Is Scentbird Legit or Scam? | My Experience as a Paid Subscriber

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This post was not sponsored by Scentbird, nor was I compensated for writing this article. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Is Scentbird worth it? Keep reading for my updated review. I paid for 8 years!🙈


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Is Scentbird legit? Here's my first Scentbird fragrance in the custom Scentbird carrying case.

Scentbird has been plastered left and right on social and anywhere I look. So this begs the question, “Is Scentbird legit?”

I’ve been a paying subscriber to Scentbird’s colognes for EIGHT years. Please read my updated review below this post for my updated review on ScentBird.

Written March 2020 | Updated January 2024

This little something is a  luxury fragrance subscription service from Scentbird. For only $16.95 per month, members get an 8 ml spray atomizer of a perfume of their choice. You can choose from Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Dior, etc.

This nifty perfume case and pouch are included with your first order. The rest of your subscription is refill-based. You get about 140 sprays from the 8ml perfume bottle, which will be enough for one month.

Is Scentbird legit? A side by side comparison of the classic Scentbird fragrance in the bottle next to a perfume sampler.

A little something to freshen up your day!

For comparison, I placed my Scentbird next to a free sample of 1.2ml spray. This month, I chose Thierry Mugler Alien to review. It evokes a spicy and sexy sensation that makes you want to smile all day.

I’m totally in love with this amazing scent! I’m considering trying Un Jardin En Mediterranee by Hermes (thoughts?).

How Does ScentBird Work?

This subscription service will allow me to take a few scents I’ve been eyeing on a spin before I scoop up $150 on my next favorite scent (I currently use Chanel Coco Mademoiselle). To become a member of Scentbird:

  1. Take the Fragrance Profile Quiz
  2. Find the perfumes you want to receive
  3. Choose your subscription type (month-to-month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months)
How does Scentbird work?

Some might argue that Scentbird is just a tad bit too expensive. But I see the value of this perfume subscription company a little differently.

I picture Scentbird as a brand that allows me to sample different fragrances without the commitment (aka $$$$) of buying a full bottle.

It’s like taking your dream car on a test drive. Most people don’t commit to buying simply by looking at the car in a showroom.

You take it on a ride. And Scentbird allows you to test hundreds of fragrances that you desire. That’s why I see it as a pretty reasonable price.

So, is Scentbird legit?

Yes, Scentbird is 100% legit. Although I’ve had nothing but good experience using this subscription service, that has not happened for many people.

Can I try Scentbird without getting a subscription?

Yes, you absolutely can (source). No, longer available 🙁

Where can I find a Scentbird coupon code?

This ongoing promotion allows you to save 50% off your Scentbird order PLUS get a free perfume case.

Updated Review of ScentBird 8 Years Later!

It has been a few years since I wrote this Scentbird review post. Eight years, to be exact, and I still haven’t canceled my Scentbird subscription.

As I said during the intro of this review, analyzing if Scentbird is legit or a scam, I am not getting paid by this company.

And even if they were sponsoring this post, my opinion about their amazing customer service and the authentic scents they carry would remain unchanged.

As someone who enjoys switching up designer fragrances, Scentbird has helped me save money by not buying full-size bottles of designer scents.

How Much Is ScentBird Perfume Subscription?

A Scentbird perfume subscription costs $16.95/month. This is up $2.00 since I signed up for ScentBird in 2015.

That $2.00 increase is pretty impressive, considering inflation and how many times subscriptions like Netflix have hiked their fees.

But that’s not all; even at the $16.95 monthly subscription, I can pause/hold my subscription anytime I want! How cool is that?

Can I Get A Free Trial?

You could get a free trial vial from ScentBird when I wrote this post. But that option is no longer available. You can order many of their offerings à la carte in its place.

This exclusive link gives you 50% off your first ScentBird subscription.

Drawbacks of ScentBird

 Honestly, I had to think very hard to come up with reasons why I do not like ScentBird. I’ve been a subscriber since 2015, which shows I love this fragrance subscription.

That said, here are a few worth noting:

No returns are accepted for products shipped by a subscription. However, prepaid subscriptions are eligible for a full refund if the refund request is received by Scentbird within 30 days of your first automatic renewal payment.

What I Love About My ScentBird Subscription

  • The flexibility to try authentic designer and niche fragrances.
  • Saving money on full-size bottles of designer perfumes.
  • The travel-friendly dispensing vial also doubles as a protective case for the glass vial.
  • The size of the vials is significantly bigger than store samples.
  •  Free shipping even to Alaska! This efficient delivery was huge for me because many companies only offer free shipping to the lower 48 states.
  • I had peace of mind knowing that I was getting an authentic collection of scents.
  • The option to hold my subscription.
  • I love that they include fragrance notes with pictures and suggested occasions/times to wear each scent.
what no one is telling you about Scentbird
A few of my ScentBird vials – I love that they come in the cardboard-type package

What You Should Know Before You Sign Up

Take the ScentBird quiz. I feel like the company has spent years honing the accuracy of the quiz. Though detailed, the quiz is short (at least, it was super short when I took it years ago).

Since there is an endless list of brands and fragrances, completing the quiz will have the system suggest the best scent for you (quite the excellent service, right?).

Of course, you can switch it out and even add your favorite alluring fragrance to your queue.

If, for some reason, a scent you picked is not available, the system automatically picks the next fragrance on your list.

And if you love a fragrance, guess what?

You can buy a full-size bottle of a niche fragrance or designer scent from your Scentbird dashboard.

Is Scentbird Watered down?

No! ScentBird is not watered down. I’ve received several dozen vials over the last 7 years as a paying member of ScentBird.

Are the perfumes from Scentbird real?

Yes, the perfumes from ScentBird are real. This perfume subscription company only offers 100% authentic fragrances from authorized vendors and brands.

Are Scentbird vials refillable?

I haven’t tried refilling the vials from ScentBird. If you tried, you might be able to refill the vials, recycle them, or buy new refillable vials from Amazon.

When does ScentBird Ship?

ScentBird ships within 5 business days of your first day and gets delivered to your mailbox within 10 days of your subscription order.

how to switch your ScentBird subscription

Verdict: Is ScentBird Legit?

Absolutely! ScentBird is legit.

I would have closed my account and possibly opened a dispute with my credit card company if ScentBird was a scam. I’ve gotten everything I paid for with my subscription, and I’m one happy girl.

And the wide selection of amazing products is a haven for any fragrance junkie looking to discover a new signature scent or their next favorite scent without paying the full price of a bottle of fragrance.

Another feature I love about this perfume subscription service is the ability to pause my current and subsequent scent boxes several months in advance.

I’ve stocked up on a few Scentbird perfumes that I no longer need to get a new fragrance every month.

I switched to getting one perfume vial every three months, which has worked well for me.

In summary, if you love having different scent options, you’ll love the fragrance library on Scentbird.


  1. I really wants to cancel my subscription with Scentbird. The email canceling seems to get me nowhere. They is no phone number either.

  2. Hello,
    I bought my daughter a years subscription for her birthday. She absolutely loved it!
    I did have some issues on billing at the start, but SB quickly resolved these. My daughter has ask for another subscription from SB for her up coming birthday. It’s a yes from me. Great company! Great gift and so easy!
    R. Mcknight

  3. I have been with Scentbird for nearly one year and I love it! I was spending up to 120 per bottle, so this service was amazing. I get two small types for 22 per month and had a great promo to start up. They arrive nearly on time every single month and the small bottles make it great to keep in your pocket. I love the Varvatos and Burberry lines and it is so much easier finding these small bottles than paying full price and trying to track down bottles at a retailer. I keep telling myself I will buy some for my wife, but until I can stop finding new scents, she might be waiting for some time. You can also do refills at 6 months, so if you run out, that little bottle should hold you over. Highly recommend this service!

    1. Hi David, thanks for sharing your experience with ScentBird. I love this perfume subscription as well. Haha hurry up and get your wife a scent sooner than later. xo ~ Louisa

    2. I’m a ‘box hopper’ with beauty boxes, so I always go with the month to month option regardless… and I must admit that your review has piqued my interest considerably David… Given that both the huzbun and I could share a subscription, I can see SB working well for us! He can be reluctant to try a new fragrance, he tends to stick to what he knows! 😄 whereas I like to try new fragrances, so it should be a win-win!
      I’ve already ordered a beauty box for January, but I’m going to be putting SB on the calendar for Feb!
      Thank you so much for your honest and helpful review! 💯

  4. Scentbird may not be a scam per se but they definitely use underhanded methods to get subscribers. I searched the perfume Lalibela by memo on google and scentbird came up. I clicked the link and they have a presentation page for Lalibela, but with no reviews. When I signed up for the service, the perfume was actually not available to sample and I was no longer able to find the page for Lalibela or any fragrances from Memo for that matter. Just a bunch of fragrances I don’t care to try. This seems like a tactic just to get you to subscribe. I tried to cancel my membership, but the cancel membership button isn’t working, well look at that. I’m reaching out to customer service at this moment, which they don’t have phone representatives, so that’s another NO from me. I messaged customer service, so far I’ve been messaging with a bot, the messages are sent so fast, it has to be automated. I’m waiting on them to cancel my membership, I know that I probably won’t be able to get a refund for the first month though.

    1. Eeks! That’s not cool. Please let us know how this goes! I also just tried checking for the perfume Lalibela, which is out of stock for me (I wasn’t signed in). So, I’m hoping they’ve updated their platform. Because I’d be upset if subscribed thinking that the product I wanted us available only to find out that the company does not even carry it.

  5. We are experiencing an issue getting a refund. My wife started the subscription in June and paid for June and July. Got the perfume with no problem but then got an email in July offering a discount to go yearly. She clicked on it not realizing they would take it out all at once. We didn’t have the amount to cover and explained the error on our part understanding the email. They couldn’t refund the money to our card because we got an updated credit card with a new expiration date on it. The only way to refund was to get our bank information which we didn’t want to give but they say they have no other way of getting our money back to us even though we told them about the updated card. Still no refund and now worried about our account being compromised. Also, no phone to call anyone, only able to make contact via email which they are quick to respond but something just doesn’t seem right. They don’t do paper check refunds. Very questionable.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your experience with ScentBird. I haven’t had the issue you experienced with ScentBird. But my experience with other brands/retailers is that they can only issue refunds to the original form of payment, which in this case is your old credit card (that was originally charged). I’ve been a paying member of ScentBird for a few years and I can say that they are legit. Not offering paper check refunds shouldn’t make them questionable. Another option you can try is to open a dispute with the company that issued your card – usually, they are able to get you your refund. Plus, you have email trails of your conversation with ScentBird that you can provide as proof. Good luck!

      1. I appreciate your response, but there are too many red flags and now I’m seeing that the BBB has had 872 complaints in the last 3 years of similar issues. The bank verified that there should not be an issue refunding to an updated card. Once the customer (us) gives updated information it should definitely not be an issue. Same card number, just updated expiration date. And if you can’t send a paper check, that is questionable. No phone, nothing. But at least now I have an address for them thanks to the BBB. It shouldn’t be this difficult to receive a refund and it also shouldn’t take so long. You’re likely somehow directly tied to this company or you’d probably not be playing it off as this is not a problem.

        1. Hi Michael, thanks for adding more clarity to your situation. I had assumed you had a totally different card number. So yes, I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t be able to issue you a refund to your original form of payment.

          However, I DO NOT work for or with this company (I shared my honest experience and review of their product that I pay for). And I leave positive/negative comments open on this post so everyone can share their experience. Glad you were able to get ScentBird’s address from BBB.

          It’s frustrating that there’s no phone number you can call for a faster resolution of your situation. I know top-rated services like BigScoots and Flodesk (which I also use/pay for) do not have a direct customer service phone number. Keep us updated on how it goes. All the best!

          1. Update: we finally got a refund from Scentbird and though it took awhile, I’m happy that it finally came. Aside from not being able to talk via telephone, they have done what they promised. Just realize that if you are owed a refund it may take awhile but it should come. We are pleased and will continue to use them as long as they continue to provide good service. I am pleased that they do answer emails relatively quickly which is good. Have a blessed day.

  6. I was a member of Scentbird for 4-5 months got 1 tube of cologne and an atomizer. They did take my money on time every month though.

    1. Oh wow! Were you able to get in touch with someone to either get a refund or have those cologne’s you missed sent to you? I’ve never had an issue with them.

    2. I’m sorry to hear that I have received every monthly fragrance I am supposed to get, I let them choose something based on my preferences and they do a great job I have loved every one of them and have been a completely satisfied customer for about a year. Have you tried contacting them?

    3. Lol. I agree they take your money right on time but they themselves do not deliver your chosen fragrance on time ever. I tried contacting them to resolve the issues but received only pat answers as if they were scripted answers. No real people to contact or speak to.

      1. Oh no! I can imagine why you’d be upset about ScentBird. I’ve had no issues with them. I actually received my February fragrance about a week ago. However, I’ve not had a reason to contact them recently. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience about ScentBird.

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