Why are Louboutins so Expensive? The 10 REAL Reasons Why!

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Do you know what the color red in Red Bottoms signifies? It’s a threat, a warning that these babies are about to do some major damage to your bank account.


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Mm-hmm, you heard that right. Being THE it-girl in high heels society, Christian Louboutin is definitely a luxury not everyone can afford. 

Why are Louboutins so Expensive

Every scroll I make through their products makes me and my wallet shed a tear or two.

Why are Louboutins so expensive?! [ugly cries]

But before you forsake Louboutin, join me for a quick trip to find out what makes their prices sky-high! I know you are curious as well.

Louboutin Spiked Pumps

For context, Loubs established its name in the realm of fashion in 1992 by none other than Christian Louboutin. Before being renowned in the field, he was once a young, ambitious boy. 

Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin

This ambitious boy loved the world of art. It was sketch after sketch until the universe said it was time for his works to get recognized. 

And just like that, these iconic red-bottomed shoes entered the elite fashion industry.

Our mission, you and I, is to discover the particulars that make up their wallet-walloping price tags. 

With Christian Louboutin prices as much as $1000 and more, what’s the hype all about? Well, keep scrolling!

Why are Louboutins So Expensive?

1) High-end Materials

Obviously, premium quality materials would be one of the reasons why a Christian Louboutin commands hefty price tags.

Exquisite materials such as Nappa leather and patent leather sound like a lot of moolah to me.

CL Upper

With Nappa leather as the shoe upper (the part that covers the foot) and patent leather for bold accents, perfecto.

Ungodly costs for creme-de-la-creme glamour? Honestly, some people might argue that it’s a great deal.

2) European-made

Even though Christian Louboutin is known to be a French fashion designer, he predominantly manufactures Red Bottoms in Italy.

And when we say Italy, expect that it comes with the best craftsmanship across the seven seas.

Christian Louboutin Pumps

Their image of being skilled in fashion was long established in the black-and-white era. Even most luxury brands, such as Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Versace, etc., are all Italian-made.

So, when you see that “Made in Italy” inscription, know that it will leave a dent in your wallet.

3) Attention to Detail

When I say impeccable attention to detail, I mean it. Christian Louboutins are popular for a reason.

You’ll always slay any event with their classy shoe designs β€” the shoes do the talking! The gems? The straps? Baby, when you wear CLs, you’ll embody elegance itself.

Loubs meticulous attention to detail is what also brought their signature shoes to life; their red-soled shoes.

Thanks to Christian Louboutin’s inventive spirit, he discovered that red is a color that resonates with women.

Christian Louboutin painting red soles
A fashion icon was born with the flick of a nail polish brush on a prototype shoe.

And this resourcefulness was what made the Red Bottoms known far and wide even today. People could recognize the piece of art you’re wearing just by seeing the red soles from across the street.

4) Gracing the Red Carpet

You already know a brand’s on another level when celebrities rock it on the red carpet.

Doubt me? Check this out then:

Rihanna wearing Louboutins
Andrew Garfield wearing Louboutins
Elizabeth Bitsie Tulloch wearing Louboutins

Even THE queen, Taylor Swift herself, has slayed her Eras Tour with these fashionable shoes.

Taylor wearing Louboutins
Taylor Swift wearing CLs
Taylor wearing Louboutin shoes

And know that these appearances at big events have enabled Christian Louboutins to command higher price tags.

We’ll have to pay a little extra for the brand’s associated fame. Phew!

5) Gender-inclusive

Although it is most commonly known that Louboutins were initially made for women, Christian Louboutin has ventured into the world of men’s shoes and delivered more than just satisfactory merchandise.

Take a look at these:


And with the diversification of the market comes additional investments in manufacturing.

Additional investments = additional costs. Simple as that.

But investing in a brand that is all about inclusivity (and exclusivity) is worth every penny.

6) Status Symbol

The name “Christian Louboutin” is already considered synonymous with “prestige” in the fashion industry.

When you own one or more CL pairs of shoes, you embrace that it-girl lifestyle. You are more likely seen as someone with great fashion taste, someone elegant, someone on a whole different level.

That’s what it means to wear Red Bottoms.

Louboutin Heels

And the more the brand is highly sought-after by people wanting to display a certain social status, the more Louboutins can command luxury price tags.

They understand that these types of people will do their best to obtain Christian Louboutins regardless of the price.

7) Celebrity Obsession

Aside from big events, celebrities have also been crazed about Christian Louboutins to the point artists would even write songs inspired by them.

Have you heard of Cardi B‘s “Bodak Yellow”? In these lyrics, “These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes,” she was referencing Louboutins.

Cardi B’s stylist even told Billboard that the rapper buys a pair or two every two weeks.

Even Jennifer Lopez named her single in 2009 “Louboutins.” How amazing is that?!

Blake Lively and Kate Middleton also can’t resist these red-soled babies. Even the feet of royalty will choose nothing but the best. See?

But the more it is fancied by celebrities, the “fancier” the price!

8) Dramatic Heels

As Christian Louboutin said, killer heels can free women.

He saw those deadly stilettos as a form of liberty. Eek! I just sprained my ankles thinking about walking in those six-inch heels.

But pain is beauty, am I right?

Sandale du Desert Alta Tarot Ankle Tie Platform Sandal Louboutin

But remember that the complexity, materials, and expertise collectively contribute to the costly price tag of CLs.

These sky-high heels drive sky-high prices as well.

9) Brand Recognition

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Christian Louboutin has already established a solid name in the industry.

The brand is recognized worldwide, from shoe enthusiasts to celebrities. That shows how their reputation precedes them.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Louboutins
Sarah Jessica Parker (wearing a Halston Heritage dress and Christian Louboutin shoes)

And you already know what comes next when it is recognized from all corners of the world…$$$.

The more recognized a brand has become; the more its perceived value will rise. And Christian Louboutins aren’t an exception to that.

10) Handmade

While it is true that CLs already use modern technology to help manufacture their premium merchandise, they still give as much importance to their skilled shoe designers who handcraft their products.

Louboutins Handcrafted

Typically, Louboutin shoes are handmade with a minimum of 30 steps. I repeat, “Handmade.”

And those 30 steps are done with utmost sincerity to produce quality, perfect shoes.

The next time you see Christian Louboutins, understand that a percentage of their price tags come from handmade.

The Best Louboutins to Buy First

Whew! That was quite a lot. Are you still with me? Cause we’re about to power forward to the next segment.

New to these trademark pieces or not, I’ll show you the best Louboutins to purchase in your first splurge!

1) Pigalle Follies

I know that these are expensive shoes, but are you seeing what I’m seeing? The updated version of the classic Pigalle pump; the Louboutin Pigalle Follie.

Louboutins Pigalle Follies

This iconic cutie is a must-have for every Louboutin newbie. You can be assured that you can rock any outfit with these classic pumps.

2) So Kate

Presenting to you another one of CL’s classics, the So Kate Louboutins.

So Kate Louboutins

This slender stiletto creates a leg-lengthening effect that will surely catch everyone’s attention.

This will perfectly go with any personal style!

3) Iriza

Look at that, the Iriza Louboutin.

Iriza Louboutin

This beauty is known for its d’Orsay silhouette, which exhibits a cut-out side revealing the foot’s arch.

It exudes classy and bold vibes, perfect for any important event.

4) Condora Lace Sandal

Want to go for that fantasy fairy-ish vibe? Say no more!

With its cute tie, you’ll definitely feel enchanted wearing it.

5) Turela Bootie

Give me your attention, folks, and look at this bad boyβ€”the ever-sleek Turela Bootie.

When you wear these boots, you’ll really feel like you’re on a mission!

Check out some more of their products:


Is Louboutin Worth The Money?

The simple answer is yes. 

If you’re looking for high-end heels, pumps, or wedges that you can wear for years to come, then Louboutin is the right choice.

It is definitely a splurge, but if you look at the big picture, you’ll see it is a wise investment.

But if you want a more wallet-friendly choice, there are also tons of great alternatives out there that will suit your budget.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what makes you genuinely happy and fulfilled.

Louboutin Splurge or Save?

Louboutin is definitely a heartbreaker, no arguing with that. It keeps making every girl’s heart (wallet) cry. 

But don’t worry. I got your back, girly. I did my assignment and searched high and low for heels of similar appeal to CLs but with affordable prices.

Check these out:

Take a look at some more:


FAQ About Louboutin

What is so special about red-bottom shoes?

The red-bottom shoes have become an established identity in the high heels arena. The red soles are trademarked by none other than Christian Louboutin, and you know there’s no other like them.

Are Louboutins actually comfortable?

The comfortability of Louboutins actually varies from person to person. Some may find it uncomfortable when worn for a long period of time, but others may handle it well.

Are red bottoms made by Louis Vuitton?

No, Christian Louboutin is a separate brand from Louis Vuitton. Only CL dons that red soles. More importantly, Louis Vuitton is primarily known for luxury bags and accessories.

Why are Louboutins so hard to walk in?

While there are Louboutin flats, there are also killer heels. And the latter may be hard to walk in due to their build. One has to get used to it first to achieve stability while walking.

Do Louboutins retain value?

Yes, Louboutins retain value pretty well, especially in the luxury retail market. These expensive pairs make them highly desirable to shoe enthusiasts and collectors alike.


So, that was it; the 10 reasons why Louboutins carries one of the heftiest price tags in the high heels industry.

It comes from their attention to detail, premium materials used, brand reputation, production costs, and more.

You can imagine that it was no walk in the park for Louboutin to get to where it is now. They also had their fair share of investments and sacrifices to establish a name in the fashion arena.

Do I find them expensive? ABSOLUTELY.

I wasn’t born with generational wealth, you know.

BUT if I were to save enough money to splurge on myself, these red-bottomed bad boys would definitely be my top choice.

You know what they say; enjoy the fruits of your labor!

How about you? What are your thoughts on Loubs? Comment down below!

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