Honest Chicwish Review: 2023 MUST-READ Before Ordering (Quality, Style, and Prices) + $650 Giveaway

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If you’re looking for a detailed, honest review of the Chicwish online store before deciding whether or not to make a purchase, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, I’ll analyze the quality of the Chicwish pieces I received, compare two of the same Chicwish dresses for product consistency, and share my overall thoughts on this online store.

I’ll also share some pictures of me wearing their pieces to show you how they look on real people.

So, if you’re curious about what it’s like to order from Chicwish, keep reading!


I’m always a little apprehensive when it comes to ordering clothes online. Will the sizing be off? Will the fabric be cheap and see-through? 

chicwish website reviews

From my last post about Chicwish, you know that Chicwish IS a legitimate company.

I’m happy to bring you the second part of this Chicwish series, an investigative look into the product quality and consistency of two of the same Chicwish dresses.

What Is Chicwish?

If you’re into online shopping as much as I am, you’ve probably heard of Chicwish. It’s an online store that stocks a range of feminine and pretty clothes – perfect for girly girls like me!

Is Chicwish A Legitimate Site?

Yes, Chicwish is a legitimate site. For an in-depth look into the legitimacy of Chicwish, read part one of this two-part Chicwish series.

chicwish quality review

Honest Chicwish Review [2022]

1. Quality

The quality of Chicwish garments is pretty good. I found a few keepers and everything has held up well (knock on wood). 

Chicwish’s fabric quality isn’t quite at the level ofother retailers and even high-end brands, but they are much more affordable!

I would say that the quality is on par with Zara and other similar fast-fashion retailers.

chicwish sweater review

I’ve had no problems washing the clothes. I wash all my Chicwish clothes on a delicate cycle in cold water, and they come out just fine.

2. Price

Now, let’s talk about pricing. I think Chicwish is very reasonably priced, especially given the quality and style of its clothes.  

Their prices are on par with similar brands and styles of clothes I’ve seen. With such low prices, I’m surprised that their clothes are this good.

chicwish dress reviews

To give you an idea, the white crochet dress I’m wearing from Chicwish retails for $79.99, but I paid $59.90 with one of their numerous discount codes.

Similar styles would cost way more from retailers like Revolve.

3. Style

I love the style of Chicwish clothes! They have a unique, girly, and whimsical aesthetic that I adore. 

I liken their styles, particularly their dresses, to a balanced mix between H&M, Zara, Anthropologie, and Forever 21.

I would say that the style is a mix of vintage and modern, with a focus on femininity and prettiness.

chicwish dress review

Their clothes are also very well-made, and the designs are really pretty.

Listen, Chicwish might not win an award for the quality of their clothes, but they’ll rank top 10 as one of the best places on the internet for stylish and on-trend styles.

They’ve got some really cute stuff, and their prices are pretty reasonable. 

So if you’re looking for some fashionable buys, Chicwish is worth a browse.

Head-To-Head Comparison Of Two Chicwish Dresses

Since Chicwish knew what I had ordered, it’s logical for you, my readers, to wonder if the quality of the items I received is better than what you’ll get.

So, I placed a second order of this white crochet dress for comparison.

I ordered the same color and size using a different account (name, shipping address, payment method, and so on).

The dress arrived on time.

My first impression of the second crochet dress (while it was still in its plastic wrap) was that it  looked like the original dress I had received (i.e., the one Chicwish knew I had ordered).

chicwish white lace dress

Once I opened the bag to get the dress out, I was hit with a strong smell. I had to step back to catch my breath.

My sister, who makes bespoke clothes, mentioned that the smell was typical of lace fabric. She has the same experience when she goes out to the market to source lace fabric in bulk.

I’ve worn more than a handful of lace dresses and don’t recall being hit with this kind of odor.

While taking these photos, the smell dissipated. Definitely a note to self to always wash new clothes before wearing them.

chicwish lace dress
What I re-ordered vs. What initially ordered

Moving on…

While I did not take exact measurements, you can kind of see that the length, width, and every other element of both dresses are similar.

The fabric of both dresses had the same softness and the stitching looked the same.

Other than the smell, I’ll say that readers and potential Chicwish shoppers should expect to get the same quality of clothes that I received.

What I Bought vs. What I Got From Chicwish

Ok, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. Here is a side-by-side of the clothes I wanted from Chicwish compared to what I got.

I’ll list the other Chicwish pieces I received that I haven’t worn yet below.

chicwish mini dress

For reference, I wear an S (32”, 27”, 38”). It is a good idea to have a general idea of your measurement to facilitate your shopping decision.

1. Off-Shoulder Flap Scarf Chiffon Jumpsuit (S)

My first thought was, “I’m not sure what I got myself into.” In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of white fabric – I tend to get them dirty quickly. 

I was trying to step out of my comfort zone. And I’m glad I did. Once I put on the jumpsuit, my impression of the jumpsuit changed.

The fabric is nice and the construction is great. It fits me perfectly, and I love the way it looks.

what is the quality of chicwish clothing

All you need with a jumpsuit that is this bold is a pair of shoes. A purse is optional. 

The only downside is that it can be a little bit tricky to get into, but once you’re in it, it’s very comfortable and looks great.

This jumpsuit was a tight fit with no wiggle room. I barely got it to zip even though it’s my true size.

I’m really happy with this purchase and would recommend sticking with your true size if you want a tight-fit style or go up a size if you like your clothes to fit a little loose.

2. Button Front Ribbed Knit A-line Midi Dress in Red (S-M)

I was thrilled when I pulled out this button front dress. Everything about this dress is perfect from the ribbed details to the beaded buttons. 

Ah! Let’s not even talk about how beautiful it flows with each step you make. The fit is true to size, and I love the A-line silhouette

The dress is made from a thick knit fabric that’s very stretchy and comfortable to wear – perfect for late evening or fall events. 

If red is a little too vibrant for you, you can get the dress in white or black. 

Overall, I’m very happy with this dress and would highly recommend this Chicwish dress to anyone looking for a well-made ribbed dress.

3. Endless Adoration Crochet Hollow Out Mini Dress (S)

Next up in this Chicwish review is this crochet mini dress. Crochet and lace dresses are timeless pieces, especially during the wedding season.

The crochet details are absolutely gorgeous, and the hollow-out design adds a touch of sexiness. It’s also nice to see that Chicwish took the time to line the dress.

I absolutely love the floret neckline and the tiered ruffle hem – super unique and flattering. The compliments kept coming when I wore this dress.

is chicwish a legitimate site

The bubble sleeves are my favorite part because they add a touch of playfulness to the ensemble.

Note that the hem of the sleeve is not snug, so for those with larger wrists, you’ll be comfortable. 

The only downside is that this dress runs large. I wish I had sized down. I ended up wearing a belt to make the dress fit a little better. Other than that, I love this dress!

P.S: I’m wearing the dress that I initially received (not the second dress I ordered for the comparison post).

4. V-Neck Ruffle Hem Chiffon Mini Dress in Magenta (S)

I was excited to see this chiffon mini dress because it looked like the perfect mix of feminine and flirty. I was not disappointed! 

The dress is made of high-quality chiffon fabric, and it’s fully lined. The fit is true to size, and the ruched sides help slim the silhouette

The ruffle hem is my favorite detail – it adds just the right amount of drama. I would recommend this dress to anyone looking for a fun and flattering summer dress.

The only downside to this dress is that it is quite short, so if you’re not comfortable showing a lot of legs, you might want to pair it with leggings or tights. 

Other Chicwish pieces I haven’t styled yet:

  1. Chicwish Fancy with Bowknot Knit Top in Black (S-M) 
  2. Chicwish Check Print Belted Flap Skorts in Black (replaced with) Ruffle Tiered Hi-Lo Mesh Tulle Skirt in Pink (S)
  3. Chicwish Applause of Ruffle Tiered Frill Hem Skirt in Blue Stripes (S)
  4. Chicwish Tie-Waist Halter Crop Top in Black (S)
  5. Chicwish Divine Flower Vine Printed V-Neck Dress in Orange (S)

It’s impressive how much you can buy from Chicwish on a tight budget. Everything is shown in this Chicwish review post you’re reading, and this “Is Chicwish Legit” post came out to $795! 

Stack on one of their coupons to save even more. You can stretch your dollar when shopping at Chicwish.

is chicwish a reputable company

FAQs About Chicwish Review

Is Chicwish real?

Yes, Chicwish is real. You can rest easy knowing that Chicwish is, in fact, a real and legitimate online clothing store.

Where is Chicwish located?

Chicwish is a China-based company with addresses in the United States and the United Kingdom. Packages are delivered from both their China and U.S. locations.

Is Chicwish a reliable website?

Yes, Chicwish is a reliable website. They quickly shipped a missing dress from my order once they were notified. You can expect to get exactly what you ordered from this retailer. 

Who owns Chicwish?

Chicwish is a vintage-inspired clothing brand gaining popularity in recent years. Founded by Garlok Leung in 2011, this online store makes stylish pieces for people with an eye toward fashion and young professionals alike.

is chicwish fast fashion

Chicwish Review Conclusion

Well, I’m happy to say that my experience with Chicwish was nothing but positive! The quality of their clothing is fantastic, and their prices are very reasonable. 

Their clothes are sure to turn heads, and you won’t break the bank in the process.

is chicwish a reputable company

I hope this in-depth Chicwish review answered your burning questions about the style, quality, and prices of Chicwish’s clothing.

I highly recommend giving Chicwish a try if you’re looking for great quality, stylish clothes at an affordable price. Thanks for reading!

Have you tried Chicwish before? If so, what were your thoughts?

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