, then the quality of blanket you’ll get from Barefoot Dreams will rival none.

Yes, you can get a comforter for a cheaper price, but it won’t feel the same.

how to wash barefoot dreams blanket


You would expect them to be made of cashmere or something at this price, but no! Every blanket in the CozyChic range is made from a hundred percent polyester microfiber.

You might ask: Why are Barefoot Dreams blankets so popular if they’re hugely expensive yet made of synthetic materials?

Unfortunately, millions of other fans worldwide exist, and I don’t have the answer to this question! But I can tell you that this is, in nine out of ten cases, the softest throw blanket you’ll find anywhere.

It’s practically impossible to describe the appeal of their softness. You have to get your hands on one of these microfiber blankets.

Trust me, it isn’t just influencers who fall in love with them because they have been paid to; these babies are popular for a reason!

Super soft blankets and comforters were a top seller among LPV readers because they make an amazing gift for family and friends.

Colors and Styles – Are There Plenty To Choose From?

Now, BD has you covered with a hugely versatile range of cozy comforters. There are so many different colors and patterns available regarding blankets and throws.

Soft neutral and pastel tones, bright, bold shades, funky checks, spots, stripes… just about anything!


You’re sure to find one to suit any aesthetic. Love print? Try the leopard blanket!

Disney fans will be thrilled by the range of stunning snuggly options, from Frozen, Cinderella, and Toy Story to Dumbo and Bambi – they’ve even got some Minnie and Mickey designs to choose from, including the classic mouse ears logo.

Are these cozy blankets worth it or is this just another over-hyped product everyone loves to hate on? Read this complete guide to Barefoot Dreams to find out!

The In The Wild blanket is one of the most popular 100% polyester blankets.

This plush throw blanket is huge and adorned with leopard print (and much-hyped by Chrissy Teigan!).

Maintenance – How Hard Is Keeping It Cozy?

At this price tag, it’s safe to ask all these questions: do Barefoot Dreams blankets wash well? Are they easy to take care of? Will they last for a long time?

You’ll be pleased to know that you can machine wash your CozyChic blanket.

According to the Barefoot Dreams website, throwing your BD products in your washer is safe, but they do not respond well to heat.

You should only wash your BD by throwing it on a delicate or gentle cycle with cold water and gentle detergent.

Likewise, don’t be tempted to use fabric softener (yes, really!) or any potentially harsh chemicals when washing your blanket, as this is guaranteed to compromise its supreme softness.

barefoot dreams leopard blanket review

Barefoot Dreams also suggests that you stick to air drying their products.

But if you must throw it in the dryer, do so on the lowest possible setting and without a dryer sheet. 

Again, this is imperative to retain the ridiculously soft feeling of this blanket!

It’s also suggested that you always neatly fold your blanket when not in use to prevent unwanted pilling or stretching.

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Where Should I Get My Barefoot Dreams Blanket?

Unfortunately, BD has been the victim of many counterfeit brands trying to profit from its success.

This means there are plenty of fakes across the net, and you must be careful to ensure the product you receive is authentic.

Are these cozy blankets worth it or is this just another over-hyped product everyone loves to hate on? Read this complete guide to Barefoot Dreams to find out!

As explained in the ‘Authenticity’ section of their FAQs, you should only ever purchase Barefoot Dreams products directly from their website, www.barefootdreams.com, an authorized retailer like Nordstrom, Zappos, and certain Amazon retailers, or one of their verified brick-and-mortar stores.

Run away if you see BD comforters on Alibaba (a major red flag!). Here’s a list of a few Barefoot Dreams Authorized Amazon.com retailers:

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: Are They Worth It?

Yes, Barefoot Dreams blankets are worth it. If you have over a hundred and fifty bucks to spend on a blanket, then yes – they live up to the hype.

I couldn’t tell you why, but they are just so impossibly soft it almost feels illegal.


However, if possible, I highly recommend that you be patient and try to snag one during their #NSALE blanket sale.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great opportunity to score this blanket at a more reasonable price (though they still tend to cost more than the average blanket!).

Other FAQ About Barefoot Dreams

Is Barefoot Dreams legit?

Yes, Barefoot Dreams is legit. HOWEVER, be mindful of where you purchase from, as a few reports of inauthentic BD products are floating around. Get yours from Barefoot Dreams official website, Nordstrom, ZapposDillardsor one of the above Authorized Amazon Retailers.

How do you make Barefoot Dreams soft again?

This may be a combination of a few things – using harsh detergent, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, bleach, and even water. To restore softness, try washing your BD product with gentle detergent (or none) and add a cup of white vinegar. Air dry.

What brand compares to Barefoot Dreams?

Does Barefoot Dreams have sales?

Barefoot Dreams rarely goes on sale. To get significant savings, buy this ASAP during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, as they tend to sell out fast. Or try your luck on Nordstrom Rack.

Are Barefoot Dreams blankets warm?

Yes, Barefoot Dreams blankets are warm, soft, and plush.

Is barefootdreamshop.com a scam or a legit online store?

Scam! Scam! Scam!! Do not stop there.

Where is barefoot dreams made?

Barefoot Dreams is located in Malibu, California. And some of their products are made outside the country (imported). The CozyChic Malibu Blanket is made in California.

Does Barefoot Dreams have student discount?

At this time, the brand does not offer exclusive student discounts.

Do Barefoot Dreams blankets wash well?

Yes, Barefoot Dreams blankets wash well. I’ve washed mine several times using cold water and a low-heat setting. The result is a perfectly soft blanket that looks just as good as new.

Why is Barefoot Dreams so expensive?

This is one question I’ve wrestled with the most.

Just as Lululemon commands a price tag of $98+ for a pair of leggings (that you can get for $20), Barefoot Dreams are the creme de la creme of cozy blankets.

You can get an alternative for $20 at Target, but you’ll never return if you try Barefoot Dreams products.

Nothing but love for Barefoot Dreams blanket. Love this brand so much I picked up the fan-favorite cardigan and cozy socks
All cozied up in my Barefoot Dreams blanket while pregnant

Conclusion: Barefoot Dreams Blanket Review

It’s no doubt that Barefoot Dreams blankets and cardigans are undeniably soft. You’ll feel like you’re cozily wrapped in a piece of heaven.

Although these microfiber pieces might be perfect for blanket weather, they can be used all year round in your living spaces.

can you wash barefoot dreams blanket

And they are always a welcome gift for the person who has everything. The size of your BD blanket is large enough to be comfortably used by someone who is super tall.

And caring for your blanket is not difficult.

Can’t decide on which Barefoot Dreams blanket to get? You can’t go wrong with any of these bestsellers:

Barefoot Dreams Women’s CozyChic Barefoot In The Wild Throw
  • EXOTIC DETAIL on your living room or bedroom. Delicately designed with a lavish jacquard print, it is a multi-colored contrasting…
  • WILDLY POPULAR: Even celebrities can’t resist the extreme softness of this stunning beauty. Since its appearance on “Keeping…
  • PAMPER AND LOSE YOURSELF in luxury with the heavenly softness of this exquisitely made Wild Throw. You deserve a break once in a…
  • FABRIC: 100% Polyester Microfiber.
  • CARE: Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.

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  2. I have never heard of this brand, but wow, you are right about the prices. I think it would probably make for a nice gift idea for someone who is hard to shop for.

  3. This is the first I’ve heard of Barefoot Dreams blankets, but now I want to try one. However, since I have pets, I think it would cause me too much stress if they damaged it.

  4. I could never justify spending this much on a throw blanket. However, I trust your review in case I get the urge to splurge!

  5. My daughter would want this blanket. She is obsessed with blankets and has a pile of them on her bed already, but she always wants more.

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