The Absolute Best African styles + Where to Shop African Fashion

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can never have too many African print clothes. It’s an addiction, a strong one. As a young child, I always looked forward to Sunday service.

Sunday was designated the day of the week where we wore our newest and most beautiful clothes. The women at church were garbed from head to toe in the most expensive African styles. Words like 100% Dutch wax, Holland wax, and imported lace elicited a status symbol.

Growing up in the West African culture where traditional African styles were seen as more authentic and probably superior to Western styles instilled a deeper appreciation in me about my culture.

Decades later, I still find myself mesmerized by this African wonder. And it’s for a good reason! African print styles with a touch of Western influence has now become mainstream among the younger population.

I frequently share my African Styles on the blog and I’ve done a few roundups of the best African print dressesbest ankara styles, and fashionable African dresses

A majority of these bespoke pieces are handmade in limited quantity. For this reason, many sell out by the time a new reader discovers my post. For this reason, I created this section to share the best African styles I discover on the go.

Lastly, if an item is removed from this page then it means that it sold out. Also, I can only display a total of 100 items at a time on this page. So older pieces get bumped down (or off) as I add new items.

These unique African styles are handmade by talented designers and as such have a higher tendency to sell out. I am just a girl who loves African print and rounds up her best African styles.

Click on each image to be taken directly to the seller’s store. Please contact the seller if you have specific questions. If you’re obsessed with African print clothing like I am, you’d love these popular posts:


I try my best to keep this post updated. As you might know, African print designs sell out fast so by the time you find a an ankara style you love, it might be too late. I’ll share another major update to this post with newer styles PLUS where to get them shortly.

Until then, check out my sister’s African print store. She sells high-quality, affordable, handmade and custom African print dresses and ethnic bomber jackets. She also ships internationally. Need a custom design? Contact her here.


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