20+ Stores Like Nordstrom That Are Equally Fabulous!

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Nordstrom: a name that’s become synonymous with fashion, trust, and quality. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who disagrees.


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Imagine shopping without thinking of Nordstrom – quite an impossible task, right? That’s the sheer influence this retail giant has managed to embed in our hearts.

stores like nordstrom

However, as the world of retail is ever-evolving, an array of new brands are stepping into the spotlight, creating curiosity among us: who among them can parallel Nordstrom in terms of credibility and reliability?


Are you keen to unravel this mystery too? Brace yourself for an exciting rundown of stores like Nordstrom that I’ve meticulously curated for you!

Stores like Nordstrom

If you’re looking for stores with the same level of reliability as Nordstrom, I got you. I’ve rounded up 20+ stores like Nordstrom that will satisfy you and your wallets.

Presenting to you;

  1. Macy’s
  2. Bloomingdale’s
  3. Saks Fifth Avenue
  4. Neiman Marcus
  5. Lord & Taylor
  6. Dillard’s
  7. Walmart
  8. Bergdorf Goodman
  9. Boden
  10. Belk
  11. Revolve
  12. Selfridges
  13. Harrods
  14. Intermix
  15. 24S
  16. The Outnet
  17. Net-a-Porter
  18. Madewell
  19. Anthropologie
  20. Free People


Just like Nordstrom, Macy’s provides a wide selection of products for their consumers. Be it in fashion, lifestyle products, beauty, or home goods, Macy’s has it all.

This famous American department store has a rich history dating back to 1858 and has since become one of the trusted distributors online.

And when we say Macy’s, know that this store offers wide, budget-friendly products and designer brands, making them perfect for any financial bracket.


Bloomingdale’s is one of the online retailers in the market offering high-end brands. Some of their best-selling brands include Calvin Klein, UGG, Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, etc.

And do you know what’s amazing? They have a personalized shopping experience. Yep, that’s right.

They have professional stylists and beauty experts that can offer consultations. They also accept monogramming and engraving on selected products.

Now that’s awesome, right?

Saks Fifth Avenue

Of course, these retailers more likely offer the same things – lifestyle goods, beauty essentials, fashion, accessories, jewelry, and home goods.

And Saks Fifth Avenue is not an exception to that.

Renowned for its designer collections, Saks Fifth Avenue ensures all fashionista babes find what they want. From fashion staples to new arrivals, they have it all!

You can also check out their iconic flagship store in New York.

Neiman Marcus

As an upscale American retailer known far and wide for its designer clothing, accessories, beauty products, and home goods, Neiman Marcus is among the top preferred stores in the market.

Neiman Marcus did not hold back when it came to designer pieces. It is home to significant high-end designer brands, such as Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta, Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin, Kate Spade, Eileen Fisher, etc.

If you love a huge variety of luxury goods, Neiman Marcus is one of the perfect stores on this list.

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor is a distributor that combines fashion, beauty, accessories, and home goods under one store.

Its classic and contemporary offerings have appealed to many shoppers looking for quality and style in one.

This retailer has been in this retail gaming for quite some time now and has no plans to go anywhere.


Looking for a store that offers an amazing selection of products? Say less!

Dillard’s got your back regarding various men’s and women’s products, whether exclusive or wallet-friendly.

Check out their exclusives here.

Dillard’s is also doing their best to deliver humble customer service and memorable shopping experiences for their customers.


Yep, we’re all familiar with this one. As one of the largest retailers worldwide, Walmart is home to thousands of essentials at affordable prices.

What sets them apart from most brands on this list is the fact that it also offers grocery products.

This retailer is an all-rounder store that provides fashion products, home goods, and something to satisfy your stomach. Yum!

Bergdorf Goodman

Moving forward, we have Bergdorf Goodman. This luxury department store chain is known for its exquisite selection, from designer clothing to home goods.

This retailer is a must-visit for luxury shoppers looking for carefully selected merchandise and trendy pieces.

Bergdorf Goodman is a great option if you plan to have your first splurge too!


You’re in the right place if you want a unique blend of modern and timeless pieces.

Boden always ensures they are on a roll with these emerging fashion trends in the industry. They never want to miss out on the opportunity to provide what their dear shoppers want.

And that commitment has led them to create a platform where they can showcase their vibrant pieces for everyone!

If this is your first time hearing about them, then take this as a sign to check their store.


We have another all-rounder, folks! Belk is a retailer in the United States that offers a variety of products, from trendy clothing to beauty products.

See that cutie below? You can find more of that in their store!

What sets them apart from other retailers here is the fact that they have a strong connection to Southern culture and hospitality. Fascinating, right?

Why don’t you experience that touch of Southern hospitality for yourself?


Now, let’s power forward to the next one; Revolve.

This distributor is renowned for its contemporary clothing and beauty products. They are geared toward consumers that are always eyeing the ever-evolving trends in the fashion industry.

And you know what makes them different? Their marketing strategy is influencer-driven, so they are quite famous among youngsters who give them exposure to social media in exchange for rewards.


Behold, the British store that’s known for its innovative and luxurious approach in retail, the Selfridges.

They’re not behind any retail stores in this list regarding a wide range of products. Home goods? Fashion? Jewelry? Bags? You name it; they provide it!

But what makes them cooler is their knack for aesthetically pleasing in-store displays. They’re really out there making their store more elegant while supporting up-and-coming British designers and artists.


Another British retailer is coming right up! Harrods is an iconic distributor known for its selection of luxury goods in fashion, home goods, and beauty products.

Yes, I know, “fashion, home goods, and beauty products” has been mentioned for the nth time now. But come on, girly, bear with me since this article is all about retailers.

Harrods have maintained this reputation of grandeur and excellence, perfect for those shoppers with lavish tastes.


Next, we have Intermix. Another fashion retailer that specializes in contemporary clothing and fashion accessories for women.

Take a look at that beauty below. Such a vibe, right?

Intermix offers a great range of mixed on-trend pieces and timeless staples, perfect for spicing your wardrobe.


Here we have another high-end retailer, the 24S.

This store is your typical premium retailer offering various fashion, beauty, and home goods for men and women.

It is a must-visit for those aiming to try products from the biggest names in the industry, such as Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

The Outnet

I present to you, The Outnet. A fashion retailer that offers discounted prices for luxury goods.

Yep, you heard that right. Even though they are considered a luxury fashion outlet, it still provides affordable products.

The Outnet wants to allow fashionista girlies to experience designer products made by Diane von Furstenberg or Stuart Weitzman without overspending. Awe, that’s just sweet.

This is definitely your sign to check out this retailer.


Coming in next is Net-a-Porter. This retailer is one of the leading fashion outlets in the arena.

It offers many luxury goods, from clothing to beauty products. Most often than not, you can cross out all items on your checklist when shopping in Net-a-Porter.

Not just that, but Net-a-Porter also offers student discounts! If you’re a student reading this, click that link and try that student discount yourself.


This time, we got ourselves a sustainable fashion retailer.

Madewell is most commonly known for its contemporary clothing for women and ethical practices for their products.

This retailer offers effortlessly chic products such as denim, laid-back separates, and timeless basics.

If that seems to be your cup of coffee, by all means, check this shop out.


This store, Anthropologie, is a unique retailer exhibiting an artistic and eclectic aesthetic. It blends bohemian-inspired clothing, home goods, accessories, and beauty products.

Individuals that are looking for products that embody their personal styles will really resonate with Anthropologie, no doubt about that.

Free People

Along with its sister brand Anthropologie, Free People is also a retailer offering bohemian-inspired products.

Free People is known for its romantic, flowy dresses. Their products mostly combine a whimsical, boho-chic, laid-back look.

Free People is definitely for you if you’re about to go on a vacation and are still looking for the perfect fit.

FAQ About Stores like Nordstrom

Is Nordstrom considered a luxury?

While Nordstrom offers designer labels, they still offer products catering to every customer’s budget range. From beauty products to fashionable clothes, Nordstrom has something for everybody.

What age group is Nordstrom for?

Nordstrom offers a wide selection of products for every age group.
They have a very diverse range of products, from home goods to accessories and clothing, that appeal to various demographics.

Do celebrities shop at Nordstrom?

Yes, absolutely. Nordstrom is known for its extensive offer of luxury designer brands and is a popular choice for celebrities to shop with.

Why is Nordstrom so popular?

Nordstrom is so popular for several reasons. They are famous for their wide selection of products, contemporary brands, and luxury designer brands. They are also people’s favorite because of their seamless online shopping platform and many sales and collaborations.

How much do you have to spend at Nordstrom to be an icon?

“Nordy Club Icons” is a loyalty program tier at Nordstrom that provides certain benefits and rewards based on yearly spending. The specific spending requirement to achieve icon status can vary and is subject to change by Nordstrom.

Still want more? Here are some additional stores similar to Nordstrom:

In Summary…

That was it; the retailers that are similar to Nordstrom.

But then again, before purchasing any products, let us always remain vigilant and check the necessary information first, such as their return and exchange policy, shipping, and product reviews.

Girls Holding Paper Bags

We wouldn’t want to waste money on products we’ll regret now, do we?

Let’s explore and always shop responsibly!

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