Why is Hermes so Expensive? 10 LEGIT Reasons Why!

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There’s no such thing as a flawless ensemble without the cherry-on-top finish – a fabulous handbag to punctuate your style.


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why is hermes so expensive

When the topic of handbags arises, the covetous glimmer of an illustrious Hermes bag is the dream many of us secretly nurture.

For a long time, I have considered what makes the renowned Hermes leather bags so expensive. You too? Well, let’s explore together then!

Since 1837, Hermes has been constantly searching for beautiful materials that they can transform into something exceptional and timeless and still stay true to their artisanal model and humanist values (which they did).

Green Hermes

And the result is establishing a brand known across the seven seas as highly covetable.

One of their bags costs a resounding $225,775. Whew! Prepare a stretcher for me; I feel like I’m about to faint. ๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ

Hermes Birkin HSS 35 Porosus Crocodile Black Red Handbag

What could cause that price tag to reach that high? Well, here’s why!

Why is Hermes So Expensive?

1)High-end Materials

Coming in first, of course, is their premium materials.

The most popular materials used by Hermes are Epsom Leather, Togo Leather, Box Calf, Clemence, Fjord, Ostrich, Canvas, Chevre, and Crocodylus Niloticus.

Constance Green Leather Bag Hermes

These materials have unique traits that make them perfect for each specific Hermes bag.

And more often than not, exotic leathers from animal skin are far more expensive than regular ones.

All of Hermes’ bags are costly; that’s a fact. But the degree of its costliness depends on what leather or material is used.

2) Handcrafted

What else would you expect when a product is handmade?

When we say handcrafted, it means aside from the product, you are paying for the effort and time invested in that intricate craftsmanship.

Handcrafted Hermes

The bags are hand-stitched to perfection to deliver those timeless handbag designs.

These meticulous steps to ensure quality and durable products make Hermes extra expensive, and we must acknowledge that.

3) Brand Name

Hermes has established itself as a prestigious and iconic luxury brand for decades.

Celebrities and collectors highly covet these bags and could even be seen at auctions raking up money the most.

Hermes Vintage Envelope Flap Shoulder Bag

When we hear “Birkin” or “Birkin Bag,” we understand that these names come with price tags that can send our wallets into a coma.

The more people desire these bags, the more Hermes could command for its price to go higher. That’s one of the advantages of being known in the field.

4) Celebrity Obsession

When celebrities don brands, or when they’re especially obsessed with them, expect that these brands are something else.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lopez, etc., are seen flaunting their Hermes bag daily.

And you know what that means; Hermes passed the standards of these ladies.

Hermes Mini Kelly 20 Rose dete Chevre bag

When superstars acknowledge brands, you best believe their reputation shall ring across the continents.

In a sense, the association and exposure they have from celebrities greatly contribute to their sky-high prices.

5) High Demand

As I’ve said, Hermes is already renowned in the luxury fashion industry.

Anyone who has a smartphone or television knows the name “Hermes.” Who wouldn’t? When it is highly sought-after by collectors, fashionistas, and celebs alike.

They’re one of those superstar brands, you know.

Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate Olsen wearing Hermes bag 1
Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen (both carrying Hermes bags)

When the demand goes wild despite Hermes’ whopping prices, know there’s a good reason that even celebrities can attest.

And when the demand rises, the price increases accordingly. Simple as that.

6) Timeless Designs

What else makes Hermes expensive? Their timeless designs, period.

Their products are not just for a couple of uses. They transcend trends and can be passed down through generations.

Just check these cuties and tell me if that’s not the definition of versatility:


Did you know they have a so-called Diamond Birkin? Take a look at these:


That Hermes Himalaya Birkin is at $500,000. WHEW! Hermes certainly lives up to their reputation.

Being one of the luxury trendsetters has never been cheap, and those meticulously curated designs alone can cost customers extra dollars.

7) Rarity

One more thing about Hermes is that their pieces, especially the handbags, are most often seen as treasures.

Oh, you think I’m exaggerating? Then read this article regarding how it amassed a price of nearly $360,000 at an auction.

Mhmm-hmm. I saw that jaw drop coming from miles away. But to be honest, same. These prices really can send anyone into shock.

There were even instances that a Hermes bag could be sold at double its retail price in the luxury resale market.

That happens when the already-expensive Hermes crafts limited editions or discontinues certain pieces. The rarity causes the prices to go higher.

8) Longevity

When I said that this work of art can be passed down through generations, I wasn’t jesting.

Their commitment to quality can be seen in the materials used in designing Hermes bags. They are crafted with top-notch resources made to accompany you for a lifetime.

Hermes crocodile blue leather bag

Hermes only manufactures three to four handcrafted bags a week. So you can only imagine how meticulous and detailed they were when producing these bad boys.

And the longer they can stand the test of time, the greater the price to payโ€”a small sacrifice for the greater good.

9) Uniqueness

Aside from their timeless designs, do you know what makes them pricey? It’s their uniqueness.

We all know by now that their luxury bags are handcrafted, but did you know the ratio of “artisan” to “bag” is 1:1? Yep, only one bag is made by each master artisan.

Vintage Hermes Kelly 32

Additionally, when you expect that you can get in the store and leave with a Birkin bag, you’re highly mistaken. You must place an order and wait several months until it’s done.

That’s the Hermes’ way of doing things.

And the more precise and thorough they are with making goods, the more the prices shall soar.

10) Exclusivity

As I’ve pointed out, one can’t easily take a Hermes bag with them the same day they order. That’s because they have strict purchasing protocols.

One great example of this is, of course, the Hermes Birkin. This beauty has a long waiting list.

Wikcer and Rouge SWift Hermes

This is because they have cultivated this sense of exclusivity for their brand. They’d like to convey that they are not just any fashion brand in the industry. They are THE Hermes.

And if you want one, you’ve got to have the patience and money for it.

The Best Hermes to Buy First

I know purchasing a product from Hermes may still be a dream, especially if you don’t have enough budget.

However, if you have saved enough and are planning your first splurge, let me show you Hermes staples you should consider.

1) Birkin

Coming in first, of course, is the iconic and timeless Hermes Birkin Bag.

A little story time; one fateful day, a CEO of a prestigious brand sat next to an English actress who was lamenting about how challenging it was to find a bag that would be able to cater to young mothers like her. And poof! Just like that, one of the ultimate status symbols was born.

The then-chief executive of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas, did an impromptu bag design right then and there for Jane Birkin, the English actress, and named it after her. The rest is history.

This luxury handbag is perfect for any Hermes newbie trying to explore and experience that collector’s magic.

2) Kelly

Next, we have the sister bag of Birkin, the Hermes Kelly Bag.

This bag is also considered an icon in the French historic fashion house with a considerable waitlist length.

Pre-loved Kelly Bag also comes in a wide range of colors, so you can rest assured that you can find a color that suits your tastes.

3) Constance

Eyes here, ladies and gentlemen, cause we have right here the Hermes Constance Bag. It is one of their most popular chic bags, encompassing elegance and versatility.

You can wear it for your casual stroll in the mall or on your date night. The versatility of this bag will accompany you well in your daily endeavors.

4) Evelyn

We got ourselves another timeless beauty, the Hermes Evelyn Bag.

This crossbody bag is also a good option since you can pair it with any everyday look without sacrificing that sophisticated vibe.

5) Lindy

Last but not least is this Hermes Lindy Bag bad boy. This bag is the embodiment of modern luxury and functionality.

Hermes Lindy Bag

With multiple pockets and compartments, this is a perfect choice when traveling too.

Is Hermes Worth The Money?

Yes. These classics have been in the fashion industry from generation to generation, and there’s certainly a good reason for that.

For its timeless beauty and superb durability, it’s safe to say that Hermes is and will always stay one of the top brands in the fashion arena.

Hermes Store

For celebrities and known personalities to craze over these bags are proof enough of their legitimacy and reputation.

It was even seen as a better investment than the stock market.

If you can afford to buy Hermes, then you should invest. If you’re thinking of just making do with alternatives for now, then that’s also totally cool!

Hermes: Splurge or Save?

Whew! Every paragraph about Hermes’ absolute luxury tags takes my breath away (literally). Ordinary folks like me don’t have the luxury of splurging on brands like Hermes anytime we want.

That’s why if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy looking through these great alternatives you may like:

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FAQ About Hermes

Why is the Hermes belt so expensive?

Hermes belts are expensive since it’s crafted using high-end materials and made to endure the test of time.

Why is Hermes leather so expensive?

Hermes‘ exceptional leathers are expensive since most are responsibly sourced exotic skins. Some are Ostrich Leather, Alligator skin, Calfbox leather, and Adult Cow leather.

Why is the Hermes bracelet so expensive?

Hermes bracelets are expensive because of their top-notch materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and longevity.

Why is the Hermes scarf so expensive?

Hermes scarf is so expensive because of its intricate designs that you can’t just find anywhere. It is also costly due to its materials, manufacturing, and exquisite craftsmanship.

 Final Thoughts

So, that was itโ€”the ten mindblowing reasons for Hermes’ sky-high price tags.

Again, Hermes’ luxury tags are because of their timeless designs, premium materials, longevity, brand reputation, celebrity obsession, and more.

Even if there are reasons laid out to justify its prices, I still can’t grasp how expensive it is.

Black Leather Hermes Bag

I could feed a whole neighborhood with what I’ll pay for a single Hermes bag!

But that still won’t change the fact that I want to snag one for myself. It’s never wrong for a girl to dream.

Hermes is certainly a splurge, but it all makes sense when you understand the reasons behind their price tags.

How about you? Are you willing to splurge too? Let me know below!

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