23 Hottest African Print Skirts in 2024 (& Where to Get Them)

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Other than ankara dresses, African print skirts are one of the most sought-after African styles. And that’s no surprise!


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The versatility of skirts allows them to be easily worn in the summer, during the fall and spring months with chic leggings, and even during milder winter months with jacket outerwear.

Breathtaking African Print Skirts

Another great feature about African print skirts is that you can get them as maxi, midi, pencil, and mini skirts… you see where I’m going with this! So you can wear them to the club, cocktail parties, and special events like wedding ceremonies, graduation day, prom, and even church! How cool is that?

And if you’re looking for a great way to stand out, a full African print maxi skirt or African ankara maxi dress will do the trick!

But you might wonder how to start if you’re unfamiliar with African print clothing or patterns. For starters, African fabric comes in different styles; their origin and intricate patterns dictate their name.

Without further ado, here is a roundup of the best African print skirts, including a selection of high-waisted, flare, high-low, midi, patchwork, and pencil skirts to add to your wardrobe.

Please note: This post has been updated to remove sold-out products. If you can’t find an item, it has sold out or is no longer available.

23 Hottest African Print Skirts for Women in 2024

1. Tabia Kente Stretchy Mermaid Skirt by Diyanu

Anyone who has done a simple Google search of African clothes will surely come across D’Iyanu. This ankara skirt is unlike most African print clothes made with cotton. It was made using the stretchy D’Iyanu Onna fabric, designed to mold beautifully to your curves.

And yes, I have one. 😀 This curve-hugging, beautiful African print pencil skirt is the ideal balance for the class. Wear it for a daytime corporate look or a date with someone special!

However, it is sold out at the moment. BUT fret not! Here’s a similar one:

2. African Print Patchwork Midi Skirt by Thelma Williams Africa

I recently raved about this in my ankara skirt and blouse outfit post. But seriously, who would have thought that you could scoop a genuine, handmade, African print skirt from Amazon?! Yeah, not me either.

This patchwork skirt features two generous side pockets, an elasticized waistband, and a hidden back zip closure. However, this beauty sold out very fast! But don’t worry, I found a similar one from Etsy:

ATCHWORK African Printed Fabric Midi Skirt

3. African Printed Mid-Calf Skirt by Thelma Williams Africa

Pleated skirts are where it’s at. The subtle and vibrant colors of the print make it versatile for almost any occasion. Wear it to work paired with a solid color blouse, to church, and even to weddings.

4. Green Pattern Flare Skirt by Shopaholic GH

Looking for an ankara skirt in a famous African print pattern? You’ll love this flare skirt. This popular pattern goes well with many African print styles, and green is a lovely option for this skirt.

The green and gold colors blend beautifully together. With an average 4-star rating, this seller will surely deliver the best African skirt you own.

5. African Print Maxi Skirt with Slit by Chimzi Shop

Oh yes! This ankara maxi skirt by Chimzi Shop gives us that serious legs-for-days vibe. This high-slit maxi has two side pockets (gotta have those pockets) and an elasticized back for the best fit.

And with Chimzi Shop, it is guaranteed that you’ll be getting a genuine ankara style in a bold African fabric pattern.

6. Oyin African Print Maxi Skirt by Ofuure

This roundup would be incomplete without highlighting a piece by Ofuure. Upgrade your bland wardrobe with this chic wax print maxi skirt. The skirt features a distinctive African pattern in prominent yellow and green colors.

The skirt features two side pockets and elastic on the waist for your convenience. And in case you’re in no mood to show off your hot legs, the invisible zipper allows you to control the length of the slit. #genius!

7. Wax Print Traditional Skirt by Shenbolen

One word about this ankara skirt, “stunning!” This is another beautiful African print skirt available on Amazon.

Although I cannot speak to the quality of the wax cotton, the asymmetrical cut and beautiful bow make this midi skirt a lovely addition to your summer wardrobe.

And in case you’re wondering, high-low skirts are trendy right now.

8. Ruffled Pencil Skirt by WithFlare

Seriously, I can’t even handle this sexy ankara skirt. WithFlare has mastered the art of beautifully matching African print patchwork pieces together.

And this layered, knee-length skirt is no exception. Thoughts about that yellow waistband ♥️!

9. African Print Long Maxi Skirt by Advance Apparels

Did someone say Walmart and African print could go together? I know, I’m surprised. You will put your best foot forward while shining bright in this structured long maxi skirt.

Step up your style in this full-length maxi skirt paired with a fitted tank top and summer sandals.

10. Kenny Midi Pencil Skirt by Yetunde Sarumi

Next up is the Taye ankara midi skirt by Yetunde Sarumi. Yetunde is a force to be reckoned with in the African print market. My lightweight ankara chiffon top is one piece I pull out in the summer or when heading to a tropical destination.

But this skirt? Lord, have mercy! It’s just too chic to ignore. And you already know that you can never go wrong with African pencil skirts.

This delicate mix of the rich teal ankara and geometric ankara fabric gives us a taste of luxury on a budget.

11.  Red and Gold Skirt Set by Laviye

When it’s from Laviye, you know the pieces are stunning, creative, versatile, and noteworthy. And this red and gold skirt set from Laviye says it all.

This coordinating set is your best bet for a matching wax print outfit. It features side pockets and an elastic waistline for the perfect fit. Wear this set separately or together to mix up your summer look.

12. Afrocentric Maxi Skirt by Satsuma

Less than five years ago, African print clothes appeared on Amazon Fashion. Today, stunning African print skirts and dresses like this maxi skirt are a regular occurrence.

This gathered skirt has four distinctive designs, an attached belt, two side pockets, and a matching head wrap & handbag. Rock it all summer for summer gatherings, weddings, and other special occasions.

13. African Print High Low Maxi by WithFlare

Patchwork, an A-line cut, and full-lining are just a few of the descriptors that make this beauty rank high on my list of the hottest African print skirts.

The patchwork squares made from a combination of various ankara fabrics add to the uniqueness and versatility of this low maxi skirt.

Add this skirt to your collection of staple summer clothes, and get ready to receive nonstop compliments on your outfit. It’s extremely gorgeous, just like my reversible African print prom dress (also by With Flare).

14. African Midi Skirt by Temmy United States

I wish I had something better to do with my time. But you and I know that it’s easy to get sucked into the trap of the beautiful allure of African prints and the phenomenal pieces made from just a few yards of these prints.

African midi skirt

Case in point: the Danshiki midi skirt by Temmy United States. It’s not every day you come across a lovely and fashionable midi skirt.

15. Sade Ruffled Faux Wrap Skirt by Yetunde Sarumi

Did you think that one skirt from Yetunde Sarumi was enough? Now, check out this ruffled goodness. Yes, yes, yes! This skirt is beautiful.

The faux, the pattern, the color, the style—so much sexiness in one skirt. Apart from accentuating your curves, you can expect to look like a million bucks in this skirt. Don’t be surprised to see African print skirts like this on TV.

16. Rubane Blue Top and Skirt Set by Made Inside

Meet your new favorite wax print skirt from Made Inside. The vibrant color and chic patterns have a subtle/understated African touch that cannot be ignored.

This coordinating set includes a matching headwrap to complete your daily look. Pair the maxi skirt and scarf with other articles in your wardrobe to extend the wear of each piece.

17. Designer-Inspired Skirt by African Dress Shop

I can never tire of African print skirts, especially when a lovely pattern is used to make the cutest ankara style.

This knotted bow skirt by African Dress Shop will boost your confidence and turn heads when you walk into a room.

18. African Print Maxi Flared Skirt by Afibi

Another 4-star rated ankara maxi skirt from Amazon. And guess what? This maxi ships free with free returns with Amazon Prime membership (free trial here).

Described as made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this cotton skirt is perfect for the summer heat. Like most ankara clothes, the sizes on this African skirt are limited. Don’t snooze!

19. Femi Ruffled Hi-Low Skirt by Ofuure

Mixing things up would be fun by showing another unique African print skirt option. Meet this stunning ruffled hi-low skirt. This sexy number is not for the faint of heart.


Be ready to have all eyes on you while rocking this piece. For the ultimate pow-wow, pair with the matching Femi off-shoulder crop top. This combination is too hot not to make an appearance in this roundup!

20. Kente Pink Wax Mini Skirt by African Fabs

And you know an African print mini skirt had to make this roundup. Grass-Fields got Black Girls Killing It in this chic 18.5-inch mini skirt. This 100% African wax cotton skirt features two side pockets and an elastic back.

20. High-Waisted Fit & Flare Skirt by WithFlare

This is not the first time you’ve heard me rave about the fabulous ankara styles from With Flare. This designer kills it every time with the most gorgeous ankara patchwork clothes.

And this fit and flare ankara skirt is no exception. The perfect mix of ankara fabric and that bold waistband will set you up for success. That’s what happens when traditional clothing meets modernism: a stunner among stunners.

21. Ankara Tulle Skirt by Kayammah

One of the lesser-known fabrics is Aso Oké, worn particularly by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. This thick traditional material is not typically sewn into contemporary pieces like this midi skirt with fringe details.

The lovely mix of colors and modern flair could make this limited edition skirt pass as a tapestry. I own the same stylish Ankara skirt pictured below in a yellow and blue combination.

Sadly, this bad boy is sold out :(. But fret not! Here’s a flowy skirt with a similar vibe but in full length:

Ankara Tulle Skirt

22. Dashiki Print Pleated Midi Skirt by Mia Collection Design

Next, meet the dashiki print pleated skirt from Mia Collection Design. You might have noticed that this midi skirt looks slightly different.

That’s because the print is a classic dashiki pattern, and that red color adds a burst of color. Regarding styling,

I’d probably style this high-waist skirt like the model or pair it with a black tank or sleeve top. Go with a solid color to keep attention on this winning piece!

23. African Maxi Skirt by Temmy United States

I’m ending this roundup with a bang! Channel your inner princess with this Danshiki purple and gold maxi long skirt. I bet it will be one of your favorite items in no time!

It’s a high-waisted skirt that defines your waist and has an invisible zipper closure at the back. Its vibrant color and floral patterns scream fun and elegance at the same time. Afrocentric clothing is top-tier like that.

Frequently Asked Questions about African Print

Since not all my readers are familiar with African prints, here are a few frequently asked questions about African-print clothes.

What is an African print?

African print fabric, generally known as Hollandais or Dutch wax print, is a vibrant batik-inspired print on cotton fabric popular among Africans. It is worn with a sense of connection and appreciation for African heritage. African print fabric is sold in rolls of six yards or 12 yards.

What is African print fabric called?

Ankara print fabric is commonly known as “ankara prints,” “African prints,” African wax prints,” “Holland wax,” and “Dutch wax.” It refers to a 100% batik-dyed cotton fabric (source) and includes ankara, dashiki, kente, kitenge, and many others. Although not always, these distinctive patterns carry cultural significance for certain tribes.

What is African fabric made of?

African fabric is made from complex wax dyes applied to cotton cloth (source). The result is a vibrant fabric ready to be sewn into any style. Today, you can find a handful of African print fabric made from chiffon, polyester, and even a cotton and spandex mix for some stretch.

How do you wash Ankara fabric?

As a result of the design process, African print fabric is delicate and needs proper care to avoid losing its luster. The rule of thumb is to hand wash African print fabric in cold or lukewarm water and mild detergent. Most ankara fabric can be safely washed in a dryer.

How Do You Care for African Wax Fabric?

  1. Separate African wax fabric from other clothing to prevent stains.
  2. Machine wash in cool or warm water, not over 30ºC or 86ºF.
  3. Use a mild laundry detergent that is easy on colored fabric.
  4. Turn off the spin cycle on your washer
  5. Hang to dry in a shaded area as excessive heat fades out the fabric color
  6. Iron clothes inside out using medium heat


The most notable African materials and fabrics are ankara, Kente, Kitenge, Dashiki, aso oke, and Batik.

Of these, the ankara print is the most well-known and is often used interchangeably to represent any African print (confusing? I know!).

As a side note, once these beautiful print skirts are gone, they’re gone for good. The designers only make a handful of them at a time. If you want something, get it.

Still crushing on this affordable African midi skirt. Can't believe it ships free with free return and it's on sale!

I’ll also do my best to keep this post updated with new and available African skirts, but I know from personal experience that there’s nothing worse than finding a skirt you love and having no way to buy it.

And there you have it, my friends. Here is an epic roundup of 2024 hottest African print skirts. If you kept reading to the end, I applaud you.

An epic roundup of almost 25 ankara skirts and other African print styles in fashion. Discover the best African print maxi skirts, midi skirts, pencil skirts and more. From ankara Dutch wax, Kente, to Kitenge and Dashiki. All your favorite styles in one place. Click to see all! #africanfashionoutfits #kente

To complete your look, check out this list of the best African-print scarves for your wardrobe.

As I write this post, my stunning collection has grown from a big ZERO to six and counting. Ankara headwraps are a versatile, chic, and affordable way to add African-print clothes to your collection without breaking the bank.

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