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Alaska Fashion: What is a Kuspuk?

What is a Kuspuk? was the question I asked an Alaskan Native. I was curious to learn more about the origin of this lovely outfit. Unlike New York and Paris, Alaska fashion is alive and well. Here’s my first go at trying to look like a local in a Kuspuk aka Atikluk.

What is a Kuspuk? My Eskimo friend tells us all about this Alaska fashion and what she thinks about non Natives wearing a piece of her heritage.

Alaska Fashion Blogger: Printed Tee + Cuffed shorts

Alaska Fashion Blogger | Wearing a chic grey fashion blogger shirt, black summer shorts and stiletto heels for a stylish summer look.

Hello gorgeous!! Life as an Alaska fashion blogger in Fairbanks has been quite interesting. When I moved up to Alaska last year, I was in awe of the beautiful scenery and lovely weather. I quickly immersed myself in my blog and strived to perfect the art of being both a blogger and photographer simultaneously. 

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