The Most-Wanted Celine Bag Dupes + Where to Get Them for Less

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A roundup of the best Celine bag dupes that look like real Celine hangbags without the expensive price tag. These designer dupes are amazing alternatives that won't break the bank. Take a look!

There’s no denying that high-end designers make fabulous, lust-worthy products. I bet that luxury purses rank high on a girl’s must-have wishlist. But when you’re on a budget, the only thing that comes close to a designer purse is an inexpensive designer dupe like a Celine bag dupe.


Modern-day designer bag dupes are incredibly stylish and draw heavily from their inspiration. However, it is important to note that dupes are not simply a knock-off of the original. Dupes are designer look-alikes, and while they may not have the same luster as their luxury counterparts, designer dupes are super affordable.


Queue in the most-wanted Celine bag dupes, i.e. Céline Box Bag dupes, Céline Luggage Tote, and Celine trio dupe bag to name a few. And what’s better than scoring all of these Celine bag dupes on Amazon (FREE 6 months Prime membership) for a fraction?


Knock-offs are illegal, and rather than gaining inspiration from the work of others, replicas imitate the designer’s fashion by attempting to pass off as the designer. Examples include a bootlegged logo or the use of protected trademarks. You can learn more about the differences between dupes and knockoffs here


This applies to all designer brands, not just Celine. If you’re going to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a luxury good, you’re better off purchasing the product directly from retailers who are licensed to sell luxury products. A few reputable companies include Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, MyTheresa, and Bloomingdales.


Luxury Celine handbags are a spendy investment costing upwards of $1,000. However, you can score fabulous Celine-inspired bags for as low as $60. Just check out the Celine handbag dupes below.


Best-selling Celine Purse look alikes

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Splurge vs. Save on Designer Handbag Dupes: The Best Celine Bag Dupes

In no particular order, this epic roundup highlights the following Céline handbag dupes next to its Celine luxury bag inspiration:

  • Celine Mini Luggage Tote
  • Celine Trio Bag
  • Celine Mini Clasp Bag
  • Celine Box Bag
  • Celine Medium Big Bag
  • Celine Belt Bag


Céline Mini Luggage Tote ($2,700+)

Celine Mini Luggage Handbag

After getting over the initial shock of how expensive the Celine Luggage tote costs, you’ll instantly fall in love with this handbag. This purse is available in three sizes.


The smallest size is the Nano luggage bag starting at $2,700. Next up is the Celine Micro luggage bag starting at $2,900. The largest and most popular is the Céline Mini luggage bag with a price tag of $3,100.


While this is not exactly a wallet-friendly purse, the quality of the craftsmanship is top-notch. The handbag is beautiful, practical and trendy yet a classic piece.


The Celine luggage tote has ample room to fit all your essentials and then some, as well as three interior pockets to keep you organized.


Celine Mini Luggage Tote Dupe (under $150)

Looking for designer dupes for a fraction of the price? You'd love the selection of these genuine leather Celine mini luggage tote dupes!

If the Celine luggage tote is out of your reach. This dupe just might be what you’re looking for. The Celine bag and this dupe bags are like long lost cousins. This Celine-inspired bag has a similar structure, color options and is even made of full-grain cow leather.


Not to mention, this Celine look-alike bag rings in at just $149.00 for a large, or $119 for a medium. If you don’t mind waiting a little longer to pay less, check out this alternative option.


And with Amazon Prime, you get free shipping and return on this purse if you’re not in love with it. Try Amazon Prime for 1 month free or 6 months free with a .edu email).


Check out this genuine leather Celine mini luggage bag look-alike. This dupe looks like an actual Celine handbag without the hefty price tag.


Check out this side by side comparison between the Celine mini luggage tote and its designer dupe. This dupe looks like an actual Celine handbag without the hefty price tag.


The Celine Luggage tote is one of the hottest Celine handbag of all time. But if you can't afford the hefty price tag this designer dupe might just be what you're looking for.


Here's a cute dupe of the Celine mini luggage bag. And guess what? It's made with genuine leather too!


In search of a Celine purse look alike. Decide whether to splurge on the brand name purse or an inspired version of the mini luggage tote after looking at the side by side comparison!



Céline Trio Bag ($1,250+)

Celine Trio Bag in Black

The Celine luggage bag is not all there is to this brand’s suite of luxury leather goods. The Celine Trio bag is another very sought-after piece. First released in 2011 (source), the iconic three compartment purse takes urbanism to the next level.


This purse is perfect for the ladies on the go. Easily transform this purse from handheld to crossbody as you desire.


Celine Trio Bag dupe (under $120)

The ultimate shopper's guide to the best Celine Trio bag dupes.

If you’re not ready to part ways with close to $1,400 on a Celine Trio bag, the Trio bag dupe might be the way to go.


This Celine Trio dupe features three zippered pockets made of genuine leather and an adjustable strap for convenience. This leather handbag comes in black, tan, yellow, and blue. And costs right around 10% of the price of the Celine Trio bag.


This bag style has become such a popular design that you can even spot the two zippered pocket options on Nordstrom here and here. And on DSW here in black, light pink, leopard, and brown.


Totally crushing on this Celine-inspired bag. The three zippered pocket design couldn't have come at a better time!


I love this designer inspired bag with three distinct zippered pockets. Although not a new discovery, Celine has taken this minimalist purse to new levels.


A simple and functional designer dupe. Meet the inexpensive version of the Celine Trio handbag!


Also part of this series:


Céline Mini Clasp Bag ($1,650+)

Celine Mini Clasp Bag

Fresh off the Celine 2017 summer collection, this Celine mini clasp bag is the definition of fashionable. It is trendy, while still maintaining an air of upscale pizazz great for a dinner party or a night out in town.


The Celine Mini clasp bag has a long shoulder strap contrasting gold clasp that draws attention to the minimalistic design of this handbag. This purse is no longer available on the official website, but you can get this authentic Celine pre-owned bag for $1,695.00 from The Real Real.


Céline Mini Clasp Bag dupe (under $65)

However, if the price tag of a pre-loved Celine Mini clasp bag scared you then definitely check out this dupe handbag. This Celine mini clasp bag dupe features much of the same elements at a price that will make you happy.


Absolutely crushing on the 2017 Celine mini clasp bag. But if you don't want the luxury price, you'd love this look-alike dupe.



Céline Box Bag ($3,450+)

Celine Medium Classic Bag in Box

The Celine Box bag aka Celine Classic Bag in Box made its debut in 2011 (source) and has returned year after year since then. If you’re a Celine lover, the Celine Box Bag is a must-have. This bag has definitely cemented Celine as a force in the luxury goods industry.


The box-like silhouette shaped like an elegant briefcase has a masculine touch that is appealing to most people. It also features a single shoulder strap with a gold buckle that is hard to miss. Depending on the leather you choose, the Celine box bag might set you back up to $7,500 (ouch!).


Celine Box Bag Dupe (under $120)

A roundup of the best-rated Celine Box Bag Dupes


However, if designer-inspired bags are your cup of tea, you’d be glad to know that you can score a similar version at under $120! And you know what? This Celine box bag dupe is made from 100% genuine split leather with high-quality hardware and ample compartments.


A red Celine medium classic bag in a box next to a Celine inspired purse


A side by side of a Celine bag in a box and a Celine Box Bag Dupe


A yellow Celine medium classic bag in a box next to a Celine inspired purse


Celine Box Bag Dupe in tan



Céline Medium Big Bag ($3,950+)

Celine Medium Bag in Black

Sleek, sexy, and compatible with just about anything! The Celine Medium Big bag is a must-have for the luxury purse connoisseur in search of a roomy and durable designer purse.


This handbag is a great companion for those who like to step outside the box. The Celine Medium Big bag features grained calfskin leather with a functional adjustable buckle to tighten the handbag as desired.


Celine Medium Big Bag Dupe

The ultimate roundup of the best Celine Big Bag leather crossbody bag dupes


And here’s the Celine Medium Big Bag dupe! While the price of this designer dupe is not particularly inexpensive, this tote features split leather and polyester lining that is 20 times more expensive than ordinary cloth lining.


This Celine look-alike bag can literally fit EVERYTHING. This includes your phone, wallet, tablet, glasses, water bottle, and umbrella.


A side by side comparison between the Celine Big Bag handbag next to an amazing designer dupe.


Celine Big Bag purse dupe


Celine inspired bag


Celine Handbag Look Alike 1



Céline Belt Bag ($1,950+)

Celine Mini Belt Bag

Last and certainly not least is the Celine Belt Bag. Although the belt bag bears a similarity to the trapeze bag, the casual everyday appeal draws Celine lovers to this functional purse. Available in the small “Nano” Belt bag, the medium “Micro” Belt bag, and “Mini” belt bag, this sleek Celine purse goes for a starting price of $1,950 for the Nano.


It is durable with a firm structure that does not slouch with use. The bag also features a removable shoulder strap and inside pockets for your small accessories.


Celine Belt Bag Dupe

This Celine belt bag dupe features the same sleek look to rave about. This Celine dupe features 100% cowhide leather with an adjustable shoulder strap that is detachable.


Just like the $1,950 Celine bag, this Celine look-alike purse has both internal and external pockets for compartmentalizing your belongings, as well as an easily accessible zipper on the exterior of the handbag.


The link above provides the option of choosing between beige and black on Amazon. However, if you’re interested in more color options that are significantly less expensive and not phased about shopping elsewhere, check this out


The Celine Belt Bag Dupe


A roundup of the best Celine belt bag dupes



There you have it! A roundup of the best Celine handbag dupes. Although brand quality is something to account for, dupes are a fantastic way to get a similar look for a fraction of the price.


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These are the best Celine handbag dupes




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