15+ Best Fitness Apparel Brands Like Gymshark [2023 Must-Haves]

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Ladies – there’s absolutely no denying that getting your yoga on (or whatever your sport of choice is) is not just about feeling good anymore.


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Well, it mostly is, but athletics and fashion have formed an alliance in the last few years, and everything has CHANGED. For the better, in my opinion! And these Gymshark alternatives, aka brands like Gymshark, are here to revolutionize the way we think about gym clothes.


Chances are that you are familiar with Gymshark, a sportswear super-brand that seems to have exploded into popularity lately. All over our social media feeds are gals – and guys! – rocking that adorable little pointy logo.

However – what if Gymshark isn’t to your taste? What if you prefer a diffrent approach? What if you just want to explore all of your options?

Hold it right there – no more questions. Just keep reading to discover nearly twenty athletics brands, some of which you may never have heard of. From comfortable activewear and workout gear to everything in-between. And yes, seamless leggings are also on the menu!

16 Brilliant Branks Like Gymshark

New or rediscovering athletic apparel or athleisure in general? You are in for a treat! Whether you’re working from home, working out from home, headed to the gym, or the studio… check out these 15+ brands like Gymshark.

  1. Outdoor Voices
  2. Zella
  3. Lululemon
  4. Athleta
  5. Girlfriend Collective
  6. Beyond Yoga
  7. Varley
  8. Fabletics
  9. Champion
  10. FP Movement
  11. Aerie @ American Eagle
  12. Bandier
  13. Alo Yoga
  14. Sweaty Betty
  15. Carbon38
  16. JoyLab

A Closer Look – 2022 Gymshark Alternatives And Bestsellers


On a worldwide mission to get people moving, Outdoor Voices, a brand like Gymshark, focuses on creating products of high quality.

This brilliant Gymshark alternative keeps your recreation enjoyable so you can generate plenty of endorphins as you work out. You will feel confident, strong, and very much ready to #GetThingsDone. They offer a student discount and free returns, too!

Bestsellers from Outdoor Voices


As Nordstrom’s sportswear label, you’ll find that everything is not only exceptionally well made, but it’s also considerably less expensive than the likes of Gymshark and Lululemon fitness apparel companies – at least where leggings and sports bras are concerned!

You won’t be surprised to learn that one of their previous designers used to work for Lulu, though… Read my review of the Zella Live in High Waisted Leggings for more.

Bestsellers from Zella


Born in the nineties, moms and fitness enthusiasts across the world are in love with Lululemon, most notably for their incredible leggings, which have lifespans longer than most household pets!

You’ll fall in love with their gorgeous designs and stay for the comfort, contour, and booty-sculpting science-backed fabrics. As someone who loves and swears by Lulu, you can’t go wrong with this activewear company. Get my full thought plus review of Lululemon here.

Bestsellers from Lululemon


Athleta ranks high on the list of popular activewear brands. A proud member of the GAP family, Athleta is this apparel company’s sportswear label.

If you’ve ever purchased anything from GAP, Banana Republic, or Old Navy, you know they have a solid reputation when it comes to the product quality of their gym clothes.

Eco-friendly athletes take note – 60% of Athleta’s patented materials are crafted using sustainable fibers!

Bestsellers from Athleta


Girlfriend Collective is known for turning trash like plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other random materials destined for the landfill into beautiful, good-quality sportswear. They literally turn trash into athleisure treasure!

This Gymshark alternative truly proves that a high-end feel and overall fit is not about how much you spend but how much time you take into developing every design.

When we talk about brands like Gymshark, this sportswear company is becoming the go-to for many who care about sustainability. Girlfriend Collective also has a wide range of classic products with elasticity that make great maternity leggings. 

Bestsellers from Girlfriend Collective


Founded and still run by some boss-babes, Beyond Yoga is an iconic activewear company dedicated to giving yoginis at any skill level the right outfits for perfect performance.

But in recent years, this super-hot clothing company has expanded to cover a versatile range of athletic accessories. Plus, you can get 15% off your first order just by signing up to their mailing list. What’s not to love?

Bestsellers from Beyond Yoga


Whether you have your mind set on high-intensity workouts (HITT) or all about athleisure, you’ll love Varley yoga apparel. Be aware that they don’t cater to gents; unfortunately – this is a ladies-only event!

Founded in 2015 and run between LA and London, family-led brand Varley promises to serve the “confident, modern-day multitasking women” of today, taking them from fitness to leisure and offering plenty of form and function to support performance. Yet another brand like Gymshark that we can get behind! 

Bestsellers from Varley


Up next is a brand known for stylish and affordable workout clothes. Kate Hudson’s subscription-based activewear brand is known for their amazing deals, like 2 for $24 on leggings that usually set you back around $99.

But here’s the catch! You have to become a VIP member to access the best of these deals. That said, if you regularly update your wardrobe and want a monthly budget to help with that, then look no further than the workout clothing options at Fabletics!

Bestsellers from Fabletics


Everyone who’s anyone has heard of Champion – this athletics brand has one of the world’s most iconic logos. If you’re looking for well-known and trusted brands like Gymshark and Lululemon, Champion is where it’s at.

With over a century of experience in providing high-quality essentials and highly specialized workout clothes, Champion will prepare you for any workout regardless of your sport choice. Look good, work hard, feel great!

Plus, their brand new Muhammed Ali collaboration drops soon – definitely keep your eyes peeled for that.

Bestsellers from Champion

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This label is part of the boho-chic beauty that is Free People; you’ll absolutely love their hippyish take on the athletic wear they provide via FP Movement.

Taking their beautiful, free-spirited style and combining it with practical, performance-boosting activewear materials, you can’t go wrong with this practical yet pretty combination. Their range of products will most if not all types of workouts.

Bestsellers from FP Movement


To this day, I am astounded by the price difference between Aerie, an American Eagle label, and other athleisure brands. I mean, just read the product reviews to get a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

You can get the same high-quality products, care, and attention in every single piece they create, but they offer it for a far more affordable price, in my opinion. The product quality and affordable price range of Aerie are just too good to pass up!

Bestsellers from Aerie


Bandier’s All Access activewear range promises to take your performance to the next level, offering enough sports bras, leggings, tanks, and shorts to service any of your future workouts wins – and you’ll do so in style! 

With some vivid and vivacious designs, bold enough to take on Lululemon (and possibly win!), you’ll at the very least enjoy scrolling through all of their stunning pieces.

Bestsellers from Bandier


Sure, this is very much a brand dedicated to the art of yoga. Still, like Lululemon athletic clothing, many of Alo Yoga’s pieces can be worn for whatever exercise you engage in, whether you’re a HIIT gal or more of a runner – they’re even comfy enough to chill out in at home!

Plus, with Alo Moves, their specialized yoga app, you can access hours and hours of at-home workout content for only a small monthly fee!

Bestsellers from Alo Yoga


Although it began as a UK-only brand, Sweaty Betty has stolen the hearts of US athletes everywhere, including mine! Known for their exuberant and wackier-than-average styles, to inject some color and wow-factor into your workout wardrobe, look no further than their online store. They cover everything from socks to swimwear!

Bestsellers from Sweaty Betty

15. CARBON38

Fashion fans can relate to Carbon38, another amazing brand like Gymshark. This brand offers a unique selection of fashion-forward styles as a take on the activewear trend.

This fashion retail store houses ready-to-wear pieces from not just Carbon38 themselves but leading designers and fashion houses worldwide. This is your one-stop-shop for all things haute couture… well, as far as fancy leggings are concerned, anyway.

Upper-class athletes looking for that extra something special for their athleisure collection: you just found exactly the store you’re looking for.

Bestsellers from Carbon38


Ah, Target! Although the red logo might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about athletics and sportswear, those seeking affordable prices with superior quality should check out Joylab.

JoyLab has absolutely everything you could need for a successful workout, but every single item is under $50, so you can score yourself a whole new wardrobe for under a hundred bucks. Unlike many other brands like Gymshark, that’s practically a bargain!

Bestsellers from Joylab

Frequently Asked Questions About Leggings & Brands Like Gymshark

Why Is Lululemon So Expensive?

This is a question I get asked regularly! As you’ll notice, many of the above brands (bar a few more affordable exceptions) are of a similar price point to Lulu’s beloved leggings and other sportswear pieces.

Given that they have invented more than six patented fabrics, a lot of time, effort and money is invested in that process; you can’t just create perfect pieces out of thin air, you know! 

Realistically, you’re paying for the hard work and dedication that went into making each piece, as well as the professional quality of construction and materials used in every item.

That being said, with all of the budget-friendly alternatives popping up lately, I feel like those bougie brands will seriously have to reconsider some of their price points.

Can You Cancel Your Fabletics Subscription After Your First Purchase?

You might not know this, but Fabletics is notoriously difficult to unsubscribe from – in fact, there isn’t even a dedicated online page for subscription cancellation. The only way to end your Fabletics membership is to call customer service.😬

Cancellation is possible at any point during the entire process, even if you’ve only made one purchase, but beware! Those assistants on the other line are being paid to do their damndest to keep you, and they won’t make leaving easy for you.

Their website directs you to contact them via Live Chat, but unless you have a serious aversion to phone calls, I highly recommend you don’t do this – they’ll do everything in their power to keep you talking long enough to get bored and give up!

If you’re having difficulty, check out this Do Not Pay guide on canceling your membership.

Which Leggings Will Make My Bum Look Bigger?

When it comes to booty-sculpting, you have a whole heap of options for enhancing your glutes and showing off your best asset… forgive me, the puns are just too good! Okay, here are a few pairs of leggings that I’d recommend as the best for achieving the butt silhouette of your dreams…

I’m a big fan of Lululemon, and their Wunder Under High-Rise Crop leggings work absolute wonders for your bum. You have many styles to choose from, and the length and inseam are also up to you – prepare for liftoff!

These Airlift leggings from Alo Yoga are engineered to sculpt, smooth, lift and contour your best bits and have been wear-tested more than a thousand times to ensure they stay squat proof no matter how hard you’re going!

Last but certainly not least, we have the Form High Rise Full-Length Leggings, a Carbon38 staple that utilizes an extra-wide waistband and a compressive fit, creating the most flattering yet functional figure imaginable. Can you say booty goals?

Conclusion: Brands Like Gymshark

Scrolled to the button of this post? These are the best brands like Gymshark every woman should know about:

  1. Outdoor Voices
  2. Zella
  3. Lululemon
  4. Athleta
  5. Girlfriend Collective
  6. Beyond Yoga
  7. Varley
  8. Fabletics
  9. Champion
  10. FP Movement
  11. Aerie @ American Eagle
  12. Bandier
  13. Alo Yoga
  14. Sweaty Betty
  15. Carbon38
  16. JoyLab

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